Fashionable winter sweater autumn-winter 2012/2013

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28 April 2016

What better to warm a woman beloved?Of course, fashion warm sweater!For those who do not like multi-layer sweater - is ideal.The sweater is warm and cozy, and if it is high-quality and fashionable, it will be your favorite piece of clothing, you will get pleasure from long shelves.On what sweaters are trendy this season, as well as alternatives, we have prepared for you in this article.

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  • fashion sweater autumn-winter 2012-2013
  • Top 10 models of winter sweaters for every taste and budget

Trends in the choice of winter sweaters, cardigans and jackets

Fashion designers in the summer offered us various models of warm sweaters and eccentric.This winter will not be bored, choose a sweater, not only for its warmth, but also for the soul!Is not it important that the thing was not just warming, but also fashionable, functional, and attractive views.In the autumn-winter 2012-2013 observed the following trends:

  • hit of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013 will loose sweater , which is not only comfortable and warm, but also visually hide figure flaws.But loose sweater, at the same time, visually increases your volume.Therefore, this option is not suitable for every girl, and before acquiring such a model, it is worth a closer look, this correspond to your sweater.
  • neck sweater. Of course, in the most severe cold we like to hide your face in a large neck sweaters, which are also very fashionable this season.Moreover, you will not regret it: all kinds of fancy cap (elongated, narrow, on the clasp, etc.).
  • sweater with short sleeves. Particular attention is drawn pattern sweaters with short sleeves.As you know, this option is not entirely acceptable in the midst of the winter cold.However, under warm sheepskin coat and fur, in a warm room, and at a party - it will look perfect.
  • Sweaters Pelerin and bolero sweater deserve special attention.This is an excellent alternative option for the office and for travelers.In addition, it is an excellent solution during the change of seasons, as well as through the bolero cape and you instantly converts, because these added feminine wardrobe items.
  • sweater dress. For several years, this element of the wardrobe goes out of fashion.And this is not surprising!After of us who do not want to be stylish and feminine, even during cold weather?A sweater dress - it's elegant and warm, and practical!
  • Colours. This season fashion colors are: sand, coffee and chocolate, as well as classic black and white colors.However, it does not matter, and if you feel the summer in mind, why not purchase a sunny sweater that will bring joy and warmth to you and others?
  • print on sweaters. This fall and winter will be very fashionable as pictures (prints) on a sweater, and perhaps as a combination of bright colors and prints and muted tones and discreet prints.Of course, this season - is no exception, and in fashion are animal prints, and prints on the theme of ethnic and geometry.

Top 10 best models of sweaters for the fall-winter 2012-2013

1. sweater by Fornarina

Description : Wonderful warm sweater, which is perfect foryour winter wardrobe.He easily warm even in the cold day.The model with a rounded neckline and sleeves "bat".The bottom of the cuff and gates edged rib.Behind the original sweater tied.This is perfect for fashionistas who prefer the comfort and aesthetics.

cost : about 5500 rubles.

2. Sweater by K-Yen

Description : The original model, classic.The perfect combination of parts.This model meets the latest fashion trends.The original combination of rabbit fur and a 100% acrylic.Shorter-bat sleeve and a wide elastic band across the bottom to create an original ensemble.This model is ideal for biznesledi, as well as office workers with a strict dress code.

cost : about 14,000 rubles.

3. Sweater by Ya Los Angeles

Description : Original and cheerful model in this rather economical.Useful coloring in peas and free cutting to create an original ensemble.The model is not only practical, it is original and functional.This model will look great on girls of medium build, as well as future moms.

cost : about 2500 rubles.

4. Sweater of Love is Love

Description : Elegant model with short sleeves - all the rage.Great combination of black and white.The original design, funny pockets.Sweater from viscose, acrylic, wool and mohair;combination of materials allows him to remain elegant and refined appearance, while perform its main function - to warm.

cost : about 6500 rubles.

5. Sweater-dress Baon

Description : This superb model should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista.Fashionable high-neck collar, slightly elongated sleeves and a strict straight leg of this model perfectly underline your dignity and hide flaws.

cost : about 3000 rubles.

6. Sweater by Cerruti

Description : This is a great model in the classical style, and color.The original print, decorated with discreet rhinestones.Made of wool and viscose.Trendy gate, long sleeve, pastel colors.This model will appeal to many women of fashion.

cost : about 11,000 rubles.

7. Sweater by Drywash

Description : Original model youth.This elongated sweater perfectly warm in winter.The original kangaroo pocket and hood fashion perfect for the winter season.V-neck and unobtrusive design, "pigtail" make this model a more classical and practical.

cost : about 2500 rubles.

8. Sweater by Stefanel

Description : Gorgeous model free cut.The original drawing, natural materials.A stylish addition to any image, and the original color combination "cheer" gray days.

cost : about 18,000 rubles.


Description : Trendy model with short sleeves, which, at first glance, seems to spring more goals.But do not jump to conclusions!This sweater is made of cotton, viscose and angora, iequite warm.The original model in the style of "Polo" turn-down collar and button closure.A discreet and stylish print completes the integrity of the image.

cost : about 3500 rubles.

10. Sweater by RIFLE

Description : Stylish model sweater, made large viscous.Excellent design, interesting colors, elegant belt at the waist, collar-stand and extra long sleeves.Perfect for daily wear.

cost : about 5000 rubles.

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