Clothing Levi's: the pros and cons of this brand.

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29 April 2016

American brand Levi's is legislator denim fashion .The importance of the brand in the history of fashion is very difficult to overestimate.Many of us have heard the story of a crazy Levi Strauss, who decided to make the ship's canvas trousers.Then he could not even think what will this action.

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For some women developed clothing Levi's?

basic philosophy of Levi's is that regardless of their shape and size, the woman should be able to choose a pair of jeans that fit her perfectly .

Special popular things of this brand are young girls aged 15 to 25 years.They are well versed in producing clothes and opt for brands that are well established.Most collections of Levi's for young professionals and students, because they determine the direction of development of this br

and.They love going to the cinema, cafes, actively spend their leisure time with friends.

Also, this company does not forget about his senior fans .For them, Levi's create a special line of clothing.For example, for women who prefer the classic style, the designers have developed a model with high seating, and a wide belt that perfectly highlight the line of the hips.

Unlike other brands, which are denim, Levi's developed a unique system of cut , in which great attention is paid not by the size and proportions and body shape.The basis of this cut is the difference between the size of the buttocks and thighs: the greater curve of the body, the greater the difference.

history of the brand Levi's

You may not believe it, but the world-famous Levi's blue jeans were invented more than 150 years ago.In 1850 year Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss offered to sew pants ship canvas.Then he could not have imagined that his invention become an integral part of American life, and then the youth of the world.

In 1853, Levi and his brother David opened in San Francisco shop «Levi Strauss & amp;Co. » .The young man sewed pants of canvas and sold them in the camps of gold miners.A little later, for the manufacture of trousers we began to use a soft cloth French named «Serge de Nime» , which the miners became known simply « denim ».

In year 1872 immigrant from Latvia, Jacob Davis, suggested Levi Strauss method of attachment pockets with metal rivets.In May 1873 year they received a patent for the use of rivets in the manufacture of clothing.In the first year sold more Levi 21 thousand pairs of pants and jackets with new fashion rivets.However, in the rear pocket, a little later I had to replace rivets reinforced seams, because they spoil the furniture and scratched the saddle.

World famous label Levi's (two horses tearing jeans) was coined in 1886 A year after a few years, the company Levi Strauss & amp;Co became a real corporation, which began to appear on the international level.

jeans modern look brand Levi's began producing 20 years of the twentieth century .Until then, even the most popular model 501 not have belt loops, since they were to be worn with suspenders.Every year, this clothing brand is gaining market share.The first women's jeans saw the light 1934, they were tailored in a way that would emphasize all the advantages of the female figure .In 50s Levi's released jeans with zip fastener , and in the early '70s saw the world flared jeans.

Today jeans brand that you can buy through catalogs on the Internet, after visiting the store.In Russia, the Levi's brand stores can be found in almost every big city.But the greatest demand they use in the capital, so in Moscow there are more than 15 shops are engaged in realization of the goods of this brand.St. Petersburg residents can visit the 8 brand stores of this brand.

Women's clothing line Levi's

The secret of success of Levi Strauss & amp;Co that it never rest on our laurels , I have always kept pace with the times.Today, the brand Levi's - it comfortable clothes of the highest quality .Its core values ​​become originality, integrity and courage. jeans In the last century associated with the Wild West, free and independent.Now, jeans - it's comfortable casual clothing for leisure.

Today, Levi's releases several clothing lines, each of which is very functional, diverse in style decisions and, of course, is of high quality:

Levi`s Blue - jeans , made of dark denim , which tightly hugs the body and tapered towards the bottom;

Levi` s RED TAB jeans - pants at the waist, which have underestimated waist and elongated pockets;

Levi`s engineered jeans - women's jeans that visually lengthen legs ;

Levi's Eco - Jeans whose buttons made of coconut shell, and the label of recycled cardboard.They are made of natural cotton, natural colored dyes;

Warhol Factory X Levi's - model with original Damien Hirst prints of works ;

Levi's Imprint - clothing line made specifically for Japan . After the first wash jeans seen the effect of "aging", with jeans do not wear out.

addition, the company Levi Strauss & amp;Co for more than twenty years, producing clothing (jackets, coats, pullovers, shirts) under its own brand Dockers.All models are designed for everyday use and have a very elegant look.

Features care clothing brand Levi's

Today jeans Levi's - it epitome of style and comfort .The retail stores of this brand you can find things for walks, recreation or city.This brand has gained popularity among the audience of different ages thanks to its large range, high quality and affordable pricing.

What is the secret of success of jeans Levi's?How to properly care for them, that they had a magnificent view?These questions concern the majority of buyers.And we will try to answer them.

  • During the manufacture of jeans Levi's, the designers did not forget that the majority of women the figure is not ideal.Therefore, all clothing is a design and cut, which maximum hides figure flaws and emphasizes the benefit of its dignity ;
  • All models are manufactured of Indian cotton of the highest quality .Levi's has unique technologies of production of denim fabric, so the company is constantly updating its range of models with a variety of original color scheme;

  • Levi's Jeans very easy to care .Like any other cotton products, they are perfectly transfer the laundry, ironing and moisture at high temperatures.
  • only advice: never put jeans to the dry cleaners, under the influence of chemicals, they quickly lose their appearance.

Reviews Levis - quality clothing

clothing brand Levi's has a lot of fans around the world.Their responses can often be found on the Internet.

Alexander :

I am delighted with this brand.Jeans buy only the brand.They are well worn.I also really like the jackets, caps and their other products.All clothes are made in attractive colors, it has a large variety of shades.


company Levi's strikes me that this world famous brand that has reasonable prices.Fine quality products.In stores large range of goods.


Burden prophetic this brand for many years.Great quality, great variety of models, and most importantly affordable price.If you at least once visit the company store Levi's, then it will become a regular customer.


I - dzhinsomanka!Buy jeans only in Levis, nothing nowhere divergent color lasts a long time, everything's cool and everyone is happy!:) recommend only buy Levis!


husband loves jeans and T-shirts of this brand, but to me they seem to be rude and I take myself another brand, but with regard to denim dresses, it is a miracle how beautiful - and stylish, and flowered blousesfrom the summer collection is also beautiful!:)


I love Levis.Jeans only wear this brand, t. To. They are used for a long time, even if after a few years, they have gone out of fashion or "spoil" you can cut through the transverse holes in them, and then wear it with pleasure.These jeans look in any state is noble!:) still like jacket, although I am not so much of a burden, especially in the tone of jeans.Very nice cap.Number of colors is quite large, and they are made in a very nice color.


Most importantly, the brand Levis - it's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.Jeans will definitely be worn for a long time, and not shed no tear.Absolutely there is exactly the model you are looking for a long time.The range is large and the prices will be pleasantly surprised, not at all excessive.


to pick out jeans Levis, you need to go to the company store, where many models with different plantings.I'm not wearing one year 570 model, and then bought a 580, and so I am comfortable in them that nothing else even do not want to put on, and someone may reverse.Skinny jeans also come with a variety of plantings.Variety of colors of course different from the Chinese market and almost no rhinestones, mostly classics.When the jeans label with the logo of Levis, this does not mean that it is Levis.Turkey and China are very good and right sew beautiful leybochki, and then people complain about the poor quality.Even the official dealers of the brand hangs a fake, checked.So it is better to take in the company store.

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