10 of the most comfortable desk for student grades 1-5

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09 April 2016

Desk - this is the place at which the student spends a lot of time.Here he deals with the lessons, draws, sculpts and play other educational games.Therefore, his choice should be approached responsibly, because it affects the health of the child and his enthusiasm for learning and other creative process.

content of the article:

  • What types of desks for the pupils?
  • On what criteria to look for when choosing a desk?
  • Top 10 desks for students.Reviews parents

Types of children's desks

Many people think that to choose a desk child is very simple, but this view is mistaken.And once you get into the furniture store, you will see for yourself.Desks differ among themselves on several criteria:

  • Coloring .Today, the tables for the children have a very high quality, and their colors are endless and has a rather strange name, such as "Milan walnut", "Wenge", "Italian walnut and others.There are also products combined with colors, such as "Maple and Wenge."Therefore, if you wish, you can choose a
    desk that fits into any interior.
  • form. modern furniture market offers its customers both classic rectangular tables and ergonomic which have turn into any of the parties.This table can easily be put in a corner of the room.Although this table has a slightly elongated face, he still quite compact.
  • drawers and bedside tables. The larger table has these elements, the higher the cost.But do not forget that in junior high school children should use a variety of resource materials, school and office supplies, which should have its place.Some models have drawers or cabinets that are locked.Many children like it very much, it is so they have a place to keep their little secrets and secrets.
  • Small schoolboy - this model is equipped with table tables, hanging shelves and drawers.This area is a single track designer, and saves parents from having to buy additional cabinets and shelves.
  • table - transformer. A great way if you decide to buy a table for years to come.In these tables, you can adjust the angle and height of the table top legs.These tables are perfect for young students.

What to consider when choosing a Best Practices

Desk - it is the most expensive thing you will purchase the parents during the preparation of the child for the first class.Make the right choice of parents is difficult, because the market there are a wide variety of tables.Parents of young student less likely to pay attention to design refinements of the interior.The main priorities in the selection must be safety, environmental friendliness and convenience.

When selecting a desk for student grades 1-5 need to pay attention to:

  1. height and width of the table. If it is too high, you will need to purchase a special chair or stool, which is regulated by the height.If the table is low, then the child while working for him will stoop, and there is a risk of spinal curvature.According to the sanitary norms, the child should sit at the table so that his elbows freely positioned on the table top and the legs reach the floor and bent at an angle of 90 degrees;
  2. countertop should be broad enough , whatever they could put all the necessary items, and there is enough space for classes;
  3. Also consider the quality of the materials , which make up the table.Most often, the furniture designed for children, made of laminated chipboard, but can also be purchased a table made of wood, plastic or glass;
  4. When selecting a desk pay attention to fasteners , since children often break down exactly what at first glance looked pretty strong.

top 10 models: description, producers, sample prices

Desk Direct 1200 M

Desk Direct 1200 M magnificent work ergonomic desk, complete with extensions that are powerful.The basis of this model is odnotumbovyj desk, which evenly distributes the load on the arms and spine.Dimensions of the model 1200 × 900/600 × 1465 mm.

cost of this model in stores around 11,290 rubles.

Desk for student COMSTEP-01 / BB

Desk for student COMSTEP-01 / BB - is simplicity of design and a comfortable position of the child.The design of this model makes it easy to adjust the tilt and height of the table top to the floor, which is very important because a lot of little schoolchildren spend time with him.The table top of the table has a recess for storing stationery.Metal construction is very comfortable and easy.The dimensions of this model 110 x 70 x 52-78.5 cm. This desk will grow with your child.

cost of the desk for a student COMSTEP-01 / BB in stores around 12,200 rubles.

Children's Orthopedic table Conductor-03 / Milk & amp; B

Children's Orthopedic table Conductor-03 / Milk & amp; B - a great desk for a child's education.Table height and angle of the table top is adjustable, it allows you to maintain good posture and the child's vision.Deep and wide countertop can accommodate all the necessary school supplies.Under the table top is a drawer for storing stationery.Above the table top is a shelf with a retractable stand for books.The size of the desk 105 x 71 x 80.9-101.9 cm.

Cost children's orthopedic table Conductor-03 / Milk & amp; B in stores around 11,200 rubles.

Children's desk transformer moll Champion

Children's desk transformer moll Champion - perfect for a small one hundred student.Its worktop is divided into functional areas.One part can be lifted at an angle for writing, reading or drawing.The table is made from high quality chipboard with melamine finish.The set for this model is a folding stand for books, ruler magnets and integrated cable channel.The size of the desk 53-82h72h120 see.

Cost children's desk-transformer moll Champion in stores around 34650 rubles.

Desk Delta 10

Desk Delta-10 - a traditional desktop.The table has a cabinet with four drawers and a large drawer for different things.This model is made of laminated chipboard.The size of the desk 1100 x 765 x 600 mm

Cost desk Delta 10 stores around 5100 rubles.

growing party Demi

growing party Demi - perfectly suitable for both schoolchildren and for high school students.The slope of the worktop is adjustable, allowing you to set the most comfortable position for training.Such hundred features a rounded plastic lining and a hook for a portfolio.All desks brand Demi made of safe materials, and will not cause harm to the child or to you.Dimensions 750h550h530-815 mm.

Demi growing party in stores costs about 6700 rubles.

Children's desk Mealux BD-205

Children's desk Mealux BD-205 - very convenient and easy for the child table.This model is equipped with a lift Stabilus, with which you can easily adjust the height of countertops.The table has a large box of stationery.Along the entire table is shelf width 270 mm.Dimensions of the table 1100h725h520-760 mm.

Children's desk Mealux BD-205 in stores costs about 14,605 ​​rubles.

Desk for a student «R-304"

Desk for a student «R-304" - a classic rectangular desk.This model has two built-in cabinets, one of which consists of four boxes, and the other is equipped with adjustable shelves.Desk is made of laminated chipboard and MDF.A special feature of this model is a table-top, which in the center has a special recess, which coordinates the position of sitting, posture and prevents warping.Dimensions table 1370h670h760.

Desk for a student «R-304" in stores costs about 6400 rubles.

Desk Grifon Style R800

Desk Grifon Style R800 - a modern desk made of environmentally friendly materials.This model has an ergonomic shape, so is ideal for both reading and writing, and for the computer.Dimensions see table 100h90h65.

Desk Grifon Style R800 in stores costs about 9799 rubles.

Desk Calimera Pearl

Desk Calimera Pearl - it is a magnificent example of concise and quality furniture.This model is equipped with a pull-out shelf for a laptop or a keyboard, and a spacious cupboard and drawer.If desired, the table can be supplemented with a prefix that will make it more functional.The table is made of high quality MDF and particleboard.Dimensions of this model 80h111h60 see.

Desk Calimera Pear in stores costs about 13,039 rubles.

Reviews parent forums:


Reviewed in the internet all the possible options of furniture for the young 7-year old child, and chose the children's table Mealux BD-205.I bought it together with a chair as in the picture.Gives the impression of a very high quality things and exactly worth the money!They collected easily and looks very modern.The most important thing is the convenience of the child.Deficiencies not found.


Bought my first grader kids desk transformer moll Champion.Very happy with the purchase and little daughter liked it very much.


opted for a growing party Demi.Very compact and easy to use.It is possible to adjust the height of the child's growth, respectively.We are satisfied with the purchase and the child likes.All recommended.