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21 April 2016

Galaday Italian brand has appeared recently, but has already managed to gain a significant rate of worldwide popularity.Today, the company began to produce great accessories, including who can be called a variety of handbags, belts and clutches.The main goal of the designers Galaday considered to make a woman strong, self-confident, and emphasize their ability to look chic and elegant at any time.

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For some women were created accessories Galaday?

In describing collections of bags and accessories Galaday can choose characteristics that rarely come to the other brands of bags.Bags of genuine leather from Italian manufacturers are considered "feminine".Such bags prefer real fashionista, who have a sense of taste and who love variety in style .Handbags, clutches and belts give its owner a perfect view, lightness and tenderness.More than this, the designers not

ed that each of the bags has its own character, which means that each accessory is his mistress waits individually.

Fashion l inii handbags from Galaday

Satchel bags

distinctive advantages (and features) of this style are considered:

  • one or more spacious offices;flat bottom, often with a small "legs";
  • comfortable stubby pens;
  • presence of small pockets that can help women in the full order contain all the necessary things.

Stylish ladies handbag Satchel style - this is truly the best option for bags every day, because every girl will be able to take all that it needs for the day.This Italian leather bag Satchel have very elegant and feminine look .With these bags you will always, regardless of the circumstances, be confident.

Classic bags and belts

designer brands Galaday with a wealth of experience and creativity suited to the creation of the design of each model handbags and belts minutes, so these elite women's belts and bags look really great!Each bag has its own characteristics, its own character, its own « highlight ».Giving preference to the classic handbags and genuine leather colors (white, black, beige, brown), the creators of the brand Galaday focus their attention on the design of these classical models.

Bags and clutches with ornaments

To decorate such bags are used a variety of technologies: punching, stamping, weaving, applique, mosaic, as well as three-dimensional elements (ribbons of skin color).As a result, Italian handbags and clutches Galaday look very original, very fashionable and stylish!

Price range: bags Galaday cost from 4800 rubles to 7800 rubles ; clutches Galaday cost from 1200 rubles to 5000 rubles ; belts Galaday cost from 540 rubles to 800 rubles.

Reviews shoppers brand Galaday


This excellent bag!Especially for such a relatively small amount of money!Soft leather, roomy.I have received a lot of compliments when I came with a new handbag Galaday to work.All women advise this brand!Better brands can not be found.


I gave a friend a bag on the anniversary of the brand.Handbag is very was satisfied.Even when I fill it completely, he does not lose its original shape, the skin is not wiped off, although I use the bag daily.I advise everyone, you will not regret!


Clutch Galaday very beautiful and practical, can easily fit all the necessary things for a corporate party!And looks very feminine and elegant, not that usual plastic bags, which are embroidered with ribbons and sequins.It's really an elegant accessory for girls.Yes, there is a chain inside - if desired, may be worn on the shoulder.Excellent quality, all neat and nice.

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