Ornaments from beads: bracelets, necklaces - the most fashionable brands 2012-2013

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25 April 2016

Ornaments help to emphasize the individuality of women and their taste, because here the same articles are much rarer than in the choice of clothes.Fashion trend of the season 2012-2013 - ornaments made of beads: not new, but it looks elegant and fresh!Fashion jewelry autumn-winter 2012-2013 unusual in design and effective, so in a few seconds they will be able to change your appearance.Here are some of the hottest trends of the season 2012- 2013 year.

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  • Ornaments from beads from Pandora
  • Ornaments from beads from Eireen Biju
  • Ornaments from beads by Lorenza
  • Ornaments from beads from Chamilia
  • Ornaments from beads from Trollbeads
  • Ornaments from beadsBiagi
  • Ornaments from beads from LoveLinks

Pandora - collection, photo, reviews -only for fashionistas!

Pandora Jewellery is unique in that you are within a few minutes for themselves can create personalized jewelry , which will emphasize your furniture.Today, Pandora Style - fashion trend in jewelry and jewe

lry .Style "Pandora" - a special modular assembly of products, mainly bracelets, but also necklace and earrings from a vast range of components - Bailey, beads, pendants, which must be string bracelet on the ground.The key idea of ​​the present invention is considered to be the possibility of independent creation of jewelery to a variety of outfits.



Passion for fashion jewelry such I do not feel.I like to buy decorations for your clothes, but there is more passion, hobby, collect the bracelet until the end.Several of my friends are considered by fans of the brand.Very value of this type of decoration.


You can congratulate me, my husband gave me this bracelet Pandora beads and 5, I'm a huge delight.All were purchased in Germany, in the company shop, so that the appropriate quality.

Eireen Biju - lampwork beads and jewelry -Photo, reviews

authoring jewelry and beads using lampwork technique is carried out by professionals only manually , due to the melting of the Italian glass in the flame and the creation of an artist requiredhe desired shape and color effect decorations.Copyright lampwork jewelry created only in one copy.This is their uniqueness.Even if you create multiple lampwork beads, they are similar to each other will not.Copyright decorations Eireen Biju created for people who appreciate its uniqueness and originality .The beads are made using a technique lampwork.



not cease to admire Eireen Biju for several years.Lampwork opens unlimited opportunities for people with a great imagination.I could never have thought it?Such beautiful decorations can be obtained from conventional beads.


Beads remarkable in any form or combination of colors.Recently, I was very impressed ornaments made of beads it. Eireen Biju- decorations, that will please every woman.Yet they are beautiful that are created in a single instance, and no one else like your jewelry will not.

Lorenza: Ornaments in the style Pandora - 0tzyvy true fashionistas

Style "Pandora" - is space for fantasy played out designers the ultimate goal of which is considered Fancy a unique piece of jewelry.And the speed and ease of change "details" winning the hearts and attracts fans from around the world.Jewellery of this style is the only general principle.This principle jewelry design .It allows with a minimum create unique decoration for every day.



On Wear 1 silver base.By itself, it looks good, but I prefer this type of terrible, like a castle - "cube".In my jewelry beads are different colors.If the scheduled meeting, one bead stringing the color of blouses.If I have a far-reaching plans after work - on my arm appears bracelet beads 5-6, also the color of clothing.If you planned something massive - a wedding or a trip to the theater, then I pull out all their stock and collect the "royal" option - with pearls, which sparkles with rhinestones.


I liked these bracelets made of beads, and most importantly - they look in a modern way, and not a child, with dignity.Now I can choose the color of each bracelet of his clothes.I hope that will soon be able to buy a brand new one.

Jewelry, bracelets Chamilia - collection, photo, reviews

Chamilia Designers work in several directions - trendy and classic modeling.Experienced jewelers Chamilia curly design bracelets and necklaces , each decoration has its own unique style and character.Interesting enough jewelry techniques used by professionals Chamilia.Chamilia bracelets and necklaces contain lot of silver and gold beads , Swarovski crystals, strung on a string.These beads can be strung in any order and any quantity.



My love for costume jewelery, Chamilia began quite unexpectedly to those around me as well.It turned out that I wanted to update the decorations for the summer, and I turned to a friend who constantly and has long been engaged in handmade jewelery.She gave me a link to bracelets in style Chamilia, and I was very interested.At first I did several different bracelets together, and then I suddenly realized that obliged them to do, and a lot of different colors.


I so enjoyed decorating style Chamilia, even learned how to make jewelry.Prior to that, 2 months ago I could not yet know what Chamilia, and 2 weeks ago did not even knew how to make earrings.

Jewelry Trollbeads - earrings, bracelets - fashion collections.Reviews.

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewelry , which will help you create your own work of art.The grounds themselves are considered a collection beads.The collection of Trollbeads every detail has its own little story, drawing inspiration from astrology, myths, fairy tales, fauna and flora, cultural diversity , and last but not least, the family of things of everyday life.

Trollbeads includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.The collection has an extensive set of details that gives buyers a unique chance - he becomes a professional , who with the help of accessories and beads create their own jewelry, putting them in his life story.



Sometimes you want to feel like a kid yourself and decorate a variety of necklaces, bracelets.I am a lover of all such veshchichek.I really appreciate the product of beads, especially since now it is fashionable.


Jewellery Trollbeads gave me the best girlfriend.At first, I rarely wear them.And now put on different necklaces, bracelets, rings constantly.They are very suitable for my style of clothing.I am very grateful to her friend in such a priceless gift.

Bracelets Biagi - true fashionistas reviews, photos, collections

Biagi - Italian brand bracelets , which is known throughout the world.A useful addition to the bracelet is special lock latch .He will not give beads to move out when you begin to take the bracelet, as well as he can keep track if the bracelet is not filled entirely.Lampwork glass beads for these bracelets are made in two versions - with silver accents inside the beads without them.The advantages of silver paste may also include: perfect sliding, more finished design, protection glass beads base .



Jewelry, created in the style of Biagi universal and modern.This jewelry is for female and for male, for minimalists and maximalists, for people who want to keep up with the fashion and time and who want to stay ahead of its endless variations of beauty.Personally, I really like this brand.


a birthday bracelet sister gave this brand.She was very happy.He says that the decoration quality and fully satisfied.Now she will never have to think, what would embellish themselves.

Jewellery LoveLinks - the best products, reviews

All items LoveLinks - it impeccable style and quality of a thorough manual .Fortunately lovelinks - this decoration, affordable to everyone , so everyone can begin to build himself his own collection.Most recently, the brand engaged in manufacturing children's only jewelry, but recently manufactured and decorations for adults.



My acquaintance with beads happened recently.The local store noticed a beautiful beads of different colors and sizes.Bought.Learn how to create wonderful decorations.Now it's my main passion in life.Even at the beginning of the order to make various decorations.


I am not a big fan of jewelry, I prefer precious metals.But once he saw decorating LoveLinks, he could not take his eyes.Already very delicate colors of beads.I would never would have thought that an ordinary jewelry is so beautiful looks on the body.

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