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25 April 2016

Fiato - relative young Italian brand , who for a short period of its existence has managed to gain a huge amount of fans .Bags and leather goods Fiato - it's always practical products , corresponding to the latest trends, and an affordable price.Due to the huge range, any woman can be happy owner bags, clutch or a backpack of your dreams.

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The target audience of the brand Fiato - Versatile range

Business woman suit Easy, quality bag with several compartments , which is not full of decorations and accents.If you thought the women are easy, like a cloud, like her bright bags and clutches Fiato with pleasant floral patterns , and active girl - bag sports type .Bags, backpacks and clutches Fiato combine trendiness .And as there are no two identical girls and networks trademark Fiato no two identical leather products.All bags, sports bags and clutche

s are created in order to fully reflect the personality woman , its characteristic features and identity.

With amye fashionable products to ollektsii Fiato

Business style bags

tonkosti IT'S triumph of style and its funktsionalnosti.In sumkah this type usually has lots otdeleny several karmanov for any melochey.Potryasayuschy dizayn and ekonomichnaya price can find otrazhenie in the soul of each modnitsy.

Bags and clutches of the crocodile.

pleasant momentom in sumkah and clutches of the brand is their stoprotsentnoe kachestvo .For their manufacturing ispolzuyut only naturalnye Material of at uchastii samyh dizaynerov wonderful Italian modernity.

Backpacks with a combination of leather with accessories

Attracts that find two at least slightly similar bags is not possible.When you view the new collections of masterpieces created that beckon shapes, styles and colors simply impossible to take your eyes . It should be noted that even the biggest sports bags from Fiato look gracefully and beautifully, that the strength is not each manufacturer.

Price range : bags Fiato cost from 4200 to 7000 rubles; clutches Fiato cost from 2500 to 4900 rubles, sports backpacks cost from 2000 to 4100 rubles.

on successful experience with well-known brand share fashionista


This year, I came to the institute.As we all know, before the start of the school year is always committed purchase required and missing.I bought a bag of the brand «Fiato».Brand before the acquisition was completely unknown to me.Go shopping in search of an elegant, high-quality, roomy but not huge bags it led me to this company.This bag is very beautiful and comfortable.


Handbag of the brand is very high quality.During the prolonged use of bag does not burst.The brand I like very much, the quality is 100%.It is also pleased that this type of bag can be worn in your hand as a clutch, can be shoulder length handles allow.


friend recently gave Fiat a sports bag.So it goes in for sports, it needs this type of bag.She was very glad such a gift.He says that the quality of the mark.All previous bag can not compare with this one.

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