The most popular models of beds for couples: description, photos, sample prices

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10 April 2016

If you follow fashion trends in interior design and want to buy a double bed, our article will tell you the situation on the furniture market, recognized models of beds and their estimated cost.It is for you, we have compiled a list of the best models of double beds:

  1. krovat Bed "Classic» - a classic wooden model made of natural pine.This model comes with Curved slats and mullion (additional support in the form of 5 feet).Bed manufactured in Russia and meets all government standards.This model relates to the economy class , its value depending on the size ranges from 10,000 to 11,500 rubles.Orthopedic mattress foundation or purchased separately.
  2. krovat1 Bed "Azalea» - double bed made of solid wood and covered with Italian staff Sayerlack.The design used forged handmade insert that are current fashion trend this season .The ground under the mattress are the transverse bars or plywood.Also, for added strength under the mattress set mullion (5 foot).For an additional fee, this model can be supp
    lemented by a linen drawer and lifting mechanism.The cost of a bed in the Russian market varies from 11,500 to 20 thousand . rubles.
  3. krovat2 Bed "Katrina» - the original a double bed hot forging.All work on the production of this model are made by hand best craftsmen.Products can be painted in any color on request.The package includes a metal frame with orthopedic bars and birch slats.The cost of the bed varies from 27,000 to 33 thousand . rubles (depending on size).
  4. Bed "Valencia» - forged double bed with elements of hardware.This model is made by hand by hot forging.At the request of the buyer krovat3 bed can be painted in any color with decorative patina shades.The bed is equipped with a metal frame with an orthopedic grate with birch slats.Depending on the size of the cost of the bed varies from 28 to 32,5 thousand .rubles.
  5. krovat4 Bed «Zara» - create a unique comfort in your bedroom.This model is made of genuine leather "Lux" and may have four colors. The package does not include an orthopedic bed base or a mattress, they must be purchased separately.Base Metal beds.Depending on the size of the cost of the bed varies from 17,500 to 20 thousand . rubles.
  6. krovat5 Bed "Italy» - modern leather bed with an unusual design.Headboard upholstered in genuine leather.The sides are made of eco-leather artificial "Lux".This material does not scratch, does not stretch and perfectly retains its shape and pattern.For it is easy to look after and it does not cause allergies.In completing the model includes an independent orthopedic base.The cost of this model is based on the size ranges from 67 to 69 thousand .rubles.
  7. krovat6 Bed "peace» - double bed original circular shape with the back in the form of shells.This model will give you a great dream and become an ornament to any bedroom.Upholstery bed made of natural and eco-leather.With a minimum configuration (without mattress and orthopedic base) such bed costs about 148 thousand .rubles.
  8. 7 Bed "Omega» - a fine example of an unusual design.At the heart of the product is a solid metal frame and convenient mechanism that allows, if necessary, to lay down the bed to save space.Depending on the size, configuration and material upholstery cost of such beds varies from 30 to 64 thousand .rubles.
  9. krovat8 Ottoman corner - a great option for small bedroom.It is made of laminated chipboard and VMDF.This model is very functional.It has convenient lifting mechanism and a spacious box for linen.Depending on the size and cost of such material upholstery ottoman ranges from 13 to 16 thousand .rubles.
  10. krovat9 Sofa Bed ideal choice for a small apartment .Day - a comfortable sofa, and at night a comfortable double bed with orthopedic mattress.Most models have a spacious box for linen.Therefore, a sofa bed is ideal for people who value maximum functionality interior items.The cost of this depends on the size of the sofa models and upholstery material.In the Russian market, it ranges from 10 to 100 thousand .rubles.

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