The best models and types of changing tables for children

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09 April 2016

After birth, the baby's parents begin to think about which elements of furniture are extremely necessary for him and for what it is worth paying attention to.Recently, for young parents often question whether to acquire a changing table or other means to try to do, such as a desk or a dresser.And if you do decide on a purchase, it is better to choose?Which model to choose?

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What are?

Most of the parents at the moment is not too clearly understand that it is a changing table and why is it, strictly speaking, necessary.After all, in fact, you can use the "improvised means" and not to spend the extra money.But if we turn to a specialty store or browse the various articles on the Internet, you can see how many different models can offer you the modern market.Let's take a closer look.

  • classic changing table. is a wooden table for quite high legs, with specially equipped a changing place, which is
    surrounded by special bumpers.In addition, under the sink can be a small shelf.If they are, then the table is becoming more like a cabinet, bookcase, where one can easily accommodate diapers, diapers and hygiene items are different.
  • changing table-transformer. table name speaks for itself.Multifunction table, countertop height is adjustable shelves can not only change, but also very clean.Depending on the mode selected a changing table can be pedestal-stand, table games and creative activities, etc.Of course, for long-term service and the exceptional quality of these tables will have to pay a lot of money, so that only you can decide whether it is in order.
  • changing table for the bathroom. In appearance much like a normal bookcase.Given the fact that it is intended to be used in the bathroom, where humidity is almost always make these tables of the materials are not afraid of moisture - plastic and metal.Such changing tables are compact and lightweight.Many changing tables equipped with special built-in tray, which greatly simplifies the process of bathing the baby.Tray is located at the most convenient height for you, so do not have to bend down low to her.
  • Suspended changing table. This table is securely fixed to the wall at the chosen height and displayed only when you need it.All the rest of the time he leans up without taking too much space and not disturbing anyone.We have a special wall Pelenators roomy pockets, all the necessary things always at hand, and for the safety of the baby at the edges fastened restrictive bumpers.
  • Changing dresser. Unlike conventional chest has a special, fenced bumpers, a place for changing a waterproof soft bedding.A chest of drawers served more than a year, reliable and very stable.It's worth noting that it has a fairly large size, so if your apartment does not have the necessary number of places, give preference to anything else.Of course, the broad chest of drawers is more convenient to use, as in this case, provided more room for the baby and for mom.The kid is very spacious, because there is more space for charging, massage and growth crumbs.
  • swaddling board. popular and very practical option for those who are not prepared to provide a lot of space in the room for Pelenators.Due to its rigid framework, this board can be used anywhere: on a table, on the chest, on the washing machine, on the edge of a bathtub.To secure the board has grooves through which it can be attached to the bed or any other piece of furniture.After use, you can clean swaddling board in the closet or hung on the wall.

What to look for when choosing?

choosing a changing table, you should definitely pay attention to the following points:

  • natural materials. least of the fact that the changing table should be made because of natural materials that are safe for the baby's health.For example, latex, wood, etc.The mattress should be made of water-repellent and easily cleaned materials.
  • Convenience table. It can be equipped with wheels and brakes.
  • stability. important that he was steadily fixed pelenalnik
  • spacious. Try to choose the most spacious table, because the child will grow very quickly, and it will be a little pelenalnike closely
  • presence shelves, pockets, racks, etc. All this is not in every Pelenators, but it is an added advantage in the selection table.They can easily accommodate everything you need so that the right things were always on hand.
  • Moisture resistance. If the selected table is made of wood, then ask how humidity resistant material, and what is its warranty period.

How much is a changing table?

As the price of changing tables, then there is a variety of the same varies widely, and the choice of the piece of furniture.The cheapest solution would be, of course, changing board, it can be purchased in the range from 630 to 3500 rubles.Quite budgetary allocations, agree.Folding table for the bathroom will cost you from 3600 to 7950 rubles, but do not forget that this model is not suitable for every apartment.Wide range of choices swaddling drawers, also a huge variety of prices.From 3790 until 69,000 rubles, it all depends on the manufacturer, size, materials and other factors.Suspended changing table can be purchased for as low as 3299 to 24,385 rubles.Again, it all depends on the manufacturer.After all, the same domestic tables will cost much cheaper than the Italian.But here you have to decide what is better for your pocket and requirements.

Reviews parents


We bought a changing table made of wood with a wide top and bumpers.Then very easy to purchase it flexible mattress.The table stood in the nursery next to the crib and we have used it from birth to 1 year.That's only just recently dismantled it and took him to his parents for storage until the next replenishment of the family.A mattress I still lies on the washing machine in the bathroom.Constantly on it wipe your baby


Before the birth the baby is clearly set a goal to buy a changing table, because I know how it is convenient.From the outset, I decided that it should be compact, but roomy, so you can easily disassemble and rearrange it.As a result, together with her husband decided to buy a changing table with tub, is now all about choosing them do not regret.He wrote a great all the requirements that we originally set.At the same time, which is very convenient, because it is easily possible to pour water, it fits everywhere and we had two extra shelves there.There's still the way and all the necessary accessories for a baby changing mat placed.


us friends gave birth to a table with 4 drawers and a folding shelf.I change clothes kid is on it, because the back does not hurt to use.Conveniently enough, all the basic things such as sliders, bodykit, etc are at hand, and in the bottom drawer rattles pile up at night.


Before the advent of the first child bought changing table combined with a chest of drawers.In fact, we only useful for storing children's things for a while and even massage course.Then I think things are not put itself komodik too small for that.Simply have to take this a special shelf in the closet.The first course of massage we had 3-4 months and everything is normal, and the second is worse than 6 months, because the child is placed there entirely ceased.So, for these purposes, you can use ordinary table (as actually changing mat) - still a while it all.Putting a child can be on the bed.Now there is pelenalnik - shelf on the bed-arena, which bought specifically for the second child.Once more like, as tilted to the side, if you do not want to use, and there is often put her baby to sleep, especially for the first time.It is convenient to put the kid, something like a cradle turns.Do not the most necessary thing in the house, of course, but not bad and can be very, very useful.


I have never been and there is no changing table, I think it is a waste of money.Veshchichki children lie on a shelf in an armoire.Some cosmetics most necessary - in the same place, and the rest of cosmetics (in my case, it's everywhere).Pampers - a big pack - is leaning against anything.Swaddled baby in her bed.Massage is on the washing machine immediately or on a bed.Another heard a lot about where the kids with these pelenalnikov fall.

If you are in search of the changing table, or have experience in his choice, share it with us!It is very important to know your opinion!