Clothing for women Eleganse.

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02 May 2016

Worldwide Eleganse clothing is popular among women who want to look elegant, stylish and feminine.Eleganse - creates a complete wardrobe of a woman clothes for the office, or the triumph of rest to sportswear . also without any problems, you can choose underwear, swimwear, shoes for different occasions .In addition to clothing, branded Eleganse created and rich diversity of handbags and accessories .Each collection is designed for you to accompany you all day.Shines from early morning until late at night in all situations.The decision in a simple change of accessories.Provided mark Eleganse soft quality fabrics.Often the emphasis is on bright and elegant prints.

content of the article:

  • History and development of the brand Eleganse
  • line of clothing under the brand Eleganse
  • Who should wear the brand Eleganse?
  • Clothing care Eleganse
  • feedback forums on women who have in the wardrobe of things from Eleganse

History and development of the brand Eleganse

Today, the company said in '74 since its foundation in 1938 year.Her founders - brothers Offergeld .The primary function of the company was created creating quality fabrics "luxury» , supplied most best fashion houses of Europe: Valentino, Christian Dior, Escada, Courreges, Nina Ricci, and many others.

first "pen test" in the design actually been made at the beginning of the 50s, when every type of tissue supplied by customers, manufacturers began to make one kind of clothes created from the same material .Then this line was growing rapidly, and already in 1954 year opened its first subsidiary company in France.

In year 1969 the world was introduced first collection of clothes Pret-a-porter .She expressed a perfect combination of German quality and chic French motifs .The same year saw the release of first catalog the collection Eleganse .The result was a massive opening of branches in different countries.

These days the main design center is located in the German city of Aachen.The company still retains the title leader in the production of the finest fabrics .With 2001 been successfully an internet shop under the brand Eleganse , and the fair sex from 55 countries are free to do it purchases.Boutiques company opened in large cities such as London, Tokyo, Brussels and Paris.In total there are about 70.

Eleganse clothing line.Trendy collection Eleganse.

City & amp; Business . It style groomed woman , living in large metropolitan areas.Elegance and style of the city - the main criteria.It is a collection, you can count on in different situations, be it an office, shop, date or business meeting.The unique combination of rigor with vivid detail.

Prestige . collected here model extravagant combination of exclusive luxury fabrics .All innovations brand addressed to quality and style.Different line noble colors, soft fabrics, chic models, is uniquely positioned to fit into the everyday environment.

Gala . clothes for special occasions, each with its own special charm with severe personality.No pretentiousness and mediocrity. wardrobe created for special events or official release in.The entire collection is focused around a black and white, gold and silver, the noble beige and gray colors.

Weekend . This style based on the canons of fashion, such as short jacket, a light blazer, striped sweater, etc. unique groomed Steel s at ease throughout the weekend!Trend, improvisation, comfort and elegance - these are the main goals of the collection.

Basics . collected basic models, such as the little black dress or a jacket - different parts of the underlying , each of which is required for any output.Mix and match your way through their abilities.The main emphasis on the excellent cut, high-quality materials and simple lines simultaneously.

Lingerie . collection of all necessary: ​​ underwear, clothing for sports, relaxation and sleep, swimwear.And in the best traditions of the brand.

Hits season .There sverhtrendovye and trousers, and the finest goat suede jacket, and the trendy color-blocking.In this collection are interpreted most fashionable trends .

Accessories . rich selection of various accessories for different situations.To any outfit, whether casual or everyday image of the evening elegant dress sure to find the appropriate accessory.

Which women's clothing created Eleganse and that it is important to consider when choosing

Eleganse brand creates clothes that are ideal confident and ambitious women , loving yourself.Typically, such women are fashionable and stylish the ladies who appreciate the classics and individuality.

Eleganse Each collection is created, following the fashion trends, but any thing will remain relevant in the coming years , without losing the originality and elegance of style.

Any Lady can choose something different of a large range of business and stylish jackets and suits, romantic tunics and dresses, bright swimwear and lingerie elegant, refined trousers and skirts, sexy tops and practical shirts, sweaters and pullovers, cardigans and coats.

In addition to the basic wardrobe of the modern woman company Eleganse can offer a variety of accessories, shoes unusually stylish, high-quality leather bags.

Prices for clothing Eleganse rather big, but all spent funds repaid you a hundred times, because every article of clothing from Eleganse will look great, and after many years.The new collection goes on sale every six months.

How to care for clothing from Eleganse?Quality of products Eleganse?

Care Garment uncomplicated .Respect for washing, carrying and storage of clothing will certainly extend its use.The fabrics used in the manufacture of collection, a high degree of strength and durability.Most of the clothes are made of cotton, linen, silk and cashmere.Such natural materials and keep warm and allow the skin to breathe, but care require a more responsible and quality than synthetic fabrics.Subject to the basic rules, your article of clothing rather tired with age, it loses shape and form after several washes.

  • mode should be selected when washing gentle , best suited handwashing .
  • Cleaning select suitable specific type of tissue.
  • Dry must be in the correct position.
  • Wool not advised to leave in limbo, not only during drying, but also during storage, the best place to keep in the closet, folded.

Reviews Eleganse women about clothes.Is it worth buying?


Bought myself a skirt from Eleganse.Quality is very good, the fabric is not fine.On the look and feel once it becomes clear that the thing is sewn from high quality wool.Why then I was very afraid to erase the first time.But nothing happened.However, a little village and began to sit perfectly after ironing and before that was a little freer.I did not like that pictured skirt seemed warmer, denser tissue like winter, but in fact turned out to be thinner.Very pleased with the neat shovchik.


From Eleganse I dress for winter thin knitted excellent quality.Very myagonkoe touch.She took not for beauty, and for warmth.It some gloomy in itself, but, in fact, it is in the same directory look.I cheer him the brooch, the pendant light is a scarf or shawl, the beads, the bright belt.Very practical and comfortable thing.I had to adjust it a weight, because all the stresses "surplus" figure.But I'm even grateful for it.In general, a wonderful dress.The price of a fully justified, so my assessment - five plus.


recently acquired a fabulous skirt that is just perfect for the figure of the village.I do it so graceful, as if I statuette!Quality at the highest level.So I am very happy purchase.Sewn skirt just perfectly.Production - in Macedonia.By the way, it is not wrinkled to wear.


Eleganse my shoes - it's something do not explain!They are amazing!On my leg got perfectly.How does it feel?Super comfort, softness and elegance.Buying very pleased!This pair of shoes I have for special occasions.Suede delicate, like velvet.There are crystals, for a season or one not lost.Another plus - Comfortable shoes.Although there is, of course, and something well, not at all like anything in the catalogs and in stores.Apparently, the taste and color, as they say.


I dearly bought his jacket.But this thing is worth the money paid!Excellent quality, unique style and tailoring - all at altitude.Although still a little overstated price, then I decided, when wearing it was found that the sleeves a little frown.About production written, that in Macedonia done.Despite the lack of a small, still sitting on me perfectly.


sister's wedding a long time I could not put myself to find something that caught my eye at once and wanted to immediately buy it until I saw awesome turquoise dress to the knee in the same online store.It turned out to Eleganse, although I used to like nothing the brand did not buy.After fitting realized that it was me turned out to be far below the knee, but that it does not become worse.I took.At the festival I felt after the first beauty of the bride.Compliments were dark.I am sure that the dress I created such an amazing way.It is a pity that it can not be worn every day.:) And I would love to.We would like to advise only those who choose clothes on the internet - keep in mind that the model in the photo for the most part high girls, and that they just above the knee, low women will be up to the middle of the ankle.

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