Christmas costumes for school with their hands

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06 April 2016

New Year - is traditionally a holiday of childhood, gifts, sweets and garlands of bright, laid tables and the smell of pine needles and tangerines.No, probably people who did not expect to this promising, colorful and fun-filled day.The basis of the New Year celebrations were always bright costumes and outfits.After all, many people want to feel in the way of your favorite hero, especially to children.New Year's suit allows the child to feel like an adult, and a child - to be liberated, transformed from a humble Tikhon undefeated cowboy or daring musketeers.The tradition of Christmas costumes is still alive to this day.Thanks to the memory of children and adults are wonderful, priceless moments of life, flying the ringing of Christmas bells and the roar of fireworks in the sky.

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ideas for costumes

costume child depends not only on the desire and the presence of the beloved hero, but also the imag

ination of parents.And they can help any available funds in the house - from the shiny candy wrappers to the burlap and cotton.About rich makeup also should not forget.My daughter decided to become a snowflake?You can put a little bit of blue shades shadows under her eyebrows and draw a snowflake on her cheek.For the future, "flower" fit gentle shade of green and beautiful flower on her cheek.Pirate - red cheeks, a mustache and shaggy eyebrows, musketeer - thin mustache.The main thing is to use cosmetics or make-up, harmless to the baby's skin - allergic reaction is clearly not decorate baby celebration:

  • ideas for costumes there are so many, we just need to understand that the closer the child, and in what manner he himself will feel comfortable.It is understood that high school boys will not do snegovichka suit and a girl with more joy transformed into a fairy than a crocodile.
  • Puss in Boots. This image is easily created with the help of a white shirt with a bow, pants, boots and a vest.On his head is worn cap with ears, fur, which must be the same as the "cat" of the tail.
  • Chamomile. costume daisies can be created from the green tights, yellow T-shirts (blouses) and white petals of paper attached to a belt.Or create the flower itself in the form of a hat, wearing a green dress with sleeves-stem-leaves.
  • devils. For this costume you can sew fur trim on a dark badlon and tights (pants), to make a wire tail wheel black thread and having a brush on the end.Cardboard-frame-mounted hoop horns kulechki-out of construction paper, or foil wrapped in red fabric.
  • Clown. to clown costume requires a broad pants (red coveralls) and shiny shirts that are decorated with bright tassels and bells.Similar pom-poms attached to the shoes and the buttons on his shirt, and a cap on his head.Lipstick (rouge) can paint the nose and cheeks.
  • Gypsy .For this costume at the sleeves and hem of any dress that is available, you can sew wide bright ruffles and decorate monochromatic fabric "peas" through a paper stencil.To add color shawl suit, rings (CLIPS), a string of beads, bracelets and necklace.Monists can be created from a Christmas tree "money" garlands.
  • Batman, Spiderman, dragonfly, Shrek, a vampire or a witch - costume can be absolutely anything, but the most original he could be, if only to him lovingly attached maternal hands.

Tips to ak create a suit out of nothing?

  • Hats. Hat princess can be decorated with delicate shades ribbons and artificial flowers, cowboy hat - a decorative scarf and lace, felt hat for regular Musketeers - cut paper feathers.Do not forget also about the bandana pirate Straw Hat Scarecrow, his cap, headdress Russian beauties and the present Indian headdress of paper again or natural feathers.Crown for the snowflakes, the princess, Snow Queen and Mistress of Copper Mountain may be cut out of cardboard, painted with gold paint (glued foil) and decorated with sequins, tinsel, beads or coated with glitter.Attached to the hoop-frame, hood, rim or simply by Fasteners barrette ears pig, a rabbit, a cat to easily turn a child into a favorite cartoon character.
  • Nastrizhennaya paper, wool, hemp, fur or plush useful mustache or beard. With these materials, as well as a simple make-up (my mother's cosmetics), you can create an angry (frowning to the nose), sad (on the contrary, raised) or surprise of the character.
  • Accessories are always needed for any suits. They make a recognizable image and costume completed.For Harry Potter - a magic wand and glasses, for a pirate - a knife, a toy parrot earring and sewn to shoulder shirt for Indians - a tomahawk, for Zorro - Sword for sheriff - a star for the princess - a necklace around her neck, for of Olegonion Oye - an umbrella for East dancer - the veil, and for gipsies - necklace.Because thick paper, you can create a fan, colored it and issuing a lace or fringe of the paper.
  • Nose specific shape can be molded from clay and pasted pieces of paper to remove the clay.Any nose of shnobelem to Piglet, can be done using paper mache.Painted with ribbons sewn and cut out holes for the nostrils, it would be a good complement a suit.

The main thing to remember: that the younger the child, the easier should costume!It is unlikely that a child will bring joy to constantly pull slipping trousers, or seek to correct crown falling accessories.

Doing their own hands

Few can boast that a child put on store bought costumes for the New Year holidays.Usually, mom sewed costumes, collecting them from all that had on hand.That is why they get such mental and touching.Suit your own hands has become a tradition, which adds to the charm holiday.Today you can buy in stores anything, but mom and dad are in no hurry to buy fancy clothes, realizing that suit created at home with their own hands, will be original, to save money on baby gifts and will have fun with the whole family on the eve of the holiday.And it is not necessary to create a bright spectacular costume and be a professional seamstress to spend money on car fabrics and accessories:

  1. Chess queen. sewn black square on a white dress (or vice versa) on the sleeve cuffs are lush-frills.Collar Queen - high, from a nylon tape, or from a starched white cloth, gathered frill.On the black squares can be glued (to sew) white chess pieces on white, respectively, black figures.Hair combed up and going into the beam.Small chess crown is created from cardboard and pasted over with foil.
  2. Stargazer. Pointed cap created from cardboard to its outer edge was equal to the circumference of the baby's head .The hood turns paper black or blue, or painted.Top glued stars of different sizes and different colors foil.Attached to the cap rubber will keep it under his chin.The rectangle of dark fabric (cape astrologer) is gathered should be around the neck and also embroider (pasted) larger stars of colored foil.Shoes with pointed toes, too, can be arranged with foil.The final piece will be painted, cardboard, spyglass.And if you replace the telescope glasses and wand, can be called a created image of Harry Potter.
  3. Gnome. Long cap created from fabric blue or red and decorated with a brush (pompon).For "advanced age" on a cardboard (rag) basis, which will be held on the gum sticks wool (fur, hemp, paper shreds).On the cap glued gray eyebrows and large cotton wool, and put up his nose glasses without glasses from my grandmother's old trunk.Bright pants to his knees, a yellow shirt, striped socks, shoes that can provide buckles foil and pad under a short jacket - and gnome costume ready.
  4. Hercules. Kolchuga heroes can be created from a shiny silver fabric, or by mounting the front of the usual painted chainmail vest.You can also make it from a solid wrapping paper, folded sheet 40 to 120 cm to a size of 3 to 4 cm. Then make cuts, and expand, having painted with silver paint, sew on the jacket.The helmet is constructed of cardboard shaped Budenovka and paint in silver, sword and shield, also can be made of cardboard, having painted the handle and the blade matching colors, or plastered with foil.I will only wear black pants with a jacket, red belt and red cape over a jacket and boots covered with a red cloth.
  5. Mummy. To create this costume requires a lot of bandages, a pair of white sheets, cut into strips, or a few rolls of toilet paper.The easiest by suit and very effective in the end.Body tape up materials available over a white shirt and pants, leaving long tails dangling freely from ten to thirty centimeters, depending on the child's growth.The fully bandaged body leaving only a narrow slit for a mouth and eyes, as well as a couple of holes to free breathing.You can leave a person nezabintovannym just colored it white makeup.

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