The most fashionable models of women's watches in 2012

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18 April 2016

Today watches are not only to know the time and not be late for the interview, important meetings, work.Watches have long since become a fashion accessory.They can tell a lot about its owner: the success of his social circle, taste.After all, there are strict followers of the classics, there are fans all extravagant.One way or another, but among the fashion in 2012 hours, everyone can find something to your liking.See our photo collection of fashionable watches!


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Fashion Classic Ladies Watch 2012

Typically, fashion classics in 2012 are round or square clock with Roman or Latin numbers on the dial.Depending on income, you can purchase any model of your choice, white or pink gold, inlaid with diamonds, zirconia or pastes Swarowsky.

Fashion watches in sporty style

For devotees of sports style perfectl

y suited chronograph, which are no less diversity than the classics.

What electronic watches in fashion in 2012?

lover of high technologies will also be able to pick up a great clock, which by their work and appearance did not concede a crystal.

Original watches 2012

Besides the classical forms of the dial a special popularity will enjoy hours of different non-standard forms.

What bracelets and watchbands in fashion in 2012?

Among other things, there is not only a fashion for some dials, but also on the straps.

This season, there are plenty to choose from.It can be all kinds of strap leather or metal bracelet made of steel.Strap color can be very diverse.

Very fashionable lately bracelets of high-tech ceramics and textiles.

in its popularity in no way inferior to the original feminine watch bracelets.

very popular and watch with wide bracelet.

Watch with wide bracelet fashion in 2012
wide watch bracelet

And what time you want to buy in 2012?