Trendy Winter bags for the winter 2012 - 2013

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03 May 2016

Women bag is definitely one of the most popular accessory in the wardrobe of any woman.This bag is for women expression of her personality, completes the integrity of the image, emphasizes fashion style and good taste in the presence of its owner.Therefore, modern women quite thoughtful approach to the choice of this accessory.

Today, there are many models and types of women's handbags for all of life's occasions.They can be large or small, leather or fabric, with small hands or on a belt.Models of fashion handbags set.And no wonder, because fashion is constantly changing, and for the fair sex designers offer new options bags for different situations.

winter of 2012 - 2013 will be a big fashion bags, leather combination of different colors.For example, a combination of dark - brown and orange catchy.Restrained colors in vogue.Popularity will give them a big bag capacity.Many models are made from natural smooth or embossed leather or suede.Fashionable prints for women's handbags winter 2012 - 2013 -

is broken figures, shaped like a crocodile skin.Just look stylish classic cell or pictures with gothic.

1. Fur bags - they are at the peak of popularity in the winter 2012 - 2013.These bags look quite luxurious.Fur can be both smooth and quite long.The mod will be both monotonous and color tone fur bags.

  • For example, a bag of Fur Russian made of rabbit fur and leather.It is handmade.Size 25 x 30 cm. The inner side of the lining fabric products.Straps handbags woven leather.There is an inner pocket.

Price : 4600 rubles.

2. Also in vogue in the cool winter season 2012 - 2013 returned and half-forgotten bag in the form of kegs , who seemed to have long gone out of fashion.To date, these bags in the hands of women look quite modern and stylish.Such a model can be of different sizes: from traffic volume bags to small purses.

  • striking example bags barrel TOSCA BLU 12RB282. bag made in Italy under the brand Minoronzoni SRLMaterial - 100% leather.Size 33 x 19 x 22 cm. Inside, there is one department with two pockets.Top zipper.

Price: 10,000 rubles.

3. Bags-Satchel are still in vogue.This model is designed for women with active lifestyles.It is roomy, comfortable, practical and yet elegant.It should be a lot of branches and pockets, that would be convenient to store all sorts of useful things, such as telephone, cosmetic, and other various accessories.With such a bag woman always everything will be close at hand.

  • Bright representative bags Satchel bag is Orsa Oro. fashionable colors and solid design.Handles medium on the rings.Inside there is one zipped pocket and three pockets for accessories.Rear zippered pocket.There is an adjustable and removable strap.Size: 32 x 26 x 9 cm.

Price : 2300 rubles.

4. Practical and fashionable Tote bags simple in design and quite voluminous.These bags are a practical option for everyday for women who need to take a lot of things.Most often, they have one branch, a rectangular shape, small handles, open top.The main advantage of this model is the capacity, it allows you to do a lot of shopping to carry everything you need right away.

  • Bag - Tote as presented by Orsa Oro. This model discreet colors, rather industrial design.It is roomy.Ahead of the two patch pockets with flaps on the buckles, there is a back pocket with a zipper.Handles are high, you can wear a removable adjustable strap.Inside three pockets for the necessary details.Size: 33h34h10 see.

Price : 2300 rubles.

5. Hobo Bag- has a refined and attractive appearance, along with the rather practical and roomy.Such models are carried out in a crescent shape with a wide handle.Main compartment with zipper.These bags look elegant and feminine, can complement any outfit.They are soft and comfortable to wear.

  • good example of hobo bags can be female bag Liza Marko. It has a relatively inexpensive price, without losing quality.Inside the two main sections and two additional pocket.Bag is made of artificial leather.Size: 32 x 17 x 21 cm. Produced in China.

Price : 1464 rubles

6. In the upcoming winter season 2013 image of a stylish businesswoman is associated with a small trendy handbag - Portfolio .They look elegant and at the same time is unusual.Spectacular views of the model are made of leather with a smooth texture.Such bags are kept in the decoration of jewelry only a zipper.Discreet tone.

  • Originally this model represents a handbag manufacturer Dr.KOFFER. classic office model, made in the style of hi-tech.It is very concise, has underlined the strict form.The surface of the material Saffiano split.Not afraid of rainy weather and snow.Easy to clean from pollution.Thanks samoprizhimayuscheysya handle it can be worn as a folder.Supplied detachable shoulder strap.Main compartment bag quite voluminous.There is a zip pocket and pockets for various accessories.Size: 35 x 24 x 6 cm.

Price: 7400 rubles.

7. still in fashion for winter 2013 is clutch .Women stubbornly refuse to let it go.In the next season, this bag will be relevant in two versions: the classic office and elegant evening.Clutch bags are called in the form of a small size envelope, without handles, with a long strap or loops on the shoulder.They do not fit to carry big things, and they can accommodate only the most necessary minimum of accessories to exit.Clutches are not intended for everyday wear, but they are ideal for an evening wardrobe, and therefore remain highly relevant.Such bags are decorated with stones, beads, lace or chains.

  • Consider female clutch by Renato Angi with a flower. This stylish black clutch with a large multi-colored flower will serve as the best choice in terms of practicality and originality.It has a classic rectangular shape.Closes the button.Inside two compartments and a mirror.Due to the dark color of the clutch Renato Angi will serve for a long time, it's not scary to wear in bad weather.Large flower on the front side, made of leather clutch gives a stylish originality.It can be worn on a chain around his shoulder, in your hand or with a strap over his shoulder.

Price - 11,600 rubles.

8. Bag bag - this fashionable bag in the winter season is popular due to its practicality and stylishness simultaneously.Form at such bags usually rectangular, square or trapezoidal.Sophistication and brightness of the bag attached to its simplicity and brevity.In addition, such bags usually are inexpensive, allowing practical to save your budget.

  • inexpensive models bag - the bag is represented by Sabellino. form from the bag tight.Inside - one large room, there is an internal open pocket for small items and a pocket for a mobile phone, yet there is one zippered pocket.Size: 39 x 36 x 11.5 cm.

Price : 3400 rubles.

9. topical shaped winter season 2013 is strict Bag - messenger , which must be worn by passing the strap diagonally across the torso.

advantage of this model is that the pressure is evenly distributed between the torso and shoulder and his hands remain free.However, and this bag has a number of features that should be considered when purchasing:

  1. walking bag often hits his thigh, because the material should be soft;
  2. bags are dangerous to overload, as this in the shoulder and neck muscles will be strong pressure.For the same reason, it is best to bag straps were wide: the thinner the strap, the more he peredavlivaet skin and increases the likelihood of it rub.
  3. better to choose a model with adjustable strap length, toga, as appropriate, it will be possible to carry the bag on his shoulder.Well, if in addition to a long strap handbags presence of a small handle on top.
  • All these requirements are just completely corresponds handbag company BCBGeneration messenger Edith Mini Messenger.

Price: 3900 rubles.

10. for energetic women, and is interested in sports and active lifestyles ideal backpacks .They are ideal for the residents of modern cities.Backpack or sports bag - is a bright individual style and the ability to move comfortably.

  • below considered women's leather backpack SCC Alliance , made in St. Petersburg.Top it contracts straps and closed by a valve on the magnet.Inside pocket for phone, built-in zippered pocket that divides the interior space into two compartments and a hidden zipper pocket, outside the rear has a welt pockets with zip, as welt pockets with zippers on the sides there are outside.One small pen, 2 straps, adjustable length.

Price : 5600 rubles.

11. If you decide to go on a trip, when it simply can not do without such things as travel bag , which will provide comfort on the road.It does not matter whether you go to the resort, to plunge into the middle of winter or summer just thinking of the cottage with friends for the weekend - without reliable and roomy travel bag you can not do!

  • travel bag - suitcase Delsey Keep'n'Pack has obesshumlennye wheel, system amortization, the zoom function of the internal volume.This model is equipped with a retractable handle on the push-button latch.Built-in security lock with TSA function provides reliable protection of things and documents.The bag has a large central compartment with locking straps.The surface of clean, wear-resistant fabric, equipped with a special rubberized trim elements.The model is equipped with carrying handles which allow transfer of the bag in both the vertical and horizontal position.Lightning protection technology with innovative baggage ZIP SECURI TECH.This travel bag can be called a standard carry-on luggage.

Price : 8900 rubles.

In the wardrobe of every woman must find a place trendy, stylish, attractive designer bags!Pick yourself up, make a gift for the success coveted new clothes, because who but we deserve the best ?!