Private kindergarten at home - pros and cons

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11 April 2016

few years in kindergarten for a kid - a whole life.And what he did remember, to a large extent depend on the choice of parents.Which is better - to give the child to the community garden, a private garden, provide him with a babysitter or even to educate the kid alone, leaving his home?Babysitting - is, of course, well, if there is money for the services of a qualified personal teacher, then why not?However, kindergarten, as a whole, certainly has its advantages over home education.

content of the article:

  • give the child or not?
  • Pros and cons
  • How to choose?
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Should I give a child in a private kindergarten?

What kindergarten child needs - no doubt.Of course, at home, under the supervision of, the baby less opportunity to pick up another SARS or break a failed knee descent from the hills .But "home" later child may have serious problems at school with peers and teachers.

Benefits kindergarten:

  • Full preparation for school (preparatory courses);
  • development and formation of personality in the collective society;
  • daily routine and nutrition;
  • Educating the little man of responsibility and autonomy.

Even the best babysitter will not be able to competently and to fully prepare the child to the school curriculum.It remains only to choose a kindergarten.

main options kindergarten

  • private home;
  • departmental kindergarten;
  • State kindergarten.Read: How to get to the desired kindergarten?

advantages and disadvantages

Private garden at home - this is a modern phenomenon , typical of cities.Children spend time in the apartment, which is equipped to meet their needs.Ideally, this garden features:

  • several nannies and caregivers with teacher education;
  • bedroom;
  • playroom;
  • study room.

In another case, it is a apartment unemployed mothers , which for the money to look after children of neighbors and friends.

advantages of the first option:

  • full employment;
  • opportunity for "home" children adapt more quickly to communicate in a team;
  • Versatile communication with peers;
  • small groups.

For some convenient private garden at home:

  • for mothers who do not get into the crowded traditional garden;
  • for visiting mothers who are not registered;
  • For moms with babies up to a year;
  • for single mothers.

Disadvantages :

  • absence of strict control over the nutritional status of children;
  • lack of qualified medical assistance;
  • Failure hygiene, obligatory for child care ( optional, but usually );
  • lack of "cooks" of gardens care books ( usually ).

Of course, in life anything can happen.The private garden can be a teacher, attracted the money side of the issue rather than a love for children.The public gardens are often found as the true enthusiasts who are ready to sit with the kids until dark waiting for stragglers parents and easily smack penny of his salary on toys for their pupils.

How to get to the state kindergarten and how to select it - no one does not cause problems (except in cases where the gardens are overcrowded and fall into the group with forty children can only be for a large bribe).Here's how not to be mistaken with a choice of private garden?

How to choose a private kindergarten?

  • Availability games, the purpose of which - the disclosure of children's creative potential;
  • lessons in language arts, mathematics, physical education (swimming pool, rhythm and so on.);
  • artistic development (dance, singing, painting, theater, etc.);
  • Trusts children and teachers;
  • lessons in a foreign language;
  • presence in the garden of a psychologist, a speech therapist, a pediatrician;
  • proximity of the garden to the house;
  • license for educational activity, the document on the footprint, the contract (a range of services, the regime of stay of children, payment terms, obligations of the parties), the charter institutions, etc .;
  • Menu, walking area, toys;
  • programs and methods, as well as qualification of employees;
  • mode medical offices, doctor ;.
  • The duration of a kindergarten (five years or more - is a considerable period for the garden).

Choice kindergarten, in any case, always remains with the parents.And regardless of that choice should be to make sure that kindergarten different drawbacks and lack of availability of most pros .When it comes to health (physical and psychological) of the child safety net always Buda way.

Which is better - ratings parents


If we had a private garden, just him and drove to his son.In our gardens for thirty people in the groups of children are not being watched all the kids rashristanny, snotty, shoelaces dangle ... Horror.It is much better when ten people in the group, and teachers can pay attention to each.A risk, I believe, any more than in the public garden.


Definitely can not distinguish between the gardens.And in a private garden are revolting childcare, and in the state.the gardens are awesome teachers.You just have to go there, to scout, to talk with other parents and the staff, in general, the eyes look.And we must not choose a garden, and an educator!It is my firm opinion.Although we go to private.I like it there, whatever is pure, like a hospital, all kids under the strict care personnel, delicious food - eat everything, without exception.


And my experience is that you need to select the state garden.With them, in which case, there is a demand.A garden can simply evaporate in case of serious conflict and litigation.Look for them then ...


Garden State controlled by every court, which ensure the safety of children.It is important!A resolution of the various commissions in the private gardens are often bought!With training programs also do not understand that ... In the public garden curriculum - specifically approved for preschoolers, and taught there in the private garden - is unknown.I - for the public garden.


I do not trust private gardens ... no control over them.How are they prepared as teachers interact with children, and so on.I'm not talking about the cost.And then will not prove anything, if, for example, the child will fall, or poison.Walks are organized not understand how, even though the territory and fenced.And a lot of minuses.No, I am opposed to private gardens.


Most of my friends very wealthy lead children in regular gardens.According to the principle - it is better to pay the money to the teacher looked better for a child.Common garden, and it is closer to home, and demand from him there.I also gave her the municipal.


And I gave her a second home in a private garden.A dozen children, two teacher, the nurse, she is a cook - a good woman, a kind.All with specialized pedagogical education.It is, of course, a little expensive, but the son of a fully powered four times a day, and I can work until seven at night, knowing that the baby is not involved somehow, and it should.We tried a lot of things, and the usual garden and private, and the center of development, but stayed on this.Since teachers are lucky.In general, I'm satisfied.:)

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