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24 April 2016

High quality materials, unusual design - these are the characteristics that distinguish Accessories Curanni among numerous competitors.Although this Italian brand appeared recently, it has already become quite popular with the ladies.The range of this company, you will find lovely bags, purses stylish, original covers for documents .

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Accessories Curanni - bags, clutch bags, covers for documents

Curanni - an Italian youth brand that distinguished by its unusualdesign .Accessories of the brand ideal for cheerful courageous girls , who can not live a day without new bright emotions .After all brand Curanni - is a constant search for new designs , change images and emotions play.

Women who have their own style and appreciate the high quality accessories have long been acquainted with the products of the brand.All

the products of this company are made of high quality leather beautifully decorated .The design of each model, perfectly thought out every detail.Bags Curanni are a sign of good taste of their owners.

Collections Curanni - the most fashionable products and accessories

Among the huge number of accessories Curanni every woman can find a perfect model .Here and youth handbags, casual bags and comfortable, and elegant evening clutches, stylish purses and covers for documents.Products Curanni attract their customers excellent quality, optimal number of internal departments, practicality and ease of use .

in the collections of the company presented the bag as in a classic style, and youth with original prints .Original design is copyright illustration on the front of the product.Such accessories favorably emphasize his enthusiasm and courage owners.

for business women in the collections of this renowned brand presented strict classical handbags made of genuine leather.They are well organized interior space, there are departments for documents details, mobile phone .In such models can easily fit on A4 paper.With this accessory, you can easily come to the office or leave for an important business meeting., And at the same time will have flawless look .

perfect complement to purse the purse will be of the same brand.All models are very convenient and practical.They have two compartments for notes, several pockets for plastic cards and business cards, compartment for coins, which closes with a zipper.This purse is very fits easily in the hand and purse .

And for lovers of original and cute things, the company offers Curanni unusual cover for the driver's documents and passports .All models have an unusual colorful print.They are made of genuine leather.This unusual accessory is sure to be a day to lift your mood.

pricing on accessories Curanni

Curanni can buy accessories in leather shops or on the Internet.The products of this brand - it perfect combination of price and quality. Russian women of fashion handbag for Curanni have to pay from 4500 to 11,000 rubles.Price wallets the brand varies from 1500 to 2000 rubles, overlay document cost about 2000 rubles .

Curanni - quality products, reviews, fashion


I really like the cover for the documents of the company.This unusual design, original drawing.Very comfortable, good quality.Many pockets for cards and business cards.


accessories of the brand are very stylish and fun.Most young people like them, such an unusual color prints.Excellent quality and reasonable price.Itself I use a bag of this brand for six months, I do not have any complaints.


Gave everyday bag Curanni.Right now there is Italian quality: soft leather, perfect stitching.The bag is very comfortable and roomy.And it looks decent.With such a bag can be in the office, and a meeting with her friends, and even a dinner.I would recommend.

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