Baby foods and results of control purchases

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10 April 2016

in choosing baby food need to be very choosy.Especially nice is that there are independent programs that check-known food and provide an independent assessment of the range presented.But, of course, do not forget about your flair.Be sure to pay attention to packaging and shelf life, listen to feedback from other parents, but trust yourself.And do not forget that the baby food can also save you!On this and tell our article.

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  • results
  • Is it possible to save money?

Test purchases of baby food for babies

In 2008, in the famous program "Test purchase" offers expertise in several samples of baby food in the category « Puree Chicken ».In the national court and the expert jury handed samples mashed brands «Beech Nut», «Gerber», «Hipp», «Frutonyanya», «Nestle», «Agusha."The winner of the sample program was mashed «Beech Nut», in all other mashed as part of starch have.

average price in Russia poultry puree for babies - 34.70 rubles.

In 2009 in the framework of the program "Test purchase" was an examination chamomile tea (granular) for babies.The competition was attended by food stamps «Hipp», «Bebi premium», «Subject tiptop», «Dania», «Nutricia».The winners of the program in many respects become teas for kids brands «Nutricia», «Hipp».

average price in Russia granular chamomile tea for babies - 143 rubles.

In 2009 year program "Test purchase" has examined breast rice porridge to feed babies brands "Agusha," "Winnie», «Bebi», «Heinz», «Baby», «Hipp".Experts have determined that the cereals' Agusha "," Baby "are lumps after stirring porridge« Hipp »,« Winnie "have not expressed a taste of rice.Thus, winners among all the samples steel rice cereal brands «Bebi», «Heinz» .

average price in Russia for rice milk porridge for babies - 76.50 rubles.

In April 2011 program "Test purchase" took the examination mashed turkey to feed babies.The competition was attended by food stamps «Gerber», «Subject», «Agusha", "Frutonyanya», «Heinz», «Babushkino basket."Winning the competition sample mashed turkey brand "Babushkino basket" - in its composition the product does not contain starch as in the rest of the samples, and rice - it's much better to feed small children because it is easy to digest.

In 2011, the program "Test purchase" held a popular and expert testing of samples of apple puree for baby food brands include well-known manufacturers - "Agusha", "Tema», «Gerber», «Frutonyanya", "Winnie", «Nutricia».Folk jury found applesauce "Agusha" best.The experts also conducted a monitoring of the composition of the submitted samples.The mashed potatoes "Winnie" discovered starch.Mass fraction of solids of fruit was higher than in the mash "Frutonyanya" - it was the winner of this contest.

How to save on buying?

Perhaps, in this regard the most important advice - do not buy baby "canned" food unnecessarily, just because you do not want to cook mashed potatoes and soups themselves.

  • Lean and caring moms who have enough time to brew kashek children and purees for their crumbs, stop at buying only juices and fruit and vegetable purees, as they have more vitamins, especially in winter.Save on the quality of baby food - you can not, under any circumstances, but to sacrifice a part of their "facilities" can be quite.
  • Yogurt to supply the kid can do at home to purchase special yogurt - it will pay for itself very quickly, besides homemade yogurt made without preservatives, only natural products will be much better for the child.
  • Kashi child can cook themselves - the good that the stores have different flakes quick cooking.After cooking a mess to the reliability can be crushed blender.
  • Open baby food is not stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator.But it can be placed in a plastic container and freeze - food does not lose its properties during defrosting.Likewise, should deal with child juices, curds, mashed potatoes, cereals.

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