What fun you can get out of infant formula?

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12 April 2016

When the family there is a small child, the parents certainly are infant formula to feed the crumbs, or for feeding.But it also happens that the milk dry mix does not fit your child, or he simply refused to eat, and parents no longer know what to do with it, so as not to throw a fairly expensive product.

There are wonderful recipes homemade goodies - they come up with enterprising economic mom to let her stay powdered infant formula in case, to the delight of the whole family.Many people try these desserts, continue to buy infant formula already specifically for the preparation of these tasty treats that are both delicious and taste, and very helpful.

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  • Candy Golden Polyushko
  • Lazy Cake sweet tooth
  • Holiday Truffle Chocolates
  • alcohol Banquet
  • Cake Winter evening

Candy Golden Polyushko of infant formula


  • 150 grams of butter,
  • Half a glass of milk,
  • 4 teaspoons of cocoa powder,
  • continental 1 sachet of vanilla sugar,
  • 1 box powdered infant formula "Baby»,
  • 150 grams of walnut kernels,
  • 100-200 grams of vanilla wafers.

How to cook:

  • in warm milk mix cocoa powder and vanilla sugar.
  • In this mixture you need to add the soft butter, then this mass bring to a boil.Then
  • utensils weighing aside from heat, cool slightly.
  • The warm mass add ground walnuts, dry milk mixture, stir well.
  • From mass to mold candy (1 candy - 1 teaspoon ground) in the form of cones ("truffle").
  • Waffles rub on a grater or chop the blender.
  • Sprinkle Candy wafer crumbs, arrange on a platter, put in a cool place or the freezer for final curing.

Note: in these candies can pour 2-3 tablespoons of finely chopped dried apricots and candied fruits, pour melted chocolate candies.

Lazy Cake sweet tooth


  • 1 box powdered infant formula (any),
  • 200 grams of butter,
  • continental 1 sachet of vanilla sugar,
  • 4-5 spoonstablespoons of cocoa,
  • small nuts for dusting,
  • 150 grams of ice-cream "Sundae" (or "Butter").

How to cook:

  • Mix in a blender or whisk the softened ice cream, vanilla sugar, soft butter, infant formula milk into a homogeneous mass.
  • hands to take a little of the mixture (about a tablespoon) and to mold her cones, balls, squares, etc.
  • chopped nuts and cocoa mix in a bowl, dip cakes and put on a wide plate (tray).
  • Put the cold to frozen cake.

Note: in the mix for cakes, you can add 2 spoonfuls of coconut and pour over the top of the cake with melted chocolate, sprinkle with coconut.

Holiday Candy Truffle


  • 4,5 glasses of milk infant formula "Baby»,
  • 3-4 spoons (tablespoons) cocoa,
  • 3 \ 4 cups of fresh milk,
  • 50 grams of butter,
  • 2,5 cup sugar,
  • continental 1 sachet of vanilla sugar,
  • for decoration - chips coconut or ground nuts.

How to cook:

  • In a saucepan pour the milk, put on a plate.
  • pour in the warm milk sugar with cocoa and vanilla sugar, stir to avoid lumps formed cocoa.
  • Add butter, milk mass bring to a boil.
  • Dishes with a mass then remove from heat, cool for ten minutes.
  • in warm milk with cocoa in small portions to pour 4 cups milk infant formula "Baby", stir well.
  • mass must be very viscous, it is very difficult to knead with a spoon.
  • The wide bowl pour the remaining 0.5 cups of milk mixture, nuts or coconut (2-3 table spoons), stir.
  • From mass to take small pieces, forming them in the form of chocolates "Truffles", then roll them in the dry mix with nuts.
  • Store in a very cool place (preferably in the freezer).

Note: crumble candy "Truffle Gala" is possible in cocoa powder, coconut flakes or grated wafers.

Candy alcohol Banquet


  • continental 1 sachet of vanilla sugar,
  • 1 box milk infant formula "Baby»,
  • 2 full cup walnut kernels,
  • OneBank of condensed milk (boiled condensed milk),
  • 1 \ 2 cup of any liquor ("Baileys", "Coffee" nutty "Amaretto", "cream"), brandy or Madeira.
  • 1 bar (100 grams) of dark chocolate.

How to cook:

  • mixture "Baby" pour in a fairly wide bowl, add the ground (not too finely) walnut kernels, vanilla sugar, boiled condensed milk, pour in brandy or liqueur.
  • Mass knead well to make it homogeneous.
  • If too thick mass, and falls apart, you can add a little more milk or alcohol (not too much, otherwise not blindly candy).
  • Take weight of a teaspoon, roll the balls.
  • cooled tile dark chocolate rub on a coarse grater, roll in chocolate candy, put them on a flat plate.
  • Candy a little hold in the freezer to solidify.

Note: except walnuts, you can use ground cashews, hazelnuts, pine nuts kernel.The candy mass Mixing can also add 1 \ 2 cup of washed seedless raisins soft.

Cake Winter Evening of infant formula


  • 6 tablespoons milk infant formula "Kid»,
  • 1 cup flour,
  • 2 chicken eggs,
  • 1glass of fat sour cream (20%),
  • One cup granulated sugar,
  • half spoon (teaspoon) of baking powder (soda slaked).

For the cream:

  • 5 tablespoons milk infant formula "Kid»,
  • 4 tablespoons sugar,
  • cup fat sour cream (20%),
  • continental 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

How to cook:

  • break eggs into a bowl with high sides, add the sugar, vanilla sugar, whisk or electric mixer until sugar is dissolved.Add the sour cream mixture, stir well.
  • soda Sift together the flour, pour the mixture into a bowl and beat with a mixer until smooth.
  • pan with a thick bottom is well warmed up, brush the bottom with butter.
  • Empty the three tablespoons of dough to the center, spreading in a circle, like pancakes.
  • After a little browns one side, flip the cake and bake for another before it is browning.
  • To whip the cream fat sour cream with sugar.
  • Pour in the cream infant formula milk, vanilla sugar, beat well until a stable weight.
  • all fluff Cream cakes, as well as the sides, the top of our cake.
  • Sprinkle cake with nuts and grated dark chocolate.
  • cake put in the refrigerator (cool place) for a few hours for impregnation.

Note: To bake this cake, you can also take any other formula.To decorate the cake, you can use candied fruit, white small coconut, so he was like a sprinkled with snow.The cream cakes promazyvaniya can put any frozen berries, pitted, or 2-3 tablespoons (canteens) any thick jam.

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