The best models of baby diapers

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14 April 2016

Over the years the use of diapers to mothers caring for babies, among this group of consumers has developed a rating of diapers shown below according to the degree of popularity.

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  • Pampers
  • Merries
  • Huggies
  • Libero
  • Moony

Baby diapers Pampers

Manufacturer: company «Procter & amp; Gamble», USA.

first disposable diapers destination, was started in 1961.Of course, over the years the production, technology and materials manufacturing diapers have become completely different.The company tries to fulfill all the requirements for such mothers important thing in effect creating excellent quality diapers, which never left the first place of honor in all ratings diapers.Thanks diapers «Pampers», now all the diapers for babies, even other brands, we usually call the diapers.

Price diapers «Pampers» in Russia (per 1 share) varies from 8 to 21 rubles (depending on species).


  • most common - you can buy everywhere.
  • Pampers Premium Care has a pleasan
    t smell, protects baby's skin from irritation.
  • Pampers Premium Care is a "breathable" diaper, well lets air to the body of the baby.


  • Pampers Active Baby has a very strong smell of flavors.
  • cheapest kinds of diapers have rezinochki at the waist, and may leak.
  • Pampers Active Baby has a wet surface inside where the diaper in contact with the skin remains.

Reviews parents about diapers "Pampers»:


using only Japanese brand diapers for the baby.Somehow we went to the parents, and our «Merries» the store did not, it turned out - took «Pampers Active Baby».Suddenly the evening his son sprinkled on the crease in the groin and the abdomen, where the band.Now, for the past two months, we treat this irritation.


is very important - to find exactly those diapers that fit the child.We have the same story, only with precision "but on the contrary."We use the "diaper", and once they were not - purchased hastily "Molfiks."The daughter appeared irritated, the child was restless with these diapers, we're not yet switched to "Pampers".

Baby Diapers Merries

Manufacturer: Group Kao, Japan.

also in great demand among mothers.They are absorbent, comfortable, containing a layer of very soft cotton impregnated with anti-inflammatory extracts of witch hazel.These diapers are especially good for those babies whose skin is very sensitive.

Price diapers «Merries» in Russia (per 1 share) varies from 10 to 20 rubles (depending on species).


  • These diapers have a large selection of diapers and pants in size.
  • Very soft cloth.
  • Protected against leaks.
  • sit very comfortably on the body of a baby, have a lot of rezinochek.


  • Please note that the diapers Japanese brands - malomerki, need to take the kid a larger size.
  • These diapers are dry inside, but wet and cold outside.

Reviews parents about diapers «Merries»:


These diapers are unpleasant wet outside, though the quality they suit me, the child in them comfortable.


I told a friend that these diapers "Merris' have purple sticker.If it is not - it is a fake.


I like these diapers, all other brands have allergies.Moisture from the outside, I did not notice ... And the child in them sleeping through the night without waking up - soft and comfortable, absorbs.


Manufacturer: company «Kimberly Clark», UK.

They are very popular in many countries, and also in our country.Diapers of this brand perfectly absorbs moisture, preventing it from leaking out.The company produces not only the Velcro diapers for babies from birth and diapers, panties and hygiene products for baby's delicate skin.

Price diapers «Huggies» in Russia (per 1 share) varies from 9 to 14 rubles (depending on species).


  • widespread in many countries.
  • affordable.
  • soft material.
  • Great choice on the price range of diapers, as well as in quality.


  • sometimes cause diaper rash.
  • cheapest option diapers may leak.
  • small pattern, and often have to switch to a different size for the baby.
  • Full babies nappies can rub the thigh.

Reviews parents about diapers "Haggis»:


have this brand has a secret.Parents should remember barcode the party that much, and buy in future only such.It turns out, these diapers can be manufactured in different branches, and their quality may vary.


On "Haggissy" at the baby had a very strong allergy, and after the first application.


Manufacturer: company SCA (Svenska Cellulose Aktiebolaget), Sweden.

can buy in many countries, they are well known and are in demand.They have an elastic rubber band and clasp are made of very soft material.The company produces diapers with Velcro for crumbs from birth, diapers, panties and a wide range of products for the care of the baby.Diapers are available in several versions - Libero Babysoft (babies at birth), Libero Comfort fit (kids older), Libero Up & amp; Go (panties) with the well-known "fashion collection», Libero Everyday (for crumbs, with very sensitive skin).

Price diapers «Libero» in Russia (per 1 share) varies from 10 to 15 rubles (depending on species).


  • These diapers have a choice of size.
  • The average price category.
  • common brands.
  • Large selection and size, and models of diapers.


  • rough stuff.
  • very strongly flavored.
  • not absorb moisture very well.

Reviews parents about diapers «Libero»:


Please note that these packages of diapers often painted feather.I try to buy only in these packs.Where "feather" is not - as part of the diapers have polyethylene, can cause allergies.


child completely uncomfortable in these diapers - diaper rash, leakage.Switched to "Merris" satisfied, but expensive.


The "Libero" is a good series «Every Day» with chamomile, very soft diapers - try them.Especially since the price is much nicer Japanese.


Manufacturer: company «UNICHARM», Japan.

are popular abroad and in Russia.This - very durable diapers to protect against leaks.

Price diapers «Moony» in Russia (per 1 share) varies from 13 to 21 rubles (depending on species).


  • well sit on the baby.
  • the softest among the diapers.
  • have good reliable fasteners.
  • Reserved leak safely.
  • There is a special cutout for the newborn navel.
  • adhesive tape attached silently.


  • high price.
  • Please note that the Japanese small-size diapers.

Reviews parents about diapers «Moony»:


very breathable!My daughter never appeared irritation while we wore them.


on the diaper there is an indicator of filling - very convenient, easy to control the changing of diapers.

Russia also known diapers brand «Goon», «Bosomi», «Bella», «Genki», «Molfiks», «Nepia», «Helen Harper», «Fixies», «DoReMi», «Nannys»,«Mamang», «Sealer», «Prokids».

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