The most fashionable boots for fall 2012 - the top 10 models

By Admin | Fashion
03 May 2016

Ankle - this is probably the most brilliant shoes, demi-season.Many well-known designers each season using it in their collections this shoe.And really, it's a cross between Autumn boots and shoes, but they are more practical and elegant look on the leg of any size.

This autumn is no exception, boots run the show.Relevant materials for the ankle served suede, leather (including exotic), textiles and woolen cloth .A combination of both in one model - is the most versatile option.Individuality can show, opting for bright patterns of various colors.

As for the heel, the shoe designers have tried to satisfy all preferences fashionistas.The most relevant in the autumn will have a wide stable heel or wedge high original.But for lovers of studs there is a huge choice of models ankle.

Ankle, MakFine

Price: about 4.5 thousand. Rubles

stylish and original design boots do not leave anyone indifferent.This model is decorated comfortable clasp.Product emphasize your impeccable taste and originality.

Ideal for any occasion.Heel height about 11 cm.

Ankle, Dino Ricci

Price: 3 - 4 thousand. Rubles

Original boots on the platform and high wedges.Model with rounded shape of the toe.Decorated with delicate lace.Height wedgies approx.8 cm and the platform is about 1 cm.

Ankle, Camelot

Price: about 2 thousand. Rubles

extravagant boots - the basis of your confident image.Model beautiful high-heeled shoes with rounded toe shape.Side - zip - zip.Elegant shoes for the modern woman.Heel height about 13.5 cm and a height of about 4 cm platform.

Ankle, Betsy

Price: 2.5 - 3 thousand. Rubles

This beautiful model is striking in its originality.Ankle Boots with zipper - zipper side and tapered toe.The top is made of textiles and decorated with a decorative lacing.The back is decorated insert solid color, perfectly in harmony with the color of the platform.In conjunction with this worthy accessory shoes will help you create a spectacular image.Heel height 12.5 cm. Platform height of about 3 cm.


Price: 4.5 - 5 thousand. Rubles

stylish and original design boots.This model is decorated with fur inserts.Product emphasize your impeccable taste and originality.Ideal for everyday wear.Heel height about 14 cm. Platform height about 3.5 cm.

Ankle, Laura Valorosa

Price: about 5 thousand. Rubles

charming boots will be a perfect completion of your feminine image.The successful combination of leather and suede will not leave any one indifferent fashionista.Front product supplemented by lacing.High heels accentuate the harmony and beauty of your legs.Lining made of genuine leather.Heel height about 11 cm.


Price: 7,5 thousand. Rubles

Spectacular and stylish high-heeled ankle boots, made in autumn colors, will be a great addition to your wardrobe.Model high heels stable and comfortable, and elegant design will not leave you without attention.Lining material: leather.Heel height is about 10 cm.

Ankle, Basic Editions

Price: 6 - 6.5 thousand. Rubles

This fall you want to look attractive and still attract the views of others?Then these chic boots made especially for you!Model with high heels and platform framed comfortable clasp - lightning.Leather inserts, decorative straps with metal buckles, gives the model a stylish and original look.Lining Material: textiles.Heel height 12.5 cm. Platform height of about 3 cm.


Price: 9.5 - 11 thousand. Rubles

Futuristic open in front of the ankle boots with high heels from the brandUnited Nude, made of genuine leather.The model is decorated with red lacing on the metal loops along the heel and heel.The front part is decorated with a lacing, which controls the degree of fit of the shoe to the foot.Original platform "semolina" reduced the perimeter and supplemented with the sole protectors.Shoes fastened with a massive lightning.Cushioned insole and lining made of genuine leather provide the necessary comfort for your feet.These boots perfectly complement your stylish image.Heel height about 13.5 cm. The backdrop is about 8 cm. Platform height about 2.5 cm.

Ankle, Vitacci

Price: about 5 thousand. Rubles

Elegant high-heeled boots and hiddenplatform.Made in classic black and white colors and feature original "woven" pattern.The inner lining - soft leather.Heel height is about 12 cm. Platform height about 2.5 cm.

So, we told you about the models of ankle boots, which will be popular in the autumn-winter 2012. It is practical and original shoes that will complement any style and fitfor everyday wear and for special occasion.It is worth to buy the original pair of ankle boots, and preferably several pairs, as with the shoes you will not go unnoticed!