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30 April 2016

At the mention of the name of the world famous brand GUESS seems great company.And it is not misleading.In today's world, the manufacturer is a real trendsetter , famous for its innovative ideas in design and unique newfangled trends .The clothes of this brand can be found anywhere in the world.No self-respecting multi-brand store does not allow himself to ignore the clothes from GUESS.Famous fashionistas prefer this brand to many others, because the production of all models use the high-quality natural and synthetic materials. brand creators put their hearts into the design of each model , probably why each item is unique and individual in its own way. products under the brand GUESS delivered in more than 60 countries, more than a thousand boutiques are successful sales of the brand.For buyers of the brand virtually there are no age restrictions.

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history of brand development GUESS

founders brand GUESS are four brothersfrom France - Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice Marciano.In adulthood, the two brothers, already owning a chain of stores in France, moved to California to escape the tax debts.In 1981 year they opened company producing jeans .In the early days of the company is the main direction was.But by this time the wave of popularity of jeans became subside, and it was urgent to invent something new.Marciano brothers managed to join the European trends and traditional American fabric.This proved the most innovation, which is so all is not enough.The first paragraph artiyu original models with three zippers and the effect of rubbing dismantled in a few hours.This marked the beginning of the flowering of the popularity and fame of the brand GUESS.

After a while one of the brothers came to California and began actively advertising branding .Here again the Americans had expected an absolute novelty in the world of fashion - black and white photographs of models in various provocative poses in urban backgrounds.A whole galaxy of stars born in the modeling business photo shoots brand GUESS - Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta, and many others.

GUESS brand from the time already had a doomed to success , thanks to its memorable images and bold ideas.In the 90 years it has opened many boutiques around the world, including in Russia, but at the same time began to decline in popularity of the brand in connection with the ascent of the world's new fashion Olympus denim manufacturers.Only at the beginning of the 21st century bylomu giant managed to regain its former glory, turning the focus on youth.In 2007 year is born a new concept called G by Guess.This Competitive clothing line was created for young men and women from 16 to 23 years with very affordable prices.

clothing line GUESS: quality clothing

world-renowned brand manufactures clothes and perfumes for men and women.

Women can choose their underwear, casual clothes, fashionable trousers and skirts, jeans and denim garments.Fashionistas will appreciate the wide range of fashionable outerwear different designs and styles.

With 1984 been successfully operating hours line , such as «Guess», «Guess Steel» and «Guess Collection». wear watches GUESS, then be respectable stylish lady.

In the same year was put into production line for children « Baby Guess ». Children of all ages can be from infancy to take up the fashion world culture.

In 90 years there as production « Guess Home », producing high-end bedding, but quickly closed out-this problems with sales.

And, of course, the great demand for various fashion accessories under the brand Guess - stylish sunglasses, belt with unexpected decisions, elegant swimsuits, fashion quality bag.

All clothes are sewn from fabrics of the highest quality.With its unique design and accessories, clothes from GUESS universal.

Care of clothes from GUESS

This time is no different than caring for other things.Wash, dry and store in accordance with the requirements shown on the label.No special rules issued specifically for the brand GUESS, simply does not exist.Furthermore, most of the fans of this brand of clothing argue that clothes from GUESS very strong and durable .She does not wear out, not vystiryvayutsya color, texture loses novelty.

Reviews women about clothing brand GUESS


Shorts just super, sitting on me exclusively.Very good quality tailoring.Material funky.She took just two of these.Some are pink, blue second.Blue not only in summer wear.In the autumn, too, are a success.Under the bottom wear warm kolgotochki on foot botilonchiki and beauty!Only one point that with the size that got it wrong.I have size 42 Russian, and I came up short size 27.He took with him to the sea, but it was not necessary to dress as fabric plotnovata for such heat.


Previously did not buy clothes of famous brands, but once decided to try.I bought a t-shirt by GUESS.I liked it very much.Material quality.I have the size 44, size M. took Though slim tee shirt, but do not shine.The only thing that did not like the fact that the beads are not quite turned out perfectly sewn in the figure.But it seems nothing is yet bounced.Everything is in place and not vystiryvaetsya.So now I will try to take all the things known brands.


in my wardrobe there sundress brand GUESS.Beautiful sarafanchik, good fabric, and sew a thing qualitatively.Even podkladik there.But not at all weights, in contrast, is very light and airy sundress.In the summer the most it!What I did not like - colors not looked on untanned skin.


often buy clothes of this brand, but like everything, from something have to give, unfortunately.I describe one thing.This top.Color light pink.In front there is an inscription.On it are glued rhinestones.Very high quality, because after a few washings yet not one has fallen off.Well, it all looks beautiful, rich, gives a very special chic.Sits perfectly, it does not seem normal vest cheap.Expensive course for such a thing, but it's a brand name at the same time only plus some margin.


I wear pants by GUESS.Quality - not carp to nothing!Basically, to work their dress, businesslike pose.When tried on in the store, the bottom of trousers lying on the floor, though I'm 173 cm. So no one will be short, well and long is not a problem at all, in the studio in 5 minutes will do everything in length.I wear and enjoy.Like how to sit on the figure as even slimmer.


At last summer bought yourself a new swimsuit by GUESS.Since last season, as many as four friends.And now in good condition.But I wore it often.Wherever it does not bathed.It turned out to not just kill.So the brand would not change to any other.


I have a classic light blue jeans by GUESS.I order them online store.The reality turned out to be much better than in the photos were.The choice was very happy, in principle, as it is now.It looks cool with boots.Very sexy.Color is not fading and not quite wash.Crosslinked very soundly, to "age."Not bad stretch.

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