The most fashionable swimsuits of summer 2012!

By Admin | Fashion
19 April 2016

Summer is almost literally on the heels.This means that close to recreation, beaches, the sea and a nice tan.And this is to have a swimsuit in the locker room is a must.And if you decide to acquire a brand new bathing suit, you will be curious to know about the trends of the beach season.


  • Fashion monokini
  • Which bikini fashion summer of 2012?
  • swimsuits in retro style in the summer 2012 swimwear
  • any colors in the fashion summer of 2012?

asymmetrical monokini swimsuit with straps on one side of the main trend this summer.Such a swimsuit plenty of advantages, not only did he hide figure flaws, but also highlights its main advantage, besides, he will look very intriguing and very sexy.

The joint swimsuit designers have made the main focus is not on the colors, opting for self-colored bathing suits, and the shape, trying to make them more sexy.

Fashion bikini summer 2012.

lover of minimalism this season designers offer swimwear bikini.Bodices bikini with thin straps or a g

ang.Simple silhouettes maximum emphasizes the harmony and beauty of the body, then the items will be superfluous.

retro style for beachwear

this season returned strapless swimwear Fused and separate assemblage with high waist.

Swimwear -retro represent the whole bohemian chic.

fashion colors and prints for swimwear.

this season in the trend bright and imaginative solutions swimwear.These very popular summer game of contrasts, swimsuits can be with clasps, contrasting print swimsuit.The top and bottom can be of different colors.

very fashionable this season, "milfler" - delicate flowers, creating an image of innocence and femininity.