Gifts for the New Year: what does a woman want?

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06 April 2016

patron of the New Year for the Chinese calendar is the Snake.Therefore, the choice of gifts should be treated with the utmost care, especially to the choice of a gift for the woman he loved.After Snake - is also a woman who is tidy, friendly and very demanding.It does not tolerate disrespect to him, thoughtless gifts such as unnecessary gadgets and other stuff.

is believed that choosing a gift for a woman is much easier than for a man.In fact it is not so, and such confusion can create an awkward situation for you, especially in the Year of the Snake.Choosing a gift for the woman to the mind.And in any case, do not opt ​​for the gift that somehow hints at her age or appearance.She can perceive it as an insult.

What would New Year's Eve you were not in the awkward situation, we offer you a few gift ideas that you can give a woman :

  1. Jewelry are the perfect gift.However, that would have to choose the decoration you need to know exactly what your woman likes.Some prefer the gold, the other sil
    ver.If you want to give a ring or pendant with a stone, then you need to choose the right stone, as a decoration for many years will be a symbol of your love.
  2. expensive perfume can also be a pleasant surprise for any woman.When choosing such a gift, it's important to know what kind of woman like aromas (exotic or sweet, soft or sharp).
  3. Set good cosmetics from renowned producer is never superfluous.The most important thing is not to be mistaken with colors.If you choose the right cosmetics it is hard for you, you can opt for cosmetics for face and body.
  4. Garments .Elegant evening dress by a famous designer or a fur coat will not leave indifferent any woman.Just to present a success, you must be familiar with all its parameters.
  5. Travel .A trip to a warmer climate for the New Year will be a pleasant surprise.Every woman in the cold winter nights dreaming about the sea, the bright sun and the warm sand on which to sunbathe.
  6. Houseplant .If you choose a gift for your mother or grandmother, you can safely opt for a beautiful tangerine or orange tree in a beautiful florist.
  7. gift certificate to a store or salon please the girls, who carefully monitor their appearance.And athletes can give a subscription to the sports club, that they could do what he likes.
  8. items for home decoration will please any woman.Beloved wife will please a great mirror, my mother can give a beautiful carpet, and her grandmother - a cozy armchair.
  9. Appliances. woman-domohazyayke sure to enjoy such a gift, as a new food processor, dishwasher or modern vacuum cleaner.And in addition, gave his lady a luxury bouquet of flowers.
  10. new gadget. woman who keeps track of technological innovations, be sure to please the new mobile phone, tablet or laptop, which only went on sale.
  11. Romantic gift. dreamy and gentle lady will delight colorful fireworks outside the window, a balloon flight or a romantic dinner in a restaurant.
  12. Underwear. If you know the parameters of his woman, a purely personal gift to her would be very pleasant.Especially the ladies like products lace and silk.
  13. book at all times was considered a great gift, especially in the year of the Snake wise.Learn in advance what your woman likes literature, perhaps she has a favorite author.Upon learning of her literary preferences you can safely go to the bookstore.Such a gift will not leave her indifferent.
  14. Stylish organizer and pen will be a great gift for a business woman.This is a classic gift for congratulations colleagues.
  15. Marriage proposal. If your relationship with your lady has long passed into the romance, the magic New Year's Eve is the perfect time to offer hands and hearts.Of course, you have to prepare a little: to create a romantic atmosphere, choose the right music and take care of the ring.

At whatever gift you do not chose for your favorite women's most important is that you choose it with tenderness and love, and not bought rushing into the first store.

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