Top 10 dresses for New Year

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01 May 2016

New Year is about to knock on our doors.And in anticipation of the beautiful half of humanity I wondered the most important issue - what clothes to meet the Year of the Snake?Patroness of the coming year, and Black Water, as well as the outgoing dragon, hence it can be concluded that last year's dresses are still relevant and it can be applied again.This is for those who like to buy a beautiful thing than once.You do not belong to this or your dress in the past year did not correspond to the astrological advice?Then this article is for you!

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  • What to look for when choosing a dress for New Year?
  • Top 10 dresses for New Year
  • Accessories for New Year

Criteria for choosing dresses for New Year's Eve

It would be logical to celebrate Black Water Snake clothing black, to show her his respects.But in addition to black as open to all shades of blue and green colors, including turquoise.Prefer satin, iridescent and shiny fabrics and dresses, trimmed with sequins, beads and

rhinestones, to put it simply, all that glitters.Such qualities will love talisman of the next year.And the next 365 days, its protection is provided to you.Also Snake taste in clothes clean lines, no bows and cheerful prints, no negligence and laxity, this would not be tolerated.And you do not want to spend the entire next year, without help from above?So, you will have to try to think through every detail and find the outfit at the same time austere, modest and chic.Do not be afraid, it's not as difficult as it might seem to you at first sight.With our help, you will choose the perfect dress for the celebration.After all, we lovingly picked for you the best in our view model.

Top 10 dresses for New Year's Eve

1. Dress «Apart»

This wonderful dress created Apart from pleasant satin material.It will make your image even more refined and elegant.On the whole surface of the dress is lovely drape.Over his shoulder goes wide straps decorated with stones that mimic natural diamonds.This delightful evening dress, of course, give you admiring glances from your loved ones and friends.Dress length of about 99 cm.

Composition: 100% polyester.

Cost: 5057 rubles.

2. Dress «POMPA»

very elegant model with body conscience silhouette.In this dress you are sure to be the center of attention.Laconic colors contribute to create the image of a successful woman!

Composition: 96% elastane, 4% viscose.

Cost: 2 450 rubles.

3. Dress «NikiBiki»

This charming dress especially for those who know the value of true elegance.The beauty of this model in the light fitting silhouette.The dress is decorated with embroidery in the form of wavy stripes, made of sequins.The key to success of your image in the bright and glamorous colors, impeccable silhouette model.

composition : 5% elastane, 95% polyester.

Price: 2 350 rubles.

4. Dress «Top Secret»

charming dress.There are thin straps with adjustable length.Ahead strewn with bright shimmering sequins.The principle of this model - the refined minimalism.In the cut no superfluous details.

composition : 5% elastane, 95% polyester.

Price: 1630 rubles.

5. Dress «Acasta»

chic dress with a classic cut.Glowing trim emphasize your mystique.You'll be unique in it.

Ingredients: 100% polyester.

Price: 2 329 rubles.

6. Dress «PELICAN»

Terrific inflammable dress.After one shoulder straps passes.The top model is constructed from a translucent material, which is decorated with shimmering sequins measure.You'll look absolutely stunning under the chiming clock.

composition : 100% polyester.

Price: 1390 rubles.

7. Dress «Patrizia Dini»

You just fall in love with this dress with a round neck at first sight!The model is decorated with various folds.Get ready to take dozens of compliments wearing it for the celebration.The length of this model is about 88 cm.

composition : 4% elastane, 96% polyester.

Price: 3 840 rubles.

8. Dress «Verezo»

quite spectacular dress, decorated fabrics, perfect for New Year's Eve.Elegant fitting model.On the side, there are crystals in the inset.A convenient zipper on the back.Attract, one might even say alluring color.

Ingredients: 3% elastane, 97% polyester

Price: 3 700 rubles.

9 . Dress «Goddess London»

Expressive model dresses with extravagant close-fitting silhouette.Strong brightness of color attracts attention.On the back and upper chest are transparent inserts.It contributes to the image of a very catchy sexy tone.

Ingredients: 8% elastane, 92% polyester.

Price: 2 150 rubles.

10. Dress «Apart »

Amazing colors emphasizes the splendor of this dress.Graceful asymmetrical folds create a mesmerizing effect.Belt creates a fitted silhouette.In this dress you will be the center of attention even at the royal ball, not to mention New Year's dinner.There are cushions in the bodice that give the breast even more seductive forms.On one shoulder is wide straps, adding a drop of coquetry in this majestic image.

composition : 100% polyester

Price: 6945 rubles.

few tips about accessories

Despite the severity of the snake without suitable accessories in the New Year you will not stay.Try to just do without flashy diamonds or any other stones.Wear them only if they are necessary to create a complete image, not just because they are there and why not "posverkat" in honor of the holiday.Do not be angry capricious lady!White gold and silver are ideal for almost any outfit, and Snake will be very happy with these precious metals.If you have a pearl and it is suitable for your outfit, the better option, and do not look, because this stone is one element with the Snake, so without hesitation wear such jewelry.

Summing up, I would like to add - in addition to the external appearance is important at the time of the New Year bring the same order and in the mind.Indeed, in man, everything should be fine, but the woman just great!

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