The most fashionable boots for fall 2012 - the top 10 models

By Admin | Fashion
01 May 2016

In autumn we want to put on feet warm boots.However, the weather is changeable in autumn and winter boots, you'll experience more discomfort than, for example, demi-season (especially designed for the autumn weather).For this autumn-winter 2012 designers presented different models of boots that will delight all the fashionistas of the world.

most popular model of boots in the autumn of 2012 will be boots with heels. Variations on the width and height of the heel every fashionista can choose individually.Much attention designers paid bootleg , it can be either a short-cut to the leg as much as possible, and quite wide, or "wrinkled".Original boots with laces on the front of the podium just blew up, but for the Russian weathers such models prove impractical.

The materials dominate leather and suede , as well as their combination. Colours most diverse, here again, the designers left no room for imagination modern fashionistas.So, here we present a selection of top-fashionable boots for Fall 201


Boots, Moda Donna

Price: about 6.5 thousand. Rubles

stylish and original design boots.The classical model of convenient framed clasp.Product emphasize your impeccable taste and originality.Ideal for everyday wear.Heel height about 11 cm. Platform height of about 2 cm.

Boots, Dino Ricci

Price: 4.5 - 5 thousand. Rubles

elegant model, made in the combined design.Rounded toe high heels, zip - zipper on the side.Ankle boots decorated knitted insert.A great option to create original images for the upcoming season.Heel height of about 7 cm. Shaft of about 3.3 cm.

Boots, EVITA

Price: 2 - 3 thousand. Rubles

Presentable boots low tankete ideally emphasize the elegance and femininity of their owner.Shoes made of stretch - material has high elasticity, that the best way affects the comfort of wearing such shoes.Boots fastened to the inside of the solid zipper.The model is decorated in lacquered heel insert, and a charming bow.Height wedgies about 8.5 cm.

Boots, Caprice

Price: about 6 thousand. Rubles

Demi boots in the style of "Wild West" performed in a complex color with a smooth and shiny texture, as well asamazing "bronze" fittings.As decoration - the drapery on the ankle.On the inside of the pair - zip - zipper and elastic inserts.In the production of shoe technology was used «OnAir» - climate regulation.This unique technology combines three hundred hemispherical depressions in the insole, perforation and camera system to remove moisture.Equipped with pneumatic chambers and core stabilizers heel Antishokk weakens the shock when walking about 50%.Thus, it significantly reduces the load on the spine and joints.Shaft of about 29 cm. Heel height about 5.5 cm.

Boots, Elegance

Price: 6 - 7 thousand. Rubles

Luxury boots snow white.Textile shaft with quilted lining and knit lapel.The model is supplemented with embossed leather straps.The advantage of the model is stable with a velvety stop footbed and a low heel.Heel height about 2 cm;shaft height about 47 cm, a width of about 39 cm.

Boots, Ridlstep

Price: about 2.5 thousand. rubles

inveterate fashionista surely will appreciate these original and bright boots, made instylish colors.Model moderately high heels decorated with lacing effectively.A great option for those who want to emphasize their individuality.Heel height about 9 cm.


Price: 6 - 7 thousand. Rubles

incredible boots with zipper - zipper made of soft genuine leather classic black.The top model features sleek design and added a neat stitching.High heel and platform assembly contrasting color underline the harmony of your feet.This pair perfectly complement your unique feminine image.Heel height about 13.5 cm. Platform height of about 3 cm. The height of the tops of about 39 cm. The girth of the shaft about 36 cm.

Boots, Betsy

Price: 2.5 - 3 thousand. Rubles

This extravagant model looks perfect with close-fitting coat.Great design is sure to arouse the interest of boots.Boots with a small buckle - lightning, a rounded toe.Shaft about 31.5 cm circumference of about 35 cm, heel height of about 9 cm, platform height of about 1.5 cm.

Boots, Vitacci

Price: about 6 thousand. Rubles

Original bootscertainly will appreciate the modern fashionista.Due to the unusual design of this pair will take its place in your wardrobe.Stable heel emphasize the harmony of your feet.Soft lining nap will give you a feeling of comfort.Heel height about 8.5 cm.

Boots, Basic Editions

Price: 8 - 9 thousand. Rubles

Trendy boots delight at first sight.The top is made of genuine leather and decorated with decorative pleats, zip - zipper on the side, high and stable heel.An excellent choice for those women who love to be the center of attention for stylish shoes that plays a major role.Heel height about 8.5 cm, bootleg height about 35.5 cm leg opening about 36 cm, the fullness of the shaft about 19 cm.

Autumn boots - is not only a protection against the first cold weather, but also fashion purchase.You can easily choose the model, and like to flaunt at autumn city street without thinking about the cold.Successful you purchase!