Wedding Anniversary: ​​from paper to platinum.

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13 April 2016

When the wedding took place, young little sad that their celebration behind.But it is not so, because ahead many years of living together , many new events. wedding anniversaries have special meaning for the family , because it is - the marital experience "in happiness and love.Read more how to mark the anniversary of the wedding.

content of the article:

  • Green wedding (the wedding day)
  • calico or gauze wedding (the couple 1 year)
  • Wedding paper or glass (2 years of married life)
  • Wedding leather (3 years of marriage)
  • Wedding linen or wax (4 years old married couple)
  • Wedding wood (5 years of marriage)
  • Wedding cast iron (6 years of marriage)
  • Wedding zinc (6.5 years of married life)
  • Wedding copper (7 yearsa married couple)
  • Wedding tin (8 years of marriage)
  • Faience (daisy) Wedding (9 years of marriage)
  • Wedding pink or pewter (10 years of marriage)
  • steel wedding (11 years of marriage)
  • Wedding nickel (12-12.5 years of marriage)
  • Wedding lace or Landysheva (13 years of marria
  • agate wedding (14 years of marriage)
  • wedding crystal or glass (15 years of marriage)
  • turquoise wedding (18 years of marriage)
  • wedding porcelain (20 years of marriage)
  • silver wedding (25 years of marriage)
  • pearl wedding (30 years of marriage)
  • coral wedding (35 years of marriage)
  • ruby ​​wedding (40 years of marriage)
  • WeddingSapphire (45 years married couple)
  • golden wedding (50 years of cohabitation)
  • Wedding emerald (55 years of marriage)
  • or platinum diamond wedding (60 years of marriage)

Date Wedding - Green Wedding

date of marriage aptly called Green wedding.During the very first year of marriage of young date can celebrate every month .As you know, at weddings newlyweds usually give very many colors , green shoots are decorated wedding halls.Symbol green "wedding - myrtle wreath .Well, if the young are at a wedding ceremony sprigs of greenery, boutonnieres with fresh green leaves on costumes.Read: Tips on how to save fresh cut flowers longer.

with the main gift, newlyweds should give a small tree or a flower in a pot , as a symbol of comfort, freshness and purity.On the day of the wedding couple can plant a tree family .

1 year - calico or gauze wedding.What is accepted to give?

In the first year the young used to each other, acquire his first economy .Feelings pair to the end of the first year of marriage undergo considerable testing , and everyday household problems can already overshadow the happy coexistence of partners.The name of this anniversary is no coincidence - gauze or cotton - very thin tissue that can break even the slightest voltage .Friends and family congratulated the couple wishing them happiness, peace and love.

themselves spouses can give each other on this anniversary calico handkerchiefs .Relatives, friends can give a couple of new bed linen, handkerchiefs, towels, calico embroidered napkins, cloth diapers on calico, aprons, curtains on the windows, tablecloths .

2 years - wedding paper or glass.What to give the paper a wedding?

plain paper and glass - very fragile material that can easily be broken, torn from rough handling.Marriage, which just two years, as exposed to various challenges of life , which may also undermine stability, cause quarrels and misunderstandings in the pair.

order in the family runs out of paper, and it can be safely tear, friends and family give young books, photo albums, calendars .You can give small pieces of furniture and plastic products for the home, glass beakers, crystal vases, decanters, tea glass .Close people on this anniversary can give paper banknotes, lottery tickets .

3 years - leather wedding.What is presented on a leather wedding?

When the family experience of the spouses has reached three years, they begin to understand, to feel each other , literally skin - hence the name of this anniversary.Leather - a flexible, soft, but very elastic material, which is much stronger than paper. first tests families overcome , spouses can boast extensive experience in conducting family affairs.

the leather anniversary of the spouses can give each other gifts leather - purse, belt, shoes.Parents can give pair upholstered furniture - sofas, armchairs, and the guests give gifts to symbolize prosperity and strong family foundations - leather wallets, key holders, leather covers for books, panels of leather, gloves, trinkets, belt and .Of particular importance is leather suitcase as a gift - a pair of time to think about a new romantic journey.

4 years - wedding linen or wax.What is presented on linen wedding?

linen, wax wedding - four years since the date of the wedding.The name symbolizes the anniversary materials are very important in the household, are indicative of family security, stability, prosperity and comfort, successful investing in strong stuff for the house .The anniversary of the linen on the table should lay a tablecloth made of linen, linen napkins, and lay a marital bed linen sheets.

On this anniversary would be appropriate gifts - linen tablecloths, bed linen flax, embroidered linen napkins, blankets, towels. can also give aprons, shirts, candle wax, weaving and fine crafts macrame .

5 years - a wooden wedding.What to give to the wooden wedding?

Wooden anniversary of marriage symbolizes strength, unsinkable family relationships .Five years - first anniversary minutes, pretty impressive period of cohabitation for which the couple literally grows hearts to each other.

As a symbol of this anniversary - a tree, a celebration give different wooden objects for further arrangement of the economy and housing decoration - wooden boxes, baskets and chairs, dishes made of wood and cooking utensils, wooden furniture, spoons and mugsWood, wood pendants and bracelets .My husband can give toolkits for woodcarving.

6 years - wedding iron.What is presented on a cast-iron wedding?

This is a very significant date, the first metal in the relationship of the spouses.He is still quite fragile, precious and can not say, but he knows more resist plagues the outside world , than wood.Again this family, its stability.Cast iron is easy to cast, but it keeps well any form.

this day the couple will be happy to receive dishes and products from iron - grids for the fireplace, door locks.He is fond of sports husband and wife can give and sports dumbbells.

6,5 years - wedding zinc.Gifts for the wedding zinc

This is a very strange anniversary, which symbolizes holiday weekdays .On this day, a couple collects guests.Since the celebration is usually accompanied by jokes, jokes, pompous young can teach galvanized buckets household.

7 years - copper wedding.Gifts for the copper wedding

Seven - a lucky number, and the seventh, the copper, the anniversary of marriage usually celebrated with particular splendor .Copper - a very strong and important metal.He is not precious, but has a much higher value than iron.The couple all ahead , they can melt the relationship and give them any form, but the relationship is strong, they can not break or crack.

couple give each other copper coins, jewelry from copper .Friends and family give a pair copper ware, belts with brass buckles, candlesticks, copper pots, spoons, trays, copper horseshoe .

8 years - tin wedding.Gifts for the wedding tin

This anniversary family becomes solid , it has been wealth and children.The couple understand each other well.But by this time the relationship between the partners can become commonplace, and require updating, which also symbolizes the brilliance of the new sheet.

On this anniversary can give candy, tea, coffee tin boxes, trays, utensils, trays .In the eight-year anniversary as give any electrical appliances house, household furnishings, furniture, home improvements .

9 years - Earthenware (daisy) wedding.What to give a wedding earthenware

Summer daisy flower symbolizes flourishing marital relations , love, warmth, love divination.Earthenware - very warm, home stuff, but it is extremely fragile.During this period, relations between spouses can be confidence , comfortable and very warm, like earthenware cup filled with tea, and can easily break if forget about caring for each other.

course, on this anniversary would be appropriate gifts - dishes, vases, dishes from crystal, porcelain or earthenware .

10 years - pink or tin wedding.Gifts for the wedding tin

This most first round anniversary marriage symbolize roses, flowers undying love.The color of this event - pink and red, which means the triumph of victory and optimism.Tin is also a symbol of this event, because tin is easy to melt, it takes the desired shape, is a soft metal.Tin has a high cost and is very useful in the home - it can be repaired all the cracks in solder outdated things, giving them a new life.Spouses bed strewn with rose petals, are in the bosom of pewter spoon on the table and guests are served grilled or roasted poultry.

On the tenth anniversary of the marriage couple convenes in house guests who attended their wedding.You can give red wine in bottles, bouquets of roses, gifts and cooking utensils of tin, as well as any household items, bed linen red or pink flowers .

11 years - a steel wedding.What is presented on a steel wedding?

partners together for 11 years, comes another holiday - Steel anniversary of their marriage.Steel - a very durable metal that can not be damaged, it symbolizes the relationship fortress , the inviolability of family values ​​and stability.Steel can be black metal, but if properly treated, it acquires luster and like silver.Steel can be tempered, and then she did not even afraid of fire element or ice cold.

spouses, celebrating eleven-year wedding anniversary, it is desirable to give jewelry, pottery, household utensils steel - pans, trays, cutlery.Keep in mind that sharp cutting objects on the anniversary not give .

12 or 12.5 years - a wedding nickel.What to give?

usually mark the anniversary of 12.5 years from the date of the marriage.But sometimes it's a celebration, and celebrate 12 years of marriage.Part anniversary has subtle meaning - always celebrate it in a very narrow circle.On this day, partners can visit the registry office, where they got married, the Church, in which married, the place where the prescribed dates, meetings or cafe.Nickel has a shiny, it reminds the couple that from time to time need to update, refresh relations .

On that date the spouses can give nickel-plated dishes, candlesticks, chandeliers, lighter nickel, earrings, rings, bracelets .

13 years - wedding lace or Landysheva.Gifts.

13 - this is not an unlucky number for a pair that has a length of marriage.This anniversary has a very subtle and delicate symbols of love - lily of the valley and lace.These symbols mean beauty and fragility of relations of spouses , remind them that the relationship must be protected.

husband usually give his wife lacy underwear, negligee with lace .Relatives and friends of the pair is presented on the thirteenth anniversary of their wedding napkins, bed linen with lace, tablecloths, crocheted shawls - openwork of fine wool, bouquets of lilies of the valley.

14 years - agate wedding.Gifts for the wedding agate.

This - the first semi-precious stone in the life of this family, which means loyalty, love, understanding .Spouses should tell the most intimate to each other, so as not to remain secret in pairs.

Spouses can give each other beautiful jewelry with agate - it can be necklaces, rings, cufflinks, tie to the hairpin.Guests can also give both spouses jewelry with agate, but you can teach, and the beautiful wooden box for all these treasures.

15 years - wedding crystal or glass.What to give a crystal wedding?

Crystal or glass symbolize the clarity of relations of spouses who come to this anniversary.

Give spouses can utensils made of glass, crystal, items with Swarovski crystals .At the end of the feast traditionally break a glass or crystal glass .

18 - turquoise wedding.What to give?

Often this coincides with the anniversary of marriage, the year when the first-born in the family becomes an adult.Turquoise is the crisis, a new light in the relationship of the spouses.The turquoise wedding gifts and give spouses, and older child in the family; gifts should have the details of turquoise .

20 years - porcelain wedding.Gifts.

Twenty years of marriage has a symbol - porcelain.It is more expensive than ordinary glass, but the same gentle and fragile.

a present suitable spouses china sets, dishes, figurines .

25 years - a silver wedding.Gifts for silver wedding?

quarter of a century the couple together, so the symbol of the anniversary - the first precious metal.On this day, the partners present each other with rings of silver, putting on the middle finger of his right hand.

25-year anniversary of the spouses give things of silver, jewelery, spoons, dishes, "Jubilee" silver coins.

30 years - pearl wedding.What is presented to the pearl wedding anniversary?

symbol of the 30th anniversary of marriage - pearls, which is a "living" stone and has the ability to grow.Pearl symbolizes the fortress, the perfection of relations of spouses, and strung on a common destiny years.

husband gives his wife a necklace of pearls (30 pearls).Friends and relatives can donate a pair things for home decoration in white, black, pink, pearl jewelry boxes, souvenirs, jewelry, pearls and "Pearl."

35 years - the coral wedding.Gifts.

coral (coral reefs) symbolize a lot of days that the couple has lived together.Red coral is love and understanding in the family.

On the anniversary of the spouses give jewelry and souvenirs made of coral, red vintage wine, clothes and flowers red .The husband presents his wife a bouquet of 35 red roses.

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