Clothing Verezo: expressive femininity and individuality

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23 April 2016

If you want to find a brand collection which is a unique blend of modern fashion trends and implementation of the requirements of fashionistas, the Verezo, surely satisfy you.This brand known all over the world, due to the ability of designers to create exclusive and unique dresses for different occasions .Any woman wearing a dress from day to day, even Verezo, starting to feel a beauty queen.

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The story of the brand Verezo - fashionable clothes Verezo

When creating any article of clothing, talented designers Verezo guided by the requirements of international quality standards .In manufacture the fabrics and materials of excellent quality, have been subjected to special treatment.All models are created with the latest technology that provides the perfect appearance.By choosing this brand of clothes,

women know that masterpieces by brand, capable reveal their rich inner world and let out all the hidden femininity.

Impeccable quality and comfort of the garment Verezo provide excellent materials, including both natural fabrics , such as cotton and synthetic, such as rayon, polyester and elastane.Many are afraid of the word "synthetic", but synthetics used in modern industry, is soft, pleasant sensations to the body, as well as strength and durability.

Brand Verezo counts its history since 1997. So he is still quite young compared with other global giants of fashion.The company was created as a simple studio maintenance fashionistas Los Angeles.But he was not destined to survive long in such a status.It really was a young talented designers working in it.Dresses created by them, turned out to be full of rare exclusivity at the same time excellent quality fabrics and cut .

dream of creating unique models women's clothes of high quality not only fulfilled, but with the result that none of the founders of the studio did not expect.Its popularity has outgrown the boundaries of the city and quickly captivated all of America and Europe in the form of a new brand, named after the original studio.Sewing on individual orders turned into the creation of these collections with the full content.And the very first of them, dubbed « Grace », was full of innovative views and creative ideas.

In 2002, there was another important event in the development of the brand - opening of the first small chain store brand Verezo in Los Angeles.Numerous fashionable solutions in the design of the dresses gave the models of the original and remarkable, so they won growing popularity and the emergence of new fans.

Russians could enjoy opening of the first store in the country recently - in 2010 year, which was immediately noticed by all, by acquiring an indescribable success and popularity.In the near future leadership of the company plans to open another 30 branded stores in the country.

addition to a large number of ordinary boutiques around the world, the clothes of the best collections of this brand can be purchased on the official website of the company.

Verezo - the most fashionable clothes for women.How to combine?

Given that the brand is still relatively young, he continues to develop at a good pace, constantly delighting fashionistas in many countries for its excellent collections.The company produces such items as a wardrobe dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts, pants, jackets, blazers and coats .But the main object of art is undoubtedly the dress as air is necessary for any woman.

Many modern women, preferring comfortable jeans and pants, forget about that dresses provide a sophisticated, stylish and feminine look its owner.That is why the creators of the brand tend to a combination of beauty and comfort in their models.Many outfits are universal property - they can wear for a special occasion, and in everyday life, without losing the beauty and elegance.Among the collections of Verezo can find dresses of any cut, from the traditional classical style, but no less expressive, to trendy, able to stand out in any situation and do not go unnoticed.

Much attention is also paid to the creation of stylish and strict jackets , as an integral part of the finished feminine image.This garment is able to combine equally laconically not only with skirts or trousers, and even dresses.

Designers of creating your own design, oriented to the classic styles that are relevant at all times.Thinking through every detail and clearly extinct form of future models, designers seek absolute precision landing on a figure .At the same time, any thing is capable not only to emphasize the dignity, but also perfect to hide all kinds of imperfections. wide range of sizes not allow anyone to remain without news in the locker room.For every woman there is a version that can satisfy all the parameters.

Thanks to the talent of designers working on the collections, the brand of clothing Verezo reached unprecedented success in the fashion industry.Each collection is produced not only should newfangled trends season, but retains its own style unique individuality .Therefore, in clothes from Verezo You do not have to settle for just the shows offered on the images.Collection brand will help you successfully create your own unique wardrobe , reflects your inner world.

newest collection offers fashionable women model unusual asymmetrical styles, performed in a variety of colors - from pastel to bright, not displacing the pedestal of black-and-white classics.Remember, preferring unique dress by Verezo, you provide yourself irresistible, stylish and immaculate appearance.In these clothes easily be a real woman in every situation.

Verezo - have course of clothes Verezo

Due to the fact that all the company's products are of excellent quality Verezo, look them attractively and luxuriously no difficulty.The same can be said about caring for things, because sew used only the best natural and artificial fabrics that provides unparalleled strength and durability unmatched .Neither outfit from Verezo not afraid of washing and able to please you immutability of its shape and color saturation, without requiring any special care.

reviews buyers about the quality of clothes Verezo


last year bought a gorgeous dress from Verezo.I liked him at first sight.Only the brown was not my size.They brought green.First, I like that it did not impress, the color seemed interesting, but decided to try on.The village is like a glove, just perfect.The figure began to seem much better than without it.So I decided to take.The bodice has a foam lining, can be worn without a bra.The quality of fabric and sewing do not complain.So I do not regret that I bought!


In one of my wardrobe is dominated by a dress from the brand.It is strapless, and a small chest would not go, but my most it!It can be worn without a bra, because sewn cups.Very pleased with purchase.Skirt from dresses as Marilyn Monroe in the film, such inflationary simply mesmerizing.The downside is overpriced, I thought.


decided I like to buy something under brand dress for a relatively low price.A month later I disappointed in it - the fabric was very thin and prone to inhaling.Yes, and on the shoulders of a scattering of shiny stones it was not combinable with the material.And where only looked my eyes when buying.Yes, he has a good cut, the figure sits perfectly, but it looks like the cheap, to be honest.Now lying in the closet.


winter, often put on the dress of this brand.With tight pantyhose perfect warm option.And it looks beautiful.People often ask me where I bought it.I advise you, the thing is indispensable for cold weather, and if you want beauty and comfort.


I also have a dress Verezo.It is brilliant, but it does shine is not cheap, on the contrary, it looks expensive and very beautiful, the fabric is very interesting and not rumpled.He sits on me like a glove.The quality and tailoring with a bang, all quality.This dress is versatile, suitable for different occasions, it is strict and elegant at the same time.Very pleased that the cup is and lining.In my opinion, the price had even underestimated.


I love my dress this brand.It is my black and embroidered with a pattern of beads.It looks easy to dress, but is actually a dense fabric and underneath it hides all the flaws figures, and begin to look just sexy.It seems to me, when I'm in it, then everyone pays attention to me.Stitched it qualitatively, no bead is not flew.On the chest there are foam tabs.For summer dress too hot, but evenings dressed yet.Sutures are all perfect, both inside and outside.


And I did not like the dress of this brand in our store.Mostly I was dissatisfied with the quality of sewing - a thread stick out everywhere inside edges are not processed in any way, the lining of the foam at all strange as it sewn and out of place.And the price for this sewing too high.


recently added a novelty to his wardrobe in a beautiful sweaters from the brand Verezo.Great buy, I incredibly happy.She has a very stylish and high-quality appearance.Very nice fabric for the body.Add elegance to her wide sleeves made of light fabric.It looks very elegant and unusual.He is sitting on me just perfect.The laundry had no problems.


I have a blouse of the brand.This stylish and high quality, but made of thin knitwear and slightly translucent.It runs very well.When washing heavily faded, although the temperature conditions had been met, so I advise to wash it separately.But the form of the thing does not change.So I like this brand.

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