Original ideas as fashionable to wear a scarf in the winter!

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23 April 2016

How fashionable to wear a scarf in the winter - not such a complicated science, especially if you know the basic tricks of "art."If you are looking for how to tie and wear a scarf this winter, then you have come to the right place!Then you can not look!From that, you will tie a scarf today will shape your mood and attitude.Different ways of tying a scarf also create fashion mood, and can completely change your appearance, you transform.

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  • 10 most fashionable scarves for the winter How can
  • fashionable tie a warm scarf?
  • Video instruction-as nicely tie a scarf

the top 10 models of warm scarves for the winter

1. Scarf by American Retro

Description : Stylish model, bright and juicy.The original design with a button closure will allow you different ways to tie a scarf around his neck.Made of wool and polyamide.Dimensions: 122 x 24 cm.

cost : from 3000 rubles.

2. Scarf by Roxy

Description : Acrylic scarf with sequins and fun knitting patterns

"pigtail".Classic black, warm and cozy scarf.Dimensions: 148 x 16 cm.

cost : about 1500 rubles.

3. Scarf by F5

Description : Original scarf contrasting colors of acrylic.Cheerful and practical.Perfect for a young and naughty ladies.Dimensions: 188 x 23 cm.

cost : about 850 rubles.

4. Scarf by Tom Taylor

Description : Bright fashionable scarf that will make even the play paints a gloomy day.Rainbow colors makes it possible to choose the outfit of any color.Dimensions: 17 x 194 cm

cost : about 1500 rubles.

5. Scarf by Minnie Rose

Description : Elegant cashmere scarf, the perfect companion of the true woman.Cheerful colors enliven gray winter weekdays.Dimensions: 200 x 30 cm.

cost : 7500 rubles.

6. scarf by Roxy

Description : Beautiful scarf soft colors and original border.Despite gray color, this model will be an excellent addition to any outfit.Dimensions: 142 x 18 cm.

cost : about 2000 rubles.

7. Scarf from Mala Alisha

Description : Elegant model with stylish zhatym effect.An elegant combination of colors and decoration fringe.Perfect for publication.Dimensions: 70 x 180 cm.

cost : about 1200 rubles.

8. Scarf by Cerutti

Description : Elegant beige scarf.Warm and presentable, made of acrylic and wool.The original binding.Dimensions: 200 x 27 cm.

cost : about 7000 rubles.

9. Scarf by Sharvit

Description : Cute scarf, made from the original thread.Gentle and warm, it will provide you with an indescribable feeling of comfort in cold weather, and the flourishing of your image with the eccentricity.Dimensions: 200 x 65 cm.

cost : about 1000 rubles.

10. Scarf by Mavi

Description : bright scarf will highlight your image.An indispensable accessory winter wardrobe.Decorated with a pattern of stripes.Dimensions: 180 x 55 cm.

cost : about 800 rubles.

How to tie a scarf in an original?

On the Internet you can find a lot of video, and how to tie a scarf fotosovetov.But, by and large, they are summer scarves and shawls, which are made of lighter materials, and therefore variations to implement much more.But do not despair!We want to offer you the ways that you can bring it with warm winter scarf.In addition, we will offer you the best models of scarves for this winter.And we tell you about the most fun hat this winter.

So, how successful and fashionable tie a warm scarf:

  • easiest way that looks, however, quite original.So, take a scarf, fold it in half, then circle around the neck, put his ends of the scarf into the hole, which was formed by the addition of two halves.
  • narrow long scarf can wrap twice around the neck and tie the front as in the first case.
  • Throw a scarf around his neck so that its ends are behind.Now cross your front ends and tie them together, and then pull one end through the top loop scarf, and the other remains at the bottom.
  • even easier the next option: throwing a scarf around his neck, just skip the one end through the loop.
  • If you have more or less a scarf, it can be worn as a scarf, throwing it on the head, leave one end of the front and the other let down your back.If you allow the length, the ends can cross the front and fold back.
  • Again, a scarf can be worn as a cape, having wound their shoulders, or by using a brooch can make a kind of cape.

It is only a few options for how to tie a scarf in winter.Here everything is quite individual, much depends on the materials from which made a scarf, as well as on its length and width.We hope that our 'video will inspire you!Just grab your scarf and try different options, sure that at least 5 of them come to your liking!

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