Clothing Marc O'Polo: the pros and cons of this brand.

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27 April 2016

Marc O'Polo - it European brand daily clothing and accessories .This company is one of the leading apparel style casual wear .Her outfits are no bombast and pretentiousness, there is only provocative naturalness.The designers were able to create a unique urban style in which every woman will find its way, which will emphasize its individuality.

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  • Who Should clothing brand Marc O'Polo?
  • How the brand Marc O'Polo?
  • clothing line from Marc O'Polo
  • Care clothing Marc O'Polo
  • recommendations and testimonials from people who wear clothing brand Marc O'Polo

Girl in the style of Marc O'Polo - who she is?

Collections Marc O'Polo completely destroyed the myth that it is impossible every day to have a unique view of .The clothes of this brand that the natural desire for beauty, which is inherent in every human being.

Girl in the style of Marc O'Polo - a woman aged 20-45 years , having a sense of style , which finds its reflection in fashion.She knows wha

t she wants from life, loves the city life and freedom.The main characteristics of the collections of the brand is simplicity and luxury, individuality and practicality , and, of course, highest quality .

Today, this brand is a leader among the brands of premium apparel.And every new collection confirms it: twill treated with wax, cashmere sweaters, dresses made of cotton, wool worn, handmade yarn.Each product embodies fresh and interesting solutions , which are made from the highest quality materials.

History of the brand Marc O'Polo

company Marc O'Polo was founded in 1967 in Stockholm (Switzerland) Rolf Lind, Goethe Huss and the American Jerry O 'embroidered.Talented designers have decided to create their own clothing brand, which will emphasize the individuality of its owner .The main emphasis is on young people, so all the dresses were bright color, low-key comfortable cut.A separate advantage of all the products was known Scandinavian quality .

debut collection was released in 1968 year, which consisted of only three models.But this did not prevent them to get a good income from their sale.Marc O'Polo brand products have become very popular, which allowed the company to enter the German market.

In 1972 year, the brand got its own logo.Initially, he was on the usual T-shirts, and then on the comfortable stylish hoodie.Through this company, hoodies became a popular fashion trend, before that they were not in great demand.On the huge success of the company was also affected homespun shirt with natural Indian cotton, which inspired young designers to create its line of clothing.At the same time the company released its first line of « Campus » - clothes for young people 16-25 years.

While world famous brands produced clothes with trendy high-tech and synthetic materials, Swedish company made a bid for ecological natural materials , which was appreciated by buyers.This was a great start which made this company a leader in the production of premium apparel.

Today the company is represented by Marc O'Polo in many countries.In Europe alone, it has opened 20 company stores, as well as more than 120 stores that have the right to sell products of the brand.The main office is located in Marc O'Polo Shtefanskirhene, Germany.Here are the main objects of the company: advertising and marketing department, design department, the center of international sales, the central warehouse.

Russia also can buy clothes of this brand.This can be done via online catalogs or visit the flagship stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don.

lines of women's clothing Marc O'Polo

Today Marc O'Polo is positioning itself as manufacturer of clothing in the style of premium casual .Their main target audience of men and women aged 25-45 years.The main priorities this companies are: high quality, natural fabrics, innovation and uniqueness.People who opt for the company's products, appreciate everyday luxury.

Every year this brand produces four collections: "Winter", "Spring-Summer", "summer", "autumn-winter".Marc O'Polo has two main clothing lines for women:

  • Modern Casual - this model in urban style.Their main features are simplicity of design, individuality, convenience and naturalness.These clothes are designed for motivated energetic women;
  • Campus-Linie - Youth clothing line, designed for girls and boys aged 16 to 25 years.

In addition to clothing, Marc O'Polo and manufactures its own line of footwear , which is perfect for everyday wear.The catalogs of the brands you'll find shoes as office and home, sports shoes, sneakers for walking.

Also under this brand available accessories and perfume .The designers of the fashion house are well aware that in creating an ideal image Accessories play an important role.Therefore, in catalogs of the brand can be seen a wide variety of scarves, shawls, scarves, bags, gloves, purses, and even pens.

Even if you prefer to wear other brands, is bound to attract your attention perfume line Marc O'Polo.This brand offers a lot of flavors to suit all occasions.

How to wear and care for clothes from Marc O'Polo?

Today Marc O'Polo clothes chosen by thousands of people who strive daily look luxurious , and still appreciate the high level of quality.The catalogs of this brand you can find elegant dresses, cashmere coats, skirts, jackets, capes, pants decorated.For the manufacture of clothes, this fashion house uses only natural materials .Silk, wool, linen and leather - all of the highest quality.But for all this to take care of?Well if things are combined with one another?

  • this brand of clothing is quite easy to care .
  • Like any other things made of natural fabrics, it not tolerate tight chemistry , so during washing should not be used.
  • What would you wear for a long time kept the gorgeous appearance, it is necessary to wash hands in warm water .
  • models clothing Marc O'Polo perfectly combined with each other .Having things in the wardrobe of this brand, you can easily come quickly to work or walk with friends.

feedback forums on women who have purchased clothing company

Marc O'Polo

Brand Marc O'Polo in the market for more than 40 years.They have a large number of fans around the world.Here are reviews of some of them:

Olga :

I love this brand.Things never "shout" of its owner, it can help to clearly express their individuality.

Marina :

moccasins Bought this brand.At the foot sat perfectly when wearing felt comfortable.But already in the first month toes start to peel sole.I had to glue itself.From this conclusion, footwear Marc O'Polo quite comfortable, but it is not a quality.

Vitalina :

I really like the clothes of this brand.Dresses buy only from them.They are well-worn and well-cleared.I would recommend!:)

Bought superskie sandals this summer, it is very interesting, comfortable and high quality.On the Russian 36.5 (wide leg) perfect fit size 4.


's just today got her blouse, who bought on EBay.Disappointed that the color is different from the specified directory.The quality is excellent, one can see that it is not in China riveting.Blouse, though thin, but the quality is very pleased.On rosiyskogo size 42-44 (OG - 84 RT - 68) took a size S. In the most times!


Oh, I - fan of the brand!How do I love their clothes, not just words!I have a few T-shirts, pants, sneakers, jacket, hoody, sweaters, accessories and favorite red bag.I always said if I win a million, then lowered to half the clothes of the brand, and the other for a good cause comin!


Took this brand boots (size 7), so there was still a place.And then ordered the other day ballerina, and even failed to put ...


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