Winter shoes for children - what to buy?

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25 April 2016

So began the last month of autumn.And after a few weeks of winter begins.Before many parents have this problem, as the choice of winter overalls, hats and footwear for the winter favorite for the children.The market is full of children's shoes of various models, both foreign and domestic manufacturers.And many parents suffer in doubt on what exactly to choose.

content of the article:

  • warm winter shoes for child
  • renowned manufacturers of children's shoes.Reviews parents
  • / used shoes for your child: for and against
  • How to determine the quality of the shoes?

What really warm winter boots, what materials are best?

Every mother wants her child that would in any weather was warm, comfortable and easy dressing.And manufacturers are trying to take into account all the wishes of parents, so each year on the market there are new models.Let's look at the most popular ones:

  • Boots - traditional winter footwear in our country.They have a lot of advantages.The most important of them is that
    they are perfectly retain heat even in the most severe frosts.Boots made of felt or felt, which are breathable materials.Because of this your baby's legs will not sweat.And in this very comfortable shoes and feet do not get tired.Boots very easy to put on and even a little child will cope with this task.Manufacturers have improved children's shoes boots, eliminating some of their shortcomings.Now in stores you can see boots with rubber soles and the recommended form of an orthopedic surgeon.Modern boots decorated with a variety of embroidery, fringe, tassels, fur, stones and crystals.Now they can satisfy the most demanding of children and parents, because they not only have a beautiful design, but warm and not get wet in any weather.
  • Uggs - such models in our market appeared relatively recently, but surely gaining popularity among parents.They perfectly retain heat and give a sense of comfort.If they are made from natural materials, the skin in their breathing.The main disadvantage of this shoe is that it can not be worn in humid weather.She quickly gets wet, loses its shape and covered with spots.These shoes are quite popular among teens, so manufacturers are mainly guided by their tastes.Ugg boots are decorated with a variety of applications, crystals, buttons, fringe and satin ribbons.
  • Quilted - these shoes are very warm and perfect for even very harsh winter.Due to the air between the layers of fabric provides excellent thermal insulation, which does not miss the cold or the wind.Kids also love these models due to its beautiful design and bright colors.The disadvantage of this shoe is that the legs sweat in it, because it does not pass air.
  • Boots-rovers - a novelty in the market of children's shoes.They have a high platform and broad backdrop of massive lacing.These shoes like preschoolers and children of primary school age.These boots are made of waterproof fabric with a heater, he fears neither cold nor mud, nor the dampness.Boots-rovers are not suitable for small children, as the platform it causes inconvenience.

The materials used for the manufacture of footwear:

  • Today the market is represented by children's shoes of different materials, the main of which is leather and textiles .Because these materials are quite strong, warm and breathable.However, when buying a shoe you must take into account some of the nuances.For example, leather shoes can stretch , and shoes textiles requires special care .
  • some manufacturers for the manufacture of children's footwear used nubuck , artificial leather and suede .This shoe has its drawbacks.Shoes made of suede and nubuck has a great look, but if the winter will be snowy or muddy, it will quickly become unusable.A shoe made of artificial leather is not breathable.
  • When selecting children's shoes, pay attention not only on appearance but also on its inner contents.Remember that for children's footwear should be used only fur .
  • recently become quite popular membrane shoes .This shoe has a special plenochku, which produces steam from the inside to the outside of the shoe.But the moisture does not pass outside to inside.With this technology, the foot does not sweat.These shoes in any case can not be dried on the battery, the membrane will lose its properties.

Popular company manufacturers of children's shoes -How can you trust?

most famous and popular manufacturers of children's shoes:

  1. Ricosta (Germany) - considered one of the most trusted brands.This manufacturer specializes in the production of children's footwear.All products Ricosta made of leather or high-tech materials.A polyurethane sole 50% air.Due to the fact that children's footwear manufacturer of flexible, lightweight and non-slip.What would your child feel comfortable and safe, the manufacturer uses membrane technology Sympatex.The cost of children's shoes Ricosta starts from 3200 rubles.
  2. ECCO (Denmark) - this manufacturer has long gained popularity in the Russian market.But in recent years consumers have had many complaints about the shoes from this manufacturer: it is warm enough, the narrow models, and in severe frosts sole starts to slide.If you, nevertheless, chose on this producers, the note on the sole: If there is written ECCO LIGHT - this shoe is designed for the European winter, but if -That ECCO shoe warmer.For the manufacture of these shoes are used only natural materials.Sole she cast two-membrane GORE-TEX.The cost of children's shoes ECCO starts from 3000 rubles.
  3. Viking (Norway) - one of the most reliable firms, but quite expensive.For many years there have been complaints about the quality of its shoes.They are very warm and are designed for wide feet.Besides Norway licensed the brand shoes produced in Vietnam.It is also fairly high quality, but less warm and less garazdo Norwegian.Shoes from this manufacturer are made from natural materials using the technology of GORE-TEX.The cost of children's shoes Viking starts from 4500 rubles.
  4. Scandia (Italy) - the brand in recent years become increasingly popular.However, in some models, there are serious concerns.Shoes Scandia, which is made in Italy, has inside a special badge in the form of the national flag, but models produced at other plants, this patch does not have, and the quality of her much worse.Winter shoes from the manufacturer is very warm, it has a three-layer insulation, which operates as a heat pump and dehumidifier.The sole is made of polyurethane, which has excellent adhesion and good stability.The cost of children's shoes Scandia starts from 3000 rubles.
  5. Superfit (Austria) - this producer is also virtually no complaints.Shoes of the manufacturer lightweight, warm, soft and wet.A very large range of models designed for different legs, very comfortable shoes.Shoes from Superfit orthopedists often recommend.Shoes of this brand have a special insole with pad that strengthens the ligaments and muscles of the foot.Shoes made of natural materials.The cost of children's shoes Superfi starts from 4000 rubles.
  6. Reimatec (Finland) - Shoes of this brand is not very well known, but many wear it.Boots of the manufacturer rather quality, warm and wet.However, they are designed for a narrow foot.For warming the shoe manufacturer uses fake fur.The cost of children's shoes Reimatec starts from 2000 rubles.
  7. Merrel (USA / China) - quality professional footwear.It is well warms, is waterproof and has a positive feedback.This company produces the membrane shoes and layered boots.The cost of children's shoes Merrel starts from 3000 rubles.
  8. Cuomo (Finland) - multilayer insulated boots and Finnish boots.This shoe is better not to climb into the puddles, she gets wet.It can be used only at a temperature no higher than -100S, if the street is warmer, foot baby quickly sweat and freeze.The cost of children's shoes Cuomo starts from 2000 rubles.

Reviews parent forums:


My son last year wore Rikosta.Very warm boots, we put them on some tights and legs do not feel cold.But they quite slippery sole, falling at every step.


We were Scandia.Very good, and did not get wet, even if you go through the puddles.But the sole is quite slippery.Even walking feared constantly falling.Most will not buy.


daughter I bought Viking.Stunning boots: do not get wet, warm and non-slip soles.I advise everyone.Let a little bit and a little expensive, but what quality.


wore Merrel.If you move something very warm, but if stopped, foot sweats and freezes quickly.

Should I buy a used / have shoes?

Quite often young parents do not have enough money.Because now there is a small member of the family, which is impossible to save.One of the articles is saving children's shoes, which often does not acquire a new and b / y.But is it really so sparingly and does not harm the health of whether such footwear baby?

There are several reasons why parents sell shoes:

  • Children from these shoes have grown, and there is no need to store it, and nowhere;
  • Bought shoes did not fit the child, for example, was small;
  • footwear was uncomfortable for the child.That was uncomfortable for one person, it is unlikely to be convenient to another.

If you do decide to buy my baby shoes, second-hand, when it is selected to comply with certain rules :

  1. Find out whether the previous owner's foot problems.If so, the purchase should be abandoned;
  2. Pay attention to the sole.If it is worn on one side, probably from a previous owner had clubfoot.
  3. Closely inspect all joints and seams.If you find any defects, from the purchase should be abandoned;
  4. Deformation on shoes can be a sign that the previous owner had a problem with this shoe.In this case, better to give up the purchase.

How to check the quality of children's shoes before you buy?

  • To choose your child really high quality winter shoes must pay attention to characteristics such shoes:
  • sole should ensure the correct position of the foot when walking.To test this, try to bend enough shoes up and down.If you manage it without too much effort, then everything is fine;
  • child to walk without slipping on ice, the sole should refrain;
  • better, what would winter shoes for your child has been on a low platform sole.This will give it more stability, and the child will not be walking back to overwhelm;
  • Shoes should be made of materials of the highest quality.As an inner lining should be used fleece or sheared beaver lamb.As an external material is best to choose natural skin.It creates an ideal microclimate for children's feet;
  • Sock at children's shoes should be broad and round.During fitting well palpate thumb.The distance between him and the toe of the shoe should be about 8-10 mm, because this child will be comfortable to walk, and the feet will be warmer;
  • have children's shoes have to be a hard heel, which keeps the correct position of the ankle;
  • In winter children's shoes should be comfortable clasp, which allows you to lock the foot well of the child.The most convenient - is Velcro.

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