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21 April 2016

Gabs - is another Italian brand that offers style, quality, recognition and mood. And, among the title, the ability to transform on the fly and a unique practicality.Brand appeared in Gabs 1999 in Italy thanks to Franco, Gabriele, who sought to decorate the shadowy world in the brightest paints.The designer created these bags - Transformers and travel bags that are able to change its color, size and shape.

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For some women were created accessories company Gabs?

addition to fans of unusual and bright, these bags will also be able to interest buyers budget , because instead of three or four different bags can now be purchased in one of four.These colorful bags are practical and comfortable.A woman who chooses bags Gabs, always looking humor and beauty in everything .Rather, these bags are designed for young, active people who like variety and extreme life.

lines of handbags from Gabs

Bags transformers

They can play as a child , change their shape, bend, straighten and get a new bag.Each of the bags of this type, there are many different buttons, zippers, hooks hidden, which are helping to change the bag beyond recognition.Another feature Gabs considered very bright shades .So if you have not yet completed with trend color blocking , you need to look at Gabs.It is difficult not to notice that the other brands by producing transformers, not much is spent on materials.

Road bags made of genuine leather

sewed these bags only Italian of genuine leather , lining of bags made of natural cotton material.Each bag shall be accompanied by a detachable shoulder strap and key chain in the shape of tiny phonebook.It can not not like girls.

Bags - Transformers and travel bags of bright shades

Besides plain bags of various colors are handbag from a deep blue to terra cotta.Bags embellished in the form of stamps from various countries and musical records.These bags can be a great gift not only cosmopolitan and music lovers, but also just flirty and cute girls.

Price range: Bags transformers Gabs are from 9100 rubles 10,700 rubles; travel bags Gabs are from 8100 rubles to 9800 rubles .

Reviews shoppers brand Gabs


Bag transformer that 3 years ago I gave my mom still looks like just purchased.As for the cost, it is available to everyone.My mother was very glad such a wonderful gift.Until now, thank me for it.


Every girl on the range bags Gabs will light up the eyes.Here - all: the abundance of shapes, colors, prints, a variety of techniques of patchwork.And even more bags than at first glance, it seems, because they - Transformers and easily change the design and form.I have a travel bag and the brand, and bag-transformer.These products are very high quality.


attracted me to these bags is that they are very bright colors as I like.Each bag has a badge that looks great on the product.Each bag is suitable for any outfit, the main thing in my young age.

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