Pants for women - make a choice based on figures

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28 April 2016

Trousers for women were initially taken in a man's wardrobe - it happened in the 30 years of the twentieth century, when women's pants on the type of cut and sew fabrics are the same as for men.But this new-fangled then the item in a woman's wardrobe so liking the fair sex that soon there were new types of trousers, which was already inherent in the purely feminine chic.

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Currently voluntary fluctuations fashion bring to the "surface" of this or that kind of women's trousers, and every woman can choose for themselves those pants that better than anyone sit on her figure, consistent with its style and spirit of modern life.

content of the article:

  • What are the different kinds of pants?
  • What are the kinds of pants?
  • Recommendations selection of trousers on a figure
  • women's views on various styles of trousers

Types trousers known today.Popular styles of trousers.

  • Marlene Dietrich pants style - this is the very first pants for women who were like men.This straight cut trousers with wide trousers, a tight sitting on a waist belt.

  • trousers flared - tight sitting on the hips, but with a flared trouser legs from the hip.

  • Pants Bell - tightly fitting around the waist and thighs, but flared from the knee pants.

  • Pants - "pipes» («cigar", "tube") - with narrowed trousers, tight-fitting shape pants.Fashion for these pants entered the legendary Elvis Presley.

  • Pants with "arrows» - Pants strict classical cut with the center leg sewn pleats - "arrows."

  • pants sails - very spacious, with wide trouser legs of flowing, very light fabric.

  • Bloomers («shalwar kameez" Turkish pants, balloons) - a cut of oriental women, involving a very wide cut is absolutely not adjacent to figure trousers gathered at the ankle in the gum on strings orcuff.

  • pants-bananas - so-called "oval" trousers, tight at the waist and sit tight upper thighs, but with wide trousers that narrowed to the ankle.

  • breeches - came into vogue in military uniform;This trousers with a significant expansion of the hips, but sitting tight at the waist, and upper thighs.Trousers "breeches" are narrower legs from the knees.

  • pants Zouaves («harem pants", "afghani", "Ali Baba", fyuzo, Aladdin, zarzuela) - a simple trousers and original cut, having a very low-lying armhole.These pants have come from the east of the national women's clothing India, Afghanistan;reminiscent of wide skirt with sewn bottom edge.

  • shalwar (Patiala salwar) - pants, who came from the eastern culture.Have a coquette, which laid in the folds wide legs.Below, on the ankle, shalwar going to cuff gum ties.In contrast to the Zouaves have cut trouser leg. Sharar - trousers Indian women with wide legs are not collected at the ankle.

  • Jeans ("Texas») - pants special denim.

  • Korderoyz ("shtroksy») - trousers made of cloth "corduroy".

  • Leggings ("tights») - pants of a very elastic fabric that fits snugly hips and legs.

  • trousers with straps - trousers with straight or narrowed down trousers, with a loop at the bottom, which fits under the foot, or under the heel of the shoe.These pants come from men's fashion of the XIX century.

  • pants chinos (chinos, chino) - trousers straight cut, plain (color white, khaki, beige, blue) sewn from cotton, linen.They have a relaxed, rumpled look, worn with rolled up trousers.

  • cargo pants - deliberately rude, careless Pants free silhouette, with lots of pockets, zippers, "Velcro" buttons, "lightning."

  • pants pants («blumersy") - very loose, baggy type pants with trousers gathered at the ankles cuffed, elastic bands.

  • Jodhpur («jockey pants") - very tight pants, tight-fitting shape with footstraps below.

  • Hipsters - trousers free cut, slightly baggy appearance, with much low waistline.

  • pants Carrot (pants - carrot) - available on the hips, it is narrowed down to the pants leg.Sometimes pants "Carrot" sew a little shorter.

  • hakama pants (samurai pants) - tight on the hips, very flared, pleated at the hips.Very similar to the skirt.

  • Churidary - eastern fashion pants, very wide at the hips, but with tight, narrow trousers.The legs can be very long, so the ankles prisborivayutsya.Sometimes there with cuffs, snaps at the bottom.

  • Sliema - very narrow, tight hip and leg trousers with a high waist.

  • Skinny - very tight pants, which are sometimes called "second skin."

  • palazzo pants («culottes") - reminiscent of wide skirt, the long pants are made of light fabric.They greatly expanded from the hip with a high waistline.

  • Pants safari - performed live in a free cut, or with advanced trousers;They have a lot of pockets, rivets, buckles, buttons.May have cuffs at the bottom.

  • pants Bagg (biker pants, trousers boyfriend) - a very wide "baggy" cut, with low armholes, trousers with big pockets, plenty of zippers, "Velcro."

  • pajama pants - wide trousers straight cut, gathered at the waist or elastic ties.

  • overalls - pants, which are connected to conventional riding pants (sometimes closed blouse kind and open, with straps or a corset).Jumpsuits can be denim, sporty, classic look and even evening.

Species pants and their features

Also long trousers, there are short pants and shorts :

  • Bermuda - pants above the knees.The name comes from the name of trousers Bermuda and pants themselves are drawn from the uniforms of the British colonial troops.

  • Breeches - short trousers to the knee, which is very snugly fit.

  • Capri - short pants to mid-calf or just below.

  • gaucho pants - pants with wide flared trousers down to the calf.

  • Trousers Golf - originally sewed for the same game.This short trousers with long legs up to the knees, which are made of plaid fabric.At the knee pants have a cuff.

  • Shorts - short pants up to mid-thigh or higher.

  • Cycling - shorts to the knee or above, which are made of a very elastic fabric, skinny figure style.

  • culottes - short trousers with a tight fit on the hips and flared from the hip, or laid down on the hips pleats.Very similar to the skirt.

types of female figures and recommended styles of trousers

Every woman realizes the shortcomings of their own figures, and, of course, is always striving to hide them with the help of clothes.Currently, a huge variety of species, models of trousers allows you to choose them for almost every woman, hiding flaws and highlighting the advantages.Well-chosen pants can always make a proportional figure, so it is very important to choose the subject of clothes, focusing not on fashion trends, and the type of its own figures.

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1. Direct figure with a waist unexpressed

In this figure, a woman should pay attention to the rather narrow pants classic cut, straight, narrowed trousers to be worn with a wide tight to the waist belt.Trousers better to choose light, belt - dark.If trousers dark color, they must have the decorative details on the sides thighs - contrasting zipper applications, valves pockets that visually make wider thigh and hence waist - already.For this type of shape is strictly contraindicated leggings, leggings, skinny, Sliema, as well as all models prisborivaemye waist trousers.

2. Excessively long legs

In such a female figure importantly - to eliminate this disproportion.Women with disproportionately long legs should wear shorter straight slacks tucked a low shot, or classic trousers with wide cuffs at the bottom.She will also work trousers, Zouaves, "Bagg" (all pants with low armhole).With this type of figure of a woman should avoid the dissolution of short trousers without cuffs.

3. Figure nerelefnymi flat buttocks

women with this type of shape you need to pay attention to models of trousers, which have large pockets behind, as well as valves, decorative applications.For a woman, thin body suit pants - "bananas".In this figure, a woman should avoid pants, tight facilitate hip - leggings, skinny, Sliema, classic narrow trousers.We should not wear pants with decorative ornaments sides.

4. A woman of small stature with short legs.

owner of such a figure should be selected models of trousers, having overestimated the waist, with a moderate wide legs, loose hips.Strongly contraindicated this woman trousers, Zouaves, leggings, tights, Sliema, skins and all models shortened trousers.Trousers for women of small stature should choose the best classic style, discreet colors.

5. figure with disproportionately broad hips.

women with this type of shape you need to choose pants that have the extension leg or flared from mid-thigh.Trousers possessor steep hips should choose elegant, with no valves, patch pockets, pleats, frills at the hips.Such a woman is well suited to uneven color jeans with bleached stripe down the middle leg (front and rear), and darkened the side, as well as pants "flared" or "bells" not very tight abutment at the waist.Do not wear very narrowed the figure, tight trousers and pants with decorative details or folds on the hips.

6. The figure relief with very prominent buttocks.

women with this type of shape you need to choose pants with details that distract from the upper thighs.Better if it will be pants on sleeves, with a wide waistband or drawstrings at the waist.Visually reduce the volume of the buttocks help back welt pockets, located in the form of the letter «V» (to each other at an angle).Owners of relief over the buttocks should not choose pants with pleats, assembly in the hips, as well as all models of wide trousers - Zouaves, trousers, pajama pants.

7. Figure with high waistline and short torso.

For women who want to visually lengthen the torso and make your figure proportionate, it may be advisable to wear trousers cropped views can - with a low waistline.Trousers better to choose classic style, not too tight - but not wide.It should pick up the pants sandals, which a lot of cross-straps to the ankle.

8. F IGUR too broad shoulders and narrow hips.

women with this type of figures recommend that you choose a very wide trousers - trousers, pajama pants, Zouaves, breeches.If a woman prefers trousers classic style, they can be made from a shiny fabric that visually enhances the hip.Showing folds and pleats at the hips, as well as valves and pockets that visually add volume to the hips.Such women do not fit very tight pants, tight-fitting shape.

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What pants fit me?Reviews and advice fashionistas


I believe that the ladies are overweight are best trousers are wide, but an easy "flying" fabrics.These pants can be worn with a long tunic or jacket.I love the women, especially comprehensive, multi-layered clothing, and in this case, under the shirt you must have another jersey or T-shirt free style, not tight.


obese women fit all trousers but tight.The only thing that I would not wear if I had the extra folds in the stomach - pants or trousers Zouaves.I think this cut pants designed for the perfect figure.


Girls and how you wear capri pants made of thick fabric, or culottes?I do not like.As between these boots and trousers formed strip - it "cuts" legs and makes them much shorter.


Maria, and slender legs and this strip looks nice.But if a girl has even a hint of thick calves, pants - culottes she can not wear, they will be much fuller and shortened legs.


I have a long time to choose jeans, tried a bunch of models, and can not stop no matter what.The only thing that attracts me in jeans and soothing - that over time they acquire the "form" of his mistress, stretched wide.


do not understand that your jeans is something wrong?In my opinion, today the store you can find a lot of models to suit all tastes, as they say.Do not know what to choose - try classic type Regular, it is suitable for most women.


And I'm surprised to see how trendy in recent times the ladies wore trousers was not ballet forms.Are women do not see themselves in the mirror?Pants are created to decorate the figure, and not to spoil it even more.Do you want to wear trousers or Zouaves - or you the nature of the charming slim figure, or the way to the gym and diet.There is no third.

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