Maternity clothes for fall - that should be in your wardrobe?

By Admin | Fashion
27 April 2016

When fall comes, it brings a lot of emotions.Some people feel very sad and did not want to, but someone enjoys every sunny days, this fallen golden leaves and spicy scent of this period.Autumn - it's time to weddings, and this festival entails new roles and the continuation of the family.Perhaps you only found out about their situation, with which we congratulate you, and perhaps you have already passed half of pregnancy, we wish you an easy and healthy pregnancy!

And both, as any woman who wants to dress up in the fall, and the necessary new clothes in the wardrobe of future moms tell our article. content of the article:

  • Criteria for selection of maternity clothing for autumn
  • necessary things for autumn wardrobe "Momma»

What to look for when choosing autumn wardrobe?

Whatever your stage of pregnancy for you, there are several simple rules when choosing clothes for the fall:

  • freedom of movement! Clothes should not push in any field, in addition, do not get involved in tight-fitting
    T-shirts and blouses.Complete freedom of movement, even for the whole period of pregnancy - this slogan will be your rule №1!Clothing - this is your second skin, that take care of her as rodnenky!
  • quality materials. Naturally, we are nothing new for you did not open, high-quality and natural fabrics - it's your choice during pregnancy (well, and in life it is desirable to observe this rule).However, there is one point - too many "natural" is not good, too!Natural materials badly drawn, and from mid-pregnancy so want to avoid these feelings of pressure.Therefore, the best option - to buy special clothes for pregnant women, branded (read - audited) stores, and even better that it is the union of natural and artificial, but convenient for moms!
  • Know when to stop! Women are so constituted that we really like to buy a variety of clothes and shoes, so that cunning, we love to go shopping, and for some it is a whole therapy!So that's the situation we should remember that this state is not permanent as the fall, so do not buy a 5 blouses "for growth" and a few pairs of jeans for pregnant women, you need to know when to stop!
  • insulate! What, after all, do not forget that autumn - the lady capricious and Indian summer can drastically change of the frost.In this case you certainly need a coat or jacket, which will perform several functions simultaneously: to protect you from the cold and slush (warm), as well as protect you from heavy rains.It is worth to pay attention to the free model, without a belt at the waist (a favorite trench suit except on the first months of pregnancy).

Autumn wardrobe for future moms

So, with the main criteria we figured out, and now reveal the basis of the question.What you need for a "pot-bellied" autumn wardrobe (also see that it is better to wear pregnant in winter)?

  1. «Pregnant» jeans or trousers. If you wore before pregnancy jeans narrowed trousers, you should not deny yourself during pregnancy.The main thing is to choose the jeans / pants in size and "like."Pregnant models jeans tummy special knitted insert that "grows" with your belly, but it did not squeezing it!
  2. Couple blouses (shirts, shirts). Why steam?In the case of blouses, you can let myself go and buy, say, a couple of T-shirts, shirts and blouses are several different styles or simply a different color.Blouses are usually inexpensive, treat yourself to, the more they are in any case not be lost, they can be worn after pregnancy.
  3. coat.It is a necessary purchase, if you do not have a suitable option for the season.A ideal coat A-shaped and ponchos.
  4. dress (sundress). early autumn a wonderful option for walks and is a dress or a dress with a high waist.Although you can choose this option from warmer materials and wear it even in the winter, when it is not too cold.
  5. «emergency» sweater.Why emergency?Yes, because it can carry everywhere and if you suddenly become cold, you can easily wear it and get warm.It can also be wrapped around the waist, so as not to catch a cold.And when the first frosts come, you will wrestle with what to wear!
  6. Autumn accessories. course, autumn - it's time to various accessories, ranging from gloves and scarves, finishing comfortable bags and warm tights.Pregnancy in the autumn "dangerous" in that it accounts for the season of colds.You can not change the trend, but it can prevent!Dressing for the weather, you reinsure!There is nothing wrong to wear a hat and gloves, if you feel that cold.And, of course, do not forget to "insulate" the bottom, tights for pregnant women must also be in season.
  7. suitable footwear. Thinking about all remember the fall of rain, somewhere they are constantly somewhere periodically, but here and there come in handy rubber boots!This practical and stylish!Naturally, this does not necessarily buy, but merely a proposal.But it is sure to come in handy demi comfortable pair of shoes, boots or ankle boots.The main thing is to comply with three rules: shoes should be high-quality, convenient and practical (no studs and high heels).
  8. Underwear. Well, of course, do not forget about the laundry.If you are at the start of pregnancy, it's time to think about the preparation of the breast for feeding, so to speak "from far away", as well as review its lingerie and acquire suitable.And if your meeting with the baby "not far off", then you should only prepare for the future birth and buy underwear for nursing mothers.

If you are in position and search for things for autumn wardrobe, we hope our article will help you with this!And if you have the experience or just want to comment on, please!It is important to know your opinion!