Fashionable hats for autumn 2012: hats, caps, berets

By Admin | Fashion
29 April 2016

for fashionistas came most wonderful time - autumn.This is the time when there is an opportunity not only to dress up, priobutsya but to "dress" your head!How wonderful to changeable weather complement your outfit extravagant hat, and the alert hypothermia.In this article, we will tell you about fashion trends and how to choose clothes for different kinds of hats.

content of the article:

  • Cloche hat-and what to put on it?
  • cap and appropriate image
  • Eternal takes
  • Bowler

Cloche hat-

Perhaps you are not familiar with trendy hat autumn-winter 2012-2013, but it is not a new word in fashion,hat and modernized 20-ies of the last century.In the collections of many famous designers present-Cloche hats.

lovely hat for autumn weather.Wear it recommends sophisticated fashionistas to wear it should be as low as possible down over his forehead to create a mysterious aristocratic look.

suitable outfit with a hat-Cloche:
perfect combination of hats and slim skirt or trouser suit, and with
the slinky dress.This outfit is suitable for early autumn.And for the first cold mix suitable Cloche and trench.

1. Cloche from Goorin Brothers

Approximate cost hats, Cloche: about 6000 rubles.

2. Cloche from Lak Miss

Approximate cost : from 2500 rubles.


Many women believe that the cap - it is rather a male enhancement, but fashion designers do not cease to amaze us with feminine cap.If you - a strong and eccentric nature, the cap - this is exactly what you need!

suitable outfit with cap:

essential attribute of military style - cap!This season the most fashionable color black was chosen so black cap - must-have for fashionistas.Caps are perfectly combined with bulky coats and tight dresses, voluminous bags and leather accessories.

Alternative caps:

1. cap from PIK

Approximate cost: 950 rubles.

2. cap from Goorin Brothers

Approximate cost: 1100 rubles.

3. Cap from Canoe

cost cap: about 1500 rubles.


undoubted classics - takes.Every girl can feel like a Parisian, wearing a beret.It is a versatile hat, which is constantly in demand.Fall 2012 - not the exception, must-have this fall - a cheerful beret.

suitable outfit with beret:

most beautiful berets - is that they fit to any outfit.The main rule: takes to be in the tone of upper clothing.In general, you can experiment, because we are creating a fashion!

1. Take from Lak Miss

beret Estimated cost: 3000 rubles.

2. Take from Canoe

Approximate cost: 600 rubles.

3. Take off your hat

Approximate cost: 1000 rubles.


perfect alternative berets and caps - bowler hat.It is comfortable to wear and, depending on the style, will give your image of femininity and originality.All fashion designers this season suggest wearing bowler hats that were fashionable in the 19th century.They came back into fashion in the 60s of the last century, and now they are again captured all the fashion catwalks.If you - inveterate fashionista, then you just need to buy the pot for this fall!

suitable outfit with bowler :

Bowler - a classic hat that goes well with business suits and sophisticated trench coats.However, the bright colors and original decoration pot allow to combine it with light dresses free cut, as well as mini and maxi!

1. The bowler hat on your

Estimated cost: 950 rubles.

2. Bowler from Venera

Approximate cost of the pot: 1200 rubles.

3. Bowler from Goorin Brothers

Price pot: about 2000 rubles.

If you have ideas for a hat this fall or you want to share your views on the presented models leave comments!It is important to know your opinion!