Clothes for Women: sport and fashion

By Admin | Fashion
18 April 2016

There is a certain category of women who quite simply can not sit still and the concept of recreation for them more often than not due to idle idleness and with the change of one kind of activity to others.

But whatever sport you do not do, it should be remembered that very carefully and must correctly choose for your hobbies sportswear to make you as comfortable and pleasant to spend your vacation time.

Clothing for jogging

If you decide to run, even though it is quite convenient and budget options to keep yourself in shape, but it requires not only compliance with certain rules, but also the right to choose clothes.

most important thing in running outfit is certainly the right shoes.If you are going to run on asphalt or paving tiles, then you definitely need a special running shoes, they absorb good leg, and you will not feel pain after jogging.In addition, these shoes make a special mesh for ventilation.The second important point is a supportive sports bra or a shirt with a special insert.Th

is will reduce the load on your beautiful breasts.How to choose for themselves a sports bra?

To be able to run and windy and cool weather in the rain, you can get a special jackets, which will provide you with warmth and good ventilation.

Well, if you run in the summer, in addition to the sneakers, you'll need a good sports shorts and top.

Clothing bicycle

summer in the city bike is indispensable, and has been gaining more and more popularity.And how nice to see young ladies in the town on the retro-bikes, and even in light dresses flying!Find out what a bike needs you.

general bike you can ride almost any clothing, but if it velosied for you a means of transportation.

And if you want to get a certain share of the load and drive a sports bike, then there is chiffon skirt does not fit.

must first comfortable shoes.Suit sandals without heels, sneakers or running shoes, batinki, what you feel comfortable.

Pants or shorts must be well ventilated air and moisture to pass.Top sports jersey dress better if the weather is very hot.Elsi cool outside, you should wear something warmer, the more so when riding a bike, you will be cooler than walking.For windy, it is best to stock up on Coats.

And do not forget about the defense, especially the guard your knees, because especially in the summer and wants to wear shorts or a skirt Korotenko, broken Kalenkov not very well with these items of clothing.

Clothing for skating

As with cycling are important here are two things that you feel comfortable in selected clothes and she did not hesitate to your movements.and that in addition to the clothes you had protection, which will save you from unnecessary bruises and abrasions.The clothes can be chosen as the obtyagivayuschiyu and sovbodnuyu.

Tennis clothes

Here, too, the main rule is valid, the clothes should be comfortable and does not restrict movement.Do not forget about the special bra.It is best that the clothes were made of natural fabrics, cotton good fit.

Proper tennis shoes very important.Tennis shoes should provide good fixation of the arch and have a soft lining in the lift.Sock should not compress the toes, so tennis shoes is best to choose half a size larger than the everyday.This will wear thick socks to guard against calluses and sweating.


Home in choosing a swimsuit for swimming is how you it will be convenient to move, swimsuit should not rubbing.Sobsvtenny hair better hide for the voyage or a silicone rubber cap that they are not vozdeysvovala bleach.Eye protection please bring swimming goggles.Also, going to the pool do not forget to bring your beach sandals.