The best model of women's sports clothing

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17 April 2016

Women who want to be successful everywhere and in everything to do well in the locker room are not only business suits and evening dresses.Essential elements of their wardrobe and are tracksuits, and actually playing sports is an integral part of their lives.Such women are always watching not only for his business but for his own figure.Besides playing sports - is a very good discharge after a hard day, if engaged in sports after work.But at the same sport can also help to tone and good mood for the whole day, if they engage in the morning.

Whatever sport you do not engage properly selected sportswear - this is important.


  • Choice sportswear
  • Sportswear for different sports
  • Season and tracksuit
  • Is it important when choosing a brand of sportswear?Real reviews

How to choose the right gym clothes and what guided in its choice?

One of the fundamental questions of choice tracksuit is the tissue from which it is made.

modern sportswear created from high-tech fabrics, such as the

Dry Zone Suplex, O2 Perfomance.Basically it is completely or partly artificial lung tissue.It would seem that the best way to exercise natural fabrics, but it is not so.

fabrics of cotton is not very good for training in the gym.For example, cotton clothing retains sweat and heavier and may thus even grate.Therefore, sports are best suits knitwear with Lycra and mesh fabrics.

most integral part of any girl's tracksuit must be sports bra .Especially for girls with a lot of chest.

for each sport - his costume

Sportswear Fitness

fitness for best costume consisting of trousers with low waist, with elastic or zippers.Pants can be either tight-fitting and wide.The top of the suit can be as a light top and jacket.Gym just more suitable natural fabrics, durable and can withstand heavy loads.

tracksuit aerobics and gymnastics

for gymnastics and aerobics are usually sewed special costumes of velvet or nylon Lycra spandex.The main characteristic of the tissue to be its elasticity.

Tracksuit gymnastics usually consists of leotards and body.

Tracksuit yoga

Yoga lesson quite calm, without sudden movements.But the suit for yoga should also be the most convenient and does not restrict movement.Yoga is well suited costumes made of natural fabrics.Cotton, linen, silk or velvet.Soothing colors are best for yoga suit.Costumes can be extremely difficult, even for a cut, but, nevertheless, does not restrict movement.

yoga suit blouses layered, open tops, skirts and loose pants Zouaves.

Tracksuit jogging and outdoor activities

usually supplied costume includes a top or T-shirt and trousers and jacket, it all depends on what season it will be used.Not recommended for running to buy a cotton suit, since it will retain moisture.Do not forget about the special shoes for running.

for outdoor activities is very easy to pick up a suit, especially since the majority of companies producing sports clothing offer special collection for every season.

Tracksuit for active employment and combating

If you prefer wrestling or martial arts, you need special clothing.Usually it is quite loose slacks, loose blouses with a smell or a kimono.If you are not barefoot, then it is best to buy special wrestling.

For each sport there is a certain, the most convenient type of clothing.Climbing, cycling, equestrian sports, tennis, golf can be found beautiful and comfortable tracksuit.

Season and tracksuit

For each season sportswear designers create the most comfortable clothes.For the same run is possible to find a suit that will fit well since the weather each year.

There are also some sports that can be practiced only in the summer or the winter only.

For example, snowboarding and skiing can be practiced only in the winter.For snowboarding are special comfortable loose pants and jackets, not fetter movements and create the necessary ventilation to avoid being blown or you do not podmerzli.Under the bottom should still wear underwear, which will help to preserve the heat balance of the body.

Anyway, if you're going to do a very specific and new to your sport, you need to find out from a good coach about what clothes fit for this best.

Is it important when choosing a brand of sportswear?Reviews.

Today almost all firms that specialize in sportswear actively introducing new technologies and lead the development to create the most comfortable clothing for each of the sports, whether it be jogging, cycling, swimming, skiing, and more.The choice is more to it that you like the color of the shape and quality of the fabric.

reviews about brands forums

Each of the monsters of the world sportindustrii (Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Fila, assiks, Diadora etc.) are approximately equal in the introduction of advanced technologies.Well, in fairness, we note that the first two equal yet.As to popularity, it Simple Marketing.

winter clothes (skiing, etc.): NAUTICA, COLUMBIA (autics me more like) Shoes: Adidas (if you just walk), Nike (if engaged in sports), New Balance (for hiking andOther Tourism).Tracksuit: Nike, Adidas, Basic Elements - all good choice depends on personal preference.

stepaerobiki and for general fitness, Nike prefer Ribuk and, by the way, many instructors are these two brands more than others.

The main thing is not the firm, and to clothes, shoes, etc. Ideally suited for training.The rest is secondary.

tracksuits And what do you like?