Fashion trends in jewelry and accessories 2012

By Admin | Fashion
20 April 2016

Where summer without bright and fashion accessories?Let's talk about some jewelry and accessories in fashion this summer 2012


  • What hat fashion summer of 2012?
  • Fashion sunglasses in the summer of 2012.
  • What bag is the fashion this summer?
  • Fashion rings for summer
  • Fashion earrings summer of 2012
  • Fashion Jewellery Batucada for summer 2012
  • fashionable golden shoes for the summer

Trend №1.What kind of hat fashion summer of 2012?

Classic small cap of the 20s, the 30s were at the peak of popularity in the summer.

Trend №2.What sunglasses fashion summer of 2012?

this season got a new life sunglasses, popular in the 50s, 60s, 70s of the last century.Designers revived them a little, giving them at the same time a completely new sound.

Trend №3.What bag in the fashion summer of 2012?

Styles handbags this season is very uncomplicated - string bag, bag, bag, envelope, great clutch, sports bag.

Greater attention this season designers paid the color of the bag

s.This season bright trendy bags of different colors: red, yellow, bright green.Some designers used in their collection bags with prints, prints repeating clothes.

Trend №4.What rings in vogue in the summer of 2012?

this season trendy cocktail ring.They will be the finishing touch that will make your image a memorable and original.

Trend №5.What are the earrings in the fashion summer of 2012?

This season, designers are advised to put aside a small inconspicuous earrings and pay attention to the large massive earrings.

Trend №6.Fashion Jewellery Batucada for summer 2012.

These ornaments for about 5 years there in the world of fashion and is gaining popularity.

Batukada - this exquisite jewelry that looks at the body as a tattoo.Jewellery batukada made of modern eco-plastic, a specially designed type of rubber, flexible, durable, and safe for the body.He goes around the skin and adheres to it, trying to repeat the full shape of the body.

Trend №7.Shoes with gold fashion summer 2012.

most fashionable this season are bright pair of shoes with gold and especially gold heel.They will look great in combination with fashionable clothes for the summer of 2012.