Clothes from the brand Nolita: Classical and Modern

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02 May 2016

brand Nolita, we can say, I am still very young.But this does not prevent him to excite the imagination of modern girls and women for its stylish and elegant models.Even clothing for everyday wear branded Nolita you can look great without much effort. creators calculate the design so that by changing just one piece of clothing, all the other begin to play with new colors and your image completely reincarnated.This is ideal for stylish modern women who know the price of this designer clothing and love to be in the limelight.By the way, all of the familiar name is short for «North little Italy».

content of the article:

  • History brand Nolita
  • For someone creates clothing brand Nolita?
  • clothing line from Nolita
  • How to care for clothing Nolita?
  • recommendations and testimonials from women who wear clothing brand Nolita

history of the birth and development of the brand Nolita

As mentioned above, the brand Nolita young and is in full blossom.Brand was established in 1998 in Italy, based large manufactory « Flash & amp;Partners » , producing clothing.Created by the company clothing brand Nolita immediately become a leading project total production.The main creators were four talented young designer and , dreaming of implementing the general idea of ​​creating clothing for people who want constant change throughout his life and in his style, mostly.Maybe it is due to such an inspiring idea, models under the brand Nolita have success among women .

Despite the small length of the four designers, they were able to conquer the world fashion , thanks to his innate ability to take the championship, his ability to improvise and a combination of incongruous.Largely thanks to the unique vision of his own style as well as a clear understanding of goals and tasks, they can easily realize their creations under the brands Nolita and Ra-Re.Responding to the demanding needs of consumers, the designers managed to get the title trendsetter among large masses of women, and a good advantage over the competition.

Another important factor in the success of the company is professional close-knit team of specialists functioning not just as well-oiled machine, but rather as a living organism that performs a common cause as a whole.

Today, the company does not stop development , immediately focusing on the needs of consumers and meeting all international requirements, such as scale and speed.Thanks so important as a company fails to produce a lot of stylish and quality clothing, supplying it to different corners of the globe.

For someone creates clothing brand Nolita?

All model brand Nolita created in Venice team of talented and ambitious designers and are essential items of clothing, consisting of a mass of design innovations.Designers easily combine images of the most popular trends in New York and sexual sensuality Italy.Manufacturing is concentrated in Italy, and Japan.To create all the models under the brand Nolita manufacturers use the best fabrics highest quality.This is one of the main conditions for the success of any brand.

First and foremost, of course, for women who want to look unique and loving easily transformed image.For those who are willing to look simply furnished, tomorrow coquette, and the next day in the sports or youth .This means that the clothing brand Nolita suitable for every woman , because all the confident women like me, choosing different days are completely different roles and images around the world and proving his own lifestyle.

line of clothing under the brand Nolita

More than 650 models represented in the collections of the brand Nolita, are divided into different stylistic line.Designers create for stylish and exciting women's clothes for different occasions.Any fashionista can fully assemble your wardrobe, because only one brand Nolita.You can easily find yourself here for skirts and dresses, sweaters and jackets, sweaters and shirts, sun dresses and tunics, different suits and sportswear, suits and pants, jeans, shorts, T-shirts and tops, as well as all sorts of garments, and many other things.

Line « Moves » - has youth focus , this model line are practical and comfortable.The line is designed for women who appreciate the versatility and comfort, with no limits in the fashionable style.

Line « Fashion » - solid elegance and sophistication .All the most fashionable, stylish and original new collections assembled in this line.Ideal for you if your goal is to create a spectacular image.

Line « De Nimes » - prone to Vintage and expressiveness .The inspiration for the creation of collections of this line, the designers are in style "grunge » .Here you will find a lot of models of jeans from classic to trendy, with armholes almost at knee level.In addition, it presents the military and cargo pants.All this is easily diluted with absolute femininity with the help of various types of skirts of folk tempting to mini skirts.Outerwear presented corduroy jackets, faux leather or gabardine.

Line « Nolita Pocket » - clothes for young fashionistas to 6 years .Exact copies of adult female models will not leave anyone indifferent: neither fashionistas themselves or their mothers delicious.

Any of these lines will you to create zhelaemog of everyday image , office, home, entertainment or sports, but you can also create a romantic unforgettable image, with demonstrationswhich you will certainly find yourself the center of attention, even if it was not your goal.In addition, the creation or update of his basic wardrobe with the help of clothes from the brand Nolita, will seem exciting adventure.

Accessories from collections able to revive the image of , make a note of something new or elusive or, on the contrary, to recall some memorable important day of your life.A well-chosen accessories are very easy to can enhance the beauty of its owner , bright colors indicate its delicate taste, add a bit of extravagance or coquetry.Any accessory will be a wonderful addition to your image that will win his charming classic and novelty at the same time.

Each model clothing brand Nolita easily able to hide flaws or, conversely, dignity announce , and in both cases, emphasizing your femininity.Wearing clothes from Nolita, you choose the ease and romantic, charming originality and all permissible luxury.

Proper care of clothing from Nolita.The main requirements

  • careful study of indications on the label bought you things.
  • exact compliance with all requirements for washing, drying, ironing and storage design things.
  • Careful and frequent airing of wearing outwear.
  • exception of self-removing difficult stains.
  • periodic use of the services of professionals to purify the dry cleaners.

In fact, clothing brand Nolita unpretentious, able to last for a long time and stay in good form and as .

Reviews real women about clothing Nolita


T-shirt brand Nolita ordered online store because of its brightness and fashionable design.At my chest girth 92 cm, ordered a size S. Usually, all things of this size buy.But it is so much priplyuschila my chest, even with a tight push-up bra, I looked myself in the mirror "punt".Had perezakazat on M, the village well, the color is excellent, as the quality of the fabric.Apparently, the model is more designed for women with narrow thorax.


second summer concerns me a unitard this brand.Absolutely not shed, easy to iron every time, but just as easily and crumpled.He sits me perfectly.I bought it in a simple shop.On my settings 89-67-93 took 40th resolution.I liked his original style and lightweight fabric.Perfect casual summer version.


have brand Nolita excellent quality.I have a low waist jeans from this brand.Stretch very well.Minuses: coarse cloth, instead of lightning - buttons, fasten uncomfortable, you prilovchilis, the first time I suffered with them.I would like to at this price there were no flaws.Very long, by the way, jeans.At higher good will.With my small stature (164 cm), about 10 cm leg lying on the floor.When hip circumference of 95 cm, I took a size 27.


I have a denim jumpsuit, which I love very much.He has a wonderful design and cut that hides all my shortcomings.It is a pity that not all the things it can.I have a little tummy and when I wear this thing, it is absolutely not visible.Super effect.Not ready to give up my suit from Nolita.


I bought this awesome dress from the Italian brand Nolita!Such good quality that can not be explained even his need to see and feel, to understand.It is free, but wearing a belt can easily emphasize the waist.A feeling that just soar when you dress it.There is a small disadvantage - it is electrified, but I solved this problem by using special anti-static agents.


I had no luck with the purchase of dresses this company.However, I ordered through the online store, but it does not matter.When I brought it, it was a great disappointment.When viewed from the real material of which is sewn a thing seemed a cheap velvet.Silhouette of some unfinished or something ....I tried on every measure - and with a belt and without, with tights, the shoes, boots, beads - nothing I did not like.I had to refuse.A hole was still on his shoulder, but it is likely to blame the store.


Meryl many different dresses in a boutique, but stopped at a dress from Nolita.Better to have one in your wardrobe this dress than the other eight.This is my personal opinion.It is simply amazing.Otherwise, do not say anything.The dress is so easy and convenient that it seems that it becomes a second skin.In my 44 I took the Russian 42 size, sitting free, no pulls and peredavlivaet.Great, go for tall girls.My height is 167, I had to cut about 10 cm. However, only a week after buying it occurred to me carefully look at him, and now find that sewed as it is not quite perfect.But did not return.In the summer of it is not easy climbs.


His awesome pants I bought for 8000 rubles and that all possible discounts.But it is absolutely not sorry for the second year.They are stylish and bright, this pleasant fabric.And how beautifully sit and my slim figure, not words.

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