Favorite denim brands: the best models and reviews about them

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20 April 2016

«No clothes comfortable jeans" - with this statement agreed overwhelming majority of respondents in the survey conducted by a leading company Synovate .His love for jeans showing how young 20-year-old girls and middle-aged women and even a lady old age!The jeans you can easily go to a disco, an exam or nature - everywhere they are relevant!
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Levi's jeans- the best model, description, reviews

These jeans will undoubtedly occupy a leading position in a number of brands of this type of clothing.Despite the fact that this is an American brand, the least money to buy the jeans out of the Americans, the most - at the Russian.

The history of the brand accounted for 1853 year and the inextricable link it has with the resident Bavarian Levi Strauss . This man first began to sew denim trousers that became known as jeans.The concepts of "jeans"

and «Levi's» have long been synonymous.Many say not "go buy jeans" and "go buy Levi's»!

Jeans Levi's are highly durable.With this even contact their main feature - tests horses .Labels on all Levi's pants are not just a beautiful picture.Recall that it depicts two horses who are trying to break a pair of jeans.But Mr. Levy did arrange such tests, when to the horses, directed in different directions, tie jeans and they kept not weak, but still double the horsepower!All this thanks invented Levi double line and twill weave .Pockets decorated with metal studs, it also came up, it was not just jewelery.The first jeans pants Ostrich sewed for diggers - people producing gold at that time.They needed a particularly strong and light enough pants with pockets that have kept gold bullion and sand.

second chip of the legendary jeans is test women .Particular cunning and a great move invented Levi Strauss, when he got used to the environment of unparalleled strength and reliability of its products.Then he invited about 60 thousand women of all shapes and sizes, and brought them to their offices, where aides have measured the most seductive places give the lower body.The aim of the experiment was identify three main types of female figures .Since then, the Levi's jeans are sewn in a standard form of models, and real forms of a variety of women.Once again, this brand was not equal, because Levi's jeans sit perfectly on any ladies "with different strengths."

Irina, Krasnoyarsk:

Levi's-my first jeans!Probably none of me, they still lie in the closet ... it is already 25 years old, and they still like new!I do not change the brand, because quality is the best, and models today are getting better with each new season!

Jeans T ommy H ilfiger - best model, description, reviews

known American brand Tommy Hilfiger for years produces excellent quality denim, which successfullyIt combines elegance with everyday life. classic elegance and modern style - is what distinguishes these jeans from the rest.

In jeans Tommy Hilfiger people feel comfortable, they are very comfortable to wear and easy to care for, because they manufacture the high-quality natural materials.Denim has become increasingly popular, it is great personalities with an independent character, bright appearance and a pronounced individuality.Brand deliberately focuses on human freedom , freedom of expression , which instantly made the Tommy Hilfiger clothing is incredibly popular and in demand worldwide.Modern Russians know their value, because in Russia the brand firmly established its niche.

innovative, different from all original international company offers a fairly wide range of clothing , jeans, accessories, shoes and other goods.This American company is one of the first to experiment with using and combining its manufacturing new styles, fabrics, sewing and tailoring techniques, in this case, Doing discount on quality control of products .

Joan of Peter shares his impressions of Tommy Hilfiger:

in my wardrobe of the things of this brand has only a bag and jeans.But making sure that as I'm sure that things will be more!It is to the beautiful things in them I feel confident!Jeans are very comfortable!They sat me perfectly!Though they say that the prices incredibly high, but I believe that the trend is not cheap stuff.

Jeans Lee - best model, description, reviews

This American brand offers everyone clothes in style casual .This is one of the first companies to produce jeans, and that factories Lee began to sew clothes denim after Levi's.

story of the company is quite interesting.Factory workers Lee Mercantile Company often told that they need a simple comfortable clothes, and in that time she sewed only in the East, and it was hard to wait for her arrival in the West.It was then that a normal driver Henry Lee and decided to do its own production of workwear, and opened even an entire factory in 1911 , where decided to produce jeans .This sturdy jeans, in his opinion, would replace work clothes.In 1913, Henry suggested the idea to his boss, who was in the production of seamless model of working suits, combining the bottom and top.It was then and there all known overalls Lee , but then he had been working form.

The company adheres to the philosophy of the rules of the four F:

Fit - Fabric - Finish - Features , ie the basic characteristics of jeans Lee - is landing on a figure, fabric finishing, attention to detail.

Eugene, Sochi:

confirming compliance with all the rules 4F!In my figure, far from ideal, jeans sit well, the fabric is very high quality, excellent finish and details I have always liked it at this brand.In general, other than jeans, wearing just advise all of them!

Jeans Armani

legendary designer Giorgio Armani often did something that just did not fit in his head, he performed miracles and combined completely incompatible things together.So it was with his jeans, he made virtually impossible !He assured everyone that the most simple denim trousers can be turned into something more than a universal replacement sweatpants.Decorated jeans are suitable even for festivities , not just a shopping trip.

Basically Armani jeans sewn by classical patterns, because they sit perfectly on any type of shape .A stunning decoration and interesting details make each model unique.Worthy of each girl to try it and it will appear in the bottom of the birth or at a fashion show.

Carolina, Moscow:

Oh, I love Armani!This designer just drives me crazy.His clothes are universal.This undoubtedly refers jeans!I combine them with t-shirts, and shirts and sweaters with - it is very convenient and practical!I feel great in them.

Jeans Wrangler - best model, description, reviews

In year 1897 begins the history of the brand.It was then CC Hudson left their homes and came to North Carolina to like everyone, to find a worthy place in life.Fate was on his side, he found a job and after only 20 years, was under the control of an entire production line with several sewing machines.Small business, making jeans for workers even received its name - Blue Overall Co. By After 10 years, the company began producing pants with effect antiusidchivosti .

Gradually moving forward, on the basis of Blue Bell organized production of special jeans with a new name Wrangler .The author of these jeans became Rodeo Ben - known in those days in cowboy circles tailor.He put on his jeans three coolest cowboy, that for two years touting the product, showing their strength in practice.It was 1943 - the year the company was founded Wrangler .30 years later, in 1974 year, jeans of this brand were named best clothes Association rodeo cowboys .On the international market jeans were withdrawn in 1947 year as an innovative development - jeans by serge fabric.

Catherine, Norilsk:

Once picked himself the image of Texas and found suitable pants in the company store Wrangler.I just learned from your article on the history of the brand, now I understand why they liked me right away.Great jeans, wear them for 2 years, almost bezvylazno!

How to wash, iron and store jeans?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans, and you want to wear them forever, then we recommend to follow the simple rules:

  1. not ignore given on labels recommendations .
  2. Before washing should turn jeans inside out , then they will retain their color longer
  3. Only wash in cool water .
  4. Wash jeans as little as possible.
  5. If designer jeans and they have decorations, it is best to send them to the dry cleaners .If you can not or desire, then why not soak them in cool water and adding a light cleaner and leave for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse and hang to drain and dry.
  6. And remember that the jeans sit down after drying.

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