Budget holiday on vacation with the child in Moscow - 10 ideas

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08 April 2016

This year's autumn vacation at schoolboys Russia 3 start and end on November 10th. kids are looking forward to this moment, because finally you can take a break from their studies.And that would be on vacation child is not bored, and this time has passed exciting and fun, parents should consider in advance all.See also 7 best ideas for trips on holiday in the autumn with the child.

Today we offer you ten ideas for how to take your autumn holiday with a child in Moscow:

Visiting museums

In Moscow, a very large number of museums, which the child will visit with pleasure.The 20 metropolitan museums during the school holidays on Saturday and Sunday the program works, "The whole family to the museum."

Under this program, children and adults offered to visit excursions on three routes:

  • Seven museums (Zoological Museum, Moscow State University, the museum-reserve Tsaritsyno Museum. N. Ostrovsky "Overcoming", Memorial Apartment A.S.Aushkina on Arbat, Lefortovo History Museum, Gallery Zurab Tsa
    reteli) offer route game for children aged 5-7 years called "outlandish story in seven parts";
  • Six museums (Geological Museum. VI Vernadsky, manor Kuskovo XVIII century, museum defense of Moscow, a memorial museum Scriabin Memorial Museum "House of Nikolai Gogol's" historical and architectural complex "Proviansky shops ") developed a program for children from 8 to 11 years under the name" Museum of strangeness ";
  • Seven museums (State Museum. Mayakovsky, MGOMZ "Kolomenskoye", the Sakharov Center, Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics Museum Complex "History of the T-34", Museum of Biology. Timiryazev, PictureGallery Ilya Glazunov) organized a program for teenagers from 12 to 14 years under the name "Freedom".

Family travel can be started from any of the museum bought a ticket and get a card and passport of the traveler, the museum worker consultation and gaming guide.

trip to Oka-terraced reserve

This reserve running bison nursery where you can show your child these rare animals that survived the mammoths.There is also spend a great excursion.So in the reserve you will not be bored.Oka-terraced reserve open to the public seven days a week throughout the year.

ride elk farm

If your child is a young naturalist visit the moose farm, which is located in Kostroma region, he will love it.These proud animals roam freely on the farm.Moose are not afraid of people, so you can easily feed them cakes, bread or sweets.

visitors from farm owners require compliance with a number of safety rules: Do not run, do not scream, and the main thing is not afraid.

Festival cartoons

During the autumn holidays from October 26 to November 6 in Moscow will be "Big Animation Festival".This festival will take part more than 400 animated films.This year the festival is dedicated to the cartoon significant date, Centennial Russian animation.Vladislav Starevich exactly a century ago, he presented to the public the first cartoon "Lovely Lyukanida»

Besides film screenings, in the days of the festival will be an educational project "Factory of cartoons," to work a variety of cartoon exhibitions, including an exhibition and professional school «PRO-animation».

Week games and toys

On Sparrow Hills in Moscow Palace of Pioneers from 5 to 11 November will be held the annual festival "Week of games and toys."

event program is designed not junior and secondary school age.On a holiday the children will learn how to make toys and handicrafts learn them yourself.Also, for the children will be open hall dedicated to active games and attractions, where children learn about the physical and educational games.

exhibition "Sportland»

From 1 to 5 November All-Russian Exhibition Center hosts an interactive exhibition recreation and leisure activities for children "Sportland".Here you will not only look at the latest achievements of the gaming industry, but also to test them in action.But the most daring can learn the basics of historical fencing or work out a new kind of fitness «Kangoo jumping».

daily visitors of the exhibition will be held a variety of master classes, performances, demonstration of the newest outdoor activities, competitions and quizzes.At this event, you can spend a fun time with your family.

Dancing Fountain Circus

During school holidays Dancing Fountain Circus presents a new show program called "Magic Dreams".It offers an enchanting fountains, bright circus, trained animals, magic illusion, funny clowns, virtuoso dancing.

In the foyer of the circus will be held for the guests an unforgettable carnival with games, surprises and entertainment, with free photos of the ticket and ice cream.Entertainment program begins in the lobby and a half hours before the presentation.In the circus it can be interesting and fun to spend time with your family.

trip to the zoo

If your child loves nature and enjoys studying the fauna, arrange for a trip to the zoo.

Moscow Zoo - is a unique place, one of the northernmost zoos in the world.Here you can show to the child the animal world from all continents.In total, the zoo is home to about 3,700 individuals.This zoological park created a favorable atmosphere for every kind of animal, which contributes to their breeding.

Zoo is open from 10 to 18 Monday - closed

Park Amusement them.Gorky

If your child loves leisure, the amusement park "Divo Ostrov" - this is the place for him.This amusement park on the technical equipment is not inferior to the American and European parks.Bold will find here the most extreme rides of the world.For children in the park built a city of entertainment with colorful carousels, several playgrounds, funny clowns, educational games and competitions.Science fiction fans will delight in the interactive attraction "Star Wars" and an indoor entertainment center.


exciting show featuring dolphins and other marine animals will delight every child.Artists Dolphinarium dance, sing, perform jumps and amazing stunts.With a schedule of representations Utrish dolphin can be found on the website or by phone to find out.Entertainment program lasts about 45 minutes.After completion of the presentation, you can take a picture, or even swim with the dolphins.

In general, the options for how to organize exciting holidays for a large number of the child.It remains only to decide which of them will appeal to your child and you.

If you have interesting ideas where to go with the child on vacation with us -Share experiences!