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13 April 2016

Baby diapers - it associates the modern mom.At the same time the use of diapers around a lot of rumors and negative reviews about their impact on the child's gait, and that mothers who use diapers, simplicity simply lazy and do not want to erase undershirts.But this is only the prejudices and limited awareness, ie,an echo of the Soviet past.

However, do not apply to the use of diapers too recklessly.Use diapers should be hygienic and safe for the baby.Accordingly, it is necessary to gradually accustom the child to the pot and gradually give up diapers.But all the time!Furthermore, it should be remembered that it is in direct contact with the baby's skin.This means that the quality of the materials from which it is made, you should worry first.

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Test purchases Children diapers

program "Test purchase" twice tested the diapers (disposable) for different weight categories of kids.In 2010, an examination of nappies for babies up to 6 kg.In the f

ight involved products known brands: «Bella Baby Happy», «Moony», «Pampers Sleep & amp; Play», «Libero Baby Soft», «Huggies», «Merries».Best of all moisture absorbent Pampers brands appeared «Moony», «Libero Baby Soft», «Huggies».But the company pampers «Libero Baby Soft» was found on the surface of formaldehyde, so unconditional winners programs have become brands diapers «Huggies» and «Moony» .

In 2011, the program "Test purchase" was an examination of disposable diapers for children weighing from 7 to 18 kg.Products were presented marks «Pampers», «Muumi», «Bella Happy», «Libero», «Merries», «Huggies». Winners program eventually became the brand diapers «Muumi» , which better absorb moisture all samples have uniform absorbent layer.

In June 2012, was carried out folk and professional expertise of children's diapers (for babies up to 18 kg) marks «Huggies», «Pampers», «Bella Baby Happy», «Muumi», «Merries», «Libero».Folk jury chose the best examples - «Libero», «Huggies», »Pampers», with a commanding lead of diapers «Huggies».But experts conducted a thorough inspection of all submitted samples and revealed the winner of the program, which is most quickly absorbs all moisture, and the remains dry on the surface - it diapers brand «Muumi» .

How to buy cheaper diapers - 5 important tips

Baby Diapers are expensive, so many parents have a desire to somehow save.There are several ways to rationally use diapers for crumbs:

  1. During feeding baby need to take off his diaper and keep over a basin or sink.Reflex baby often defecates during or immediately after feeding.During the day, the baby must be periodically hold over a basin or sink in the hours when he starts groaning characteristic.
  2. During a change of clothes baby should be held in the open air for the adoption of the "air baths".Skin contact crumbs cool air of the room, he could pee.
  3. can choose two brands of diapers for the baby - more expensive and better, and cheaper, which will suit him.During the day, the child wear diapers ones that are cheaper, but on the night - more expensive that the baby slept all night.
  4. When the baby starts to sit down and then get up in the daytime can be used waterproof pants with multiple inserts gauze, and at night - disposable diapers.Gauze pads have to be washed every day.
  5. Those diapers that are most suitable for your child, you must purchase in store at distribution centers and stores (be sure to take into account the shelf life, as well as to scrutinize the labeling to avoid buying fakes).Mom can roughly calculate how long and what category nappies (weight, age) need her baby.

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