Bags and Accessories Acquanegra - a work of art in your hands

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30 April 2016

Italian brand Acquanegra appeared on the market recently, but it is rapidly gaining popularity.Products of this brand are excellent quality and original design.It is these features and attract shoppers.

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Bags and Accessories Acquanegra - what girls appreciate Acquanegra ?

Women's handbags and accessories from Italy are a real work of art.Choosing products Acquanegra, woman underlines its personality, impeccable taste and sense of style.

Each bag of this brand - it small miracle that admirable .The main goal is Acquanegra create the perfect bag , which will make an incredible impression on a woman, surprise her. to create accessories this company uses natural materials of the highest quality, so they will serve you for many years, with its perfectly preserved unique appearance .All accessories are Acquanegr

a original design , they are very practical, comfortable and meet all of the criteria that put modern women.

These products are perfectly suited for stylish women , who know what they want from life and not afraid to experiment with their images.Woman with a handbag always will focus .The owner of this bag will feel like a real Italian, which understands the fashion trends, has good taste and style.

Collection bags Acquanegra

Accessories Acquanegra have impeccable style and excellent quality .A special feature of this manufacturer is unusual design , made by special technology with flexible ink.All models are provided pockets for mobile phone and other details, and there are several compartments.

Art prints (landscapes, graphics, portraits) are the basis of the style of the brand.Of course, creative design motif - it is Italy. Each product of this brand has a history of owl : the romance of Venice, ancient Rome, Adriatic Sea, the coast of Sicily, passion Neapolitans.This collection of "Life in Venice" brought this brand so much popularity.

However Acquanegra was not limited to Italy.The collections of the brand can be seen leather handbags decorated with images of aristocratic London, the lights of Las Vegas or the romantic landscapes of France.

The range of products can also be found more classic model , which are perfectly suited for business women who know what they want from life.

cost bags Acquanegra

During sewing and decorating bags ACQUANEGRA used manual labor, which significantly affects their price category. Products this Italian company is the elite and belongs to the premium-class.In the Russian market, the cost of bags ranging from Acquanegra 7900 to 20,000 rubles.

Bags and Accessories Acquanegra: reviews, quality, fashion


I love handbags ACQUANEGRA.I saw in the store.This unusual design.Expensive though, but very pleasant, I want to buy.


book yourself through the Internet ACQUANEGRA bag with the image of the Leaning Tower.When it came, my joy knew no chapel.The quality is superb, and the beauty of what !!!!


I recommend to pay attention to the company's bags.Excellent quality, real leather, unusual design.I bought myself a year ago, never to her not arise no problems.No lock is not broken, no seam is not sold.


I really like unusual things.Products of this brand is exactly what I was looking for.The unique design.These bags are perfect in every way, they are practical, comfortable, beautiful and unique.What more could a woman.


great accessory from remarkable Italian brand, which is famous for the unusual design of its products.Good value for money.

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