Clothing Mexx: the pros and cons of this brand.

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26 April 2016

Today Dutch brand Mexx is one of the most popular brands of fashionable clothes.Dresses of this manufacturer are different from other brands creative design and high quality .The most popular lines of clothing Mexx is for men and women.These are collections of today are the standard fashion style casual .

content of the article:

  • For someone creates clothing brand Mexx?
  • history of the brand Mexx?
  • What are the clothing line from Mexx
  • How to care for clothing Mexx
  • recommendations and testimonials from women who wear clothing brand Mexx

Style Mexx - for whom it is?

brand Mexx - this is a great choice everyday clothes for young .The range of this brand can easily pick outfits for modern club parties, outdoor activities and sports, hats and outerwear.Mexx - it is modern, stylish and bright.

Women's fashion line of this brand is for seductive and stylish fashionista , which always wants to look elegant and compelling.Style Mexx can be called Ā«metropolitan casualĀ».He is t

he epitome of the big city, where is appreciated not only the style but also comfort.Most of the collections are for people aged 25-35 .But there is a strict classical things that satisfy the requirements of the older generation.

Special popular wear this brand enjoys among young people , at which the first place is the individuality of style and image.When creating new models, designers are guided by real people with different life goals and priorities.

Collections of this brand are updated almost every month.For their manufacturing the highest quality materials.Neither global brand can not compete with exclusive models for Mexx.Due to the large range of products, catalog Mexx became the perfect tool to find their own way and style of dress.

history of the brand Mexx

Mexx has a very unusual story of creation.In 70 the last century ordinary emigrant from India Rattan Chadha arrived in Holland.The main purpose of his visit was to start their own business.Since the clothing from Asia was rather cheap, he started in Holland selling of these things.However dreamed Rottau completely different story.He wanted create their own brand , which would become popular worldwide.

time went by, the business developed, the number of deliveries is increasing every year.It was then, Rottau Chadha decides to launch its own line of clothing : Women - Emanuelle, for men - Moustache.But the ambitious entrepreneur did not stop there, he wanted to create their own brand, which would be able to compete with the world-famous brands of clothing.And he got it.

In 1986 year Rottau decided about the merger of two of its clothing lines.So there name Mexx : Moustache -M, Emanuelle - E, and the American character kiss, hold them together union - XX.Even under a new name, the company entered the international level.Today Mexx has offices in 65 countries.

very important event for the brand Mexx happened 2001 year, she became a part of the corporation Liz Claiborne Inc. , which is already the owner of 44 different brands.Thanks to this brand of clothing has become even more popular.In 2010 , the company has taken measures to rebranding , had a positive impact on the company.Now Mexx clothing has become more qualitative, fashionable, creative and attractive outfits

the brand conquered not only European countries but also Russia.The first brand store in Moscow was opened in 1997 year in St. Petersburg - in 2002 year addition boutiques, clothing Mexx can be purchased through catalogs online magazni.

Women's clothing line Mexx

Mexx - a huge selection of products not only for women but also for men and children.Clothing of this brand has a very high quality.She classic, not flashy, urban , specially designed for modern women .His buyers attracted to this brand clothes style, simplicity and functionality.

Under this brand produced several lines of women's clothing:

Mexx for Woman - collection of dresses for confident , independent women who prefer to dress in the style of glam casual;

XX by Mexx - clothing for modern women , full of vitality, who are not afraid to try the unique fashion images;

Mexx S port - collection for women who prefer sporty style of .

In addition to clothing, the company is engaged in production of certain lines of accessories, perfumes, home .Under this mark bags, quality shoes, sunglasses, watches, cosmetics , and exclusive linen .Visit the shop or look through the catalog Mexx, you can create a stylish, trendy image for his life.

Features garment care brand Mexx

Among the many fashion brand, Mexx has a special place.Clothing of this brand never in doubt - coats, jackets, dresses, trousers, cardigans - all done perfectly, from the highest quality materials .Products of this brand meet modern trends.

fashion, style, quality - these characteristics of the brand Mexx can talk endlessly.However, many buyers care more.Well if things are worn this brand?How to properly care for them, that they would keep longer?It is on these exciting questions we will try to answer now.

  • During the creation of each new collection for the company Mexx main components are innovation and quality .
  • All things perfectly tailored , any woman in them feels comfortable.
  • In these clothes you can go to work, for a walk with friends, go on nature .
  • Caring of this clothing is very simple.
  • Wash it must in warm water not necessary in this case to use a tough chemistry.
  • best to wash by hand , but fit and delicate wash in the machine.

feedback forums on women who have purchased clothing company Mexx

Brand Mexx is very popular all over the world, so the network is quite common to see customer reviews.Here are some of them:


buy and clothes and shoes of this brand.I was very pleased.Things do not fade from knitwear.Footwear is also very cool.And if you get on sale, you can buy everything with a good discount.


Clothing Mexx very good quality.But I do not like their style, all very nondescript and gray ... I think it lacks something special ...


I do not like to buy things from famous brands, as half the cost just for the brand.But I like clothes Mexx.Of course, there is an extra charge for the brand is also present, but judging by the quality of materials and cut, it is very small.


Yes, branded clothing from MEXX - is super !!!Over 5 years, buying and wearing only MEXX and herself and her son.:)


husband bought a shirt in the summer dark blue, and after the second wash stain appeared on his back.For such a poor quality the price is very high, even at a discount.Although our "brand" shops often buy from the Chinese brand can and we hooked?


Mark loved MEXX 6 years ago accidentally blouse purchased in the store.Money was a bit of a pity, but the thing is, like, so take it.I never regretted!This jacket is already 6 years old, she is new, and wear it often enough, it is one of my favorites.After that, purposefully began to buy things of this brand, bags, skirts, shirts, etc.I - a real fan of the brand.If someone came across a bad thing, then it probably is a fake or a marriage that somewhere "left" left.MEXX - is a cool brand and the products it has excellent quality!I would recommend!


I - beginner model and I have often move around the city, look at this level.So I have it out because of that brand.A secret, my first thing meksovskuyu bought in stock for 200 rubles!Pozaproshlogodnie collection!This dress-shirt!I did, TSupdated.It added collar, fashionable belt, but expensive shoes.In general, it is already 3 years old and looks like new!Company!:)

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