Fashionable clothes for boys up to 10 years - winter 2012-2013

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21 April 2016

To properly make clothes for boys and 10 years for the winter 2012-2013, parents must first understand all the subtle nuances, the latest developments and trends in children's fashion.In recent months, designers of children's clothing to create their masterpieces, looking back on the fashion world of adults, and some maestros of the fashion industry have released a collection for parents and their children who are the same each other, differing only in size.

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main children's fashion trends winter season 2012- 2013

Clothing for boys to 10 years for the winter 2012-2013 pleases the eye and new developments unexpected touches of . Practicality - an essential condition for the majority of clothing for young gentlemen and winter collection 2012-2013, there is a place convenient option of children's clothes , which does not restrict movement, allowing o

ur boys be active and mobile.

Although items of children's clothes for the winter 2012-2013 continue to include a very bright colors and flashy prints, main base color , who this season became the most fashionable, is gray .Gray in the children's clothing can occur from almost black "anthracite" to dusty or light "mouse" shades.Of course, monochrome in children's clothes oblige, and gowns are designed in one color would be appropriate except for a very solemn ceremonies and social events.The rest of the time the young mod clothes, sustained even in black and white, must have some bright detail, color stains, prints.

  • The clothes children winter 2012-2013 are very relevant prints animals , or colors. leopard print is more relevant for the wardrobe girls, although it may be present on the clothing boys, localized on the details of clothing - valves, cuffs, lapels of his boot, hat boxes a la "cowboy."
  • as outerwear child can pick up a very comfortable jacket with an artificial filler or light and warm down jacket.Also relevant overalls for winter recreation as well as warm feather or fur vests.On the clothes should be hoods , which will protect the child from the cold wind and rain .In the cold season, our children can not do without the warm and cozy knitted things.In winter 2012-2013 are very relevant pullover, sweater , sweaters, vests, cardigans "rough" matings.There is always in fashion, including - in the nursery, Scandinavian pattern for knitted things.
  • winter of 2012-2013 special attention to children in wardrobe give pockets - they are on the shirts, and vests, and trousers, and even tweed jackets.Pockets can be very large, with bright valves and decorative buttons.
  • Among the styles for the young madcap designers frequently offers style « Gavroche », style « military », with the characteristic details of clothing, stylized cut and coloring.

What is fashionable to wear boys winter 2012-2013?

among fashion children's clothes, especially relevant in the winter 2012-2013, we can distinguish various cap .Boys can wear insulated "baseball" or the classic strict caps - plain or checkered pattern.Knitted hats can be combined with a sweater - welcome "rough" binding, Scandinavian design.As always, do not go out of fashion hats with earflaps of artificial or natural fur, for girls and boys.

  1. As a boy of 10 years is in constant motion, for active walks should buy shoes - shoes made of genuine leather with heaters.Classical shoes will only fit gymnasium uniform, as well as to the suits, the young gentleman who can put on a particularly solemn occasion.
  2. Outerwear must fulfill two basic conditions - to be warm and comfortable.But in the winter season 2012-2013 jacket , jacket, suit, vest for boys up to 10 years can be decorated with various prints, including floral motifs.If outerwear solid color, the figure should be in the hat and mittens, sweater and scarf.If necessary, outerwear classic style for the little mod preference should be given coats or jackets in drab cloth with decorative buttons and a rather large external pockets.
  3. most fashionable color in the boy-clothes winter 2012-2013 is blue , as well as all its shades.Croy clothing that is designed to go to school, all sorts of activities, as well as theater, cinema, can resemble a school uniform.To complete the "school" or gymnasium image of a boy can wear a cap with buttons.
  4. If the clothes the boy in one set monophonic, help break the monochrome stylish accessories - bright scarf , sweater, scarf, shirt, jacket, bag, etc.Parents should remember that a bright spot, large print in one set of clothes should be one number.
  5. Casual wear for boys up to 10 years can be represented by a set of "jeans + shirt + jacket", "corduroy trousers + cardigan or sweater." Vests in winter 2012-2013 season are fashionable all kinds - from classic to sports, in the style of "safari" or of down jackets.

How to combine and stylish clothes for boys winter 2012-2013?

Many fashion houses produce entire collections of children's clothing for each season, along with collections of clothing for adults.When parents buy things for the children clothes his young dandy in single brand stores, they have the opportunity to consult with the sellers about the best compatibility of items of clothes, finding the best option.But most of the children's clothes are purchased in a variety of stores, and the parents themselves should suggest to his boy how to better equip clothes, which combine wardrobe items.

  1. Since winter 2012-2013 season is very fashionable style « military », clothing for boys up to 10 years dominated pants and jackets khaki.But the peculiarity of this season is that things in the style of "military" clearly sportswear can and should be combined with a very bright, sometimes - funny, funny article of clothing and accessories - for example, sweater, cap printed with a cheerful, bright knittedscarf.
  2. sports shoes , sneakers winter 2012-2013 can be combined and with classic trousers , if the boy goes to school.In particular, the celebrations, of course, the young gentleman should shoe classic shoes.
  3. As before, the boys dressed in winter 2012-2013 will be fashionable jeans s.This season, the jeans can be combined in the classic jacket and shirt and sweater with bright patterns.Jeans can have strong «scuff» , stylized «patch» from other tissues and skin, bright inserts and straps.The boy's clothes welcome combination of styles, «naughty» notes , the inherent style of "little tomboy."
  4. for outdoor activities in the cold season the boys needed comfort and safety .It can provide jackets and jackets with an artificial filler, which are well kept warm and do not absorb moisture.On the legs to wear such clothes can high boots with laces or zippers .Still in the clothes of children are relevant natural fabrics - only they can provide comfort to the child.As an alternative to the jacket, the boy can be purchased shortened coat classic cut, single color or in a large square - a little gentleman in such clothes will look modern and stylish.

All parents want in the future for their child all the doors were opened.The obligation and the task of parents - to teach his son to dress stylishly correctly combine things her wardrobe.Collections of clothes for boys winter 2012-2013 can combine sporty styling with classic clothes with bright monochrome colors, and even fun accessories.Children's fashion today supports the desire of the young imps to be active, mobile, and thus - very stylish and beautiful.

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