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03 May 2016

hard to imagine a girl who would not have been interested in fashion trends jewelry.Because thanks to jewelry, women are mysterious, special and interesting.Therefore, in the secret box of jewels girls can always find beautiful and interesting fashion jewelry and accessories.Here are some of the jewelry fanatel women in 2012.

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  • Costume Jewelry Swarovski
  • Jenavi
  • Florange
  • Costume Jewelry Bvlgari
  • Jewelry Tiffany

Jewelry Swarovski - the best collection of reviews and

leader in the creation of highly artistic jeweleryIt is a European brand Swarovski, who has been working for more than a hundred years.A lot of Swarovski products made-to-order, and they are unique in their style.More than that, they are created manually by experienced professionals.The crystals are coated with platinum metals or gold 18-24 carat, making them a perfect shine in the sun.Luxury Swarovski jewelery considered a remarkable frame of female beauty.



once saw jewelry Swarovski, I just fell in love with her.I was a gambler wanted everything at once.I think any woman, she will not be indifferent to such stones.Everyone can find a pebble on the shower.Swarovski stones fine shimmer in the sun like real diamonds, shine, take a variety of shades, tempting attract men with their beauty.I've seen a lot of these stones jewelry - bags, bracelets, figurines, clocks, crystal ware, even paintings and chandeliers.This is impossible to convey the beauty of words.


Women jewelry from Swarovski - it's my passion.I am a passionate fan of Swarovski, and I can not resist such indescribable beauty.Photos may not fully reflect all the beauty and brilliance of crystals Swarovski, it is inexplicable.My favorite accessory is a handbag and bracelet Swarovski, I got a half years ago.To be honest, I do not regret this purchase, such decorations are not ever go out of fashion, with proper care, they will not lose their beauty, and always will be the most beautiful in my wardrobe.

Jewelry Jenavi - bracelets, rings -otzyvy about collections

Jewellery Jenavi (Jenavi) made of antiallergic jewelry alloy plated with silver, gold, copper and rhodium, and a special style and formproducts give the intricate patterns and ethnic motifs, blooming flowers and butterflies, carnival masks and abstract shapes, symbols of the year and a celestial body.To finish the decorations Jenavi use crystals Swarovski, obsidian, pearls, turquoise, malachite, amber, fur, beads, enamel, and others.In addition to traditional shades, new palette crystal jewelry Etalon-Jenavi includes turquoise, olive, purple and pink colors.Jewelry brand differs raznostilevyh author's design, which is designed for people with a variety of taste preferences.



Jewellery « Jenavi » really very interesting and would like to try them immediately.I liked the ring of the brand: with colored stones, funny, very fit bright summer clothes.I do not like to wear gold in the summer.But this summer, just jewelry at the time.Price seemed very high for jewelry.


earrings and bracelet with turquoise from Etalon-Jenavi gave me a girlfriend.I'm not a fan of jewelry, or wear gold, or silver, and jewelry concern to quite condescending.Although, as I understand, this jewelry brand, is still more to the jewelry, there is a part of the silver, though its sample lower than the usual silver jewelry.It looks very nice, and outwardly indistinguishable from silver production.

Jewelry Florange - earrings, rings, necklaces -otzyvy

classic design with a fashionable accent semi-precious natural stones, sputtering of precious metals and crystals Swarovski - all this will help to make your way to truly exquisite and unforgettable!Each decoration This collection includes packaging "premium" class.Each piece is unique, as evidenced by a brand manufacturer in the ring and earrings and a nominal nameplate on the necklace.Each decoration made by the international certificate of conformity, which confirms the good quality of this jewelry.



I became a happy owner of a second set of jewelry jewelry Florange Femme Fatale.In my set of "naturel" includes earrings and necklace that I wear both individually and collectively.In this set are embodied the latest fashion trends of the French jewelry.For the first time he saw a necklace, I was very surprised his extraordinary form, different stones cut Czech glass of green, amber and purple flowers, which are framed by the tracks of Swarovski crystals and stylized bamboo shoots in yellow gold.Earrings are simple in form, but extremely delicate.The combination of several shades of the stones help me pick a necklace and earrings the most diverse clothes in different colors.


I love decorating Florandzh.They are suitable for both everyday use and for publication.Earrings, rings, necklaces will be a perfect gift for any occasion.

Jewelry Bvlgari - reviews of Bulgari jewelry

The most important talisman jewelry brand Bvlgari (Bulgari) is considered to be silver.This is due to the fact that the history of the House of Bvlgari jewelry rooted went to Ancient Greece, where his ancient ancestors were engaged in the silver trade.Jewellery collection of Bvlgari in 2012 focused on the well-known brand symbols - round "heart" in the middle sparkle and shimmer that diamonds, mother of pearl or coated with luminescent onyx.They are surrounded by the inscription - stylized logos of the brand and at the same time the name of the new collection.



Bulgari Jewelry incredibly beautiful jewelry.With it, I feel confident.Jewellery brand Bvlgari have excellent solidity and at the same time give me the image of a romantic girl.I advise anyone who wants to look perfect at all times.


Recently I bought a ring brand Bvlgari.Very pleased.Excellent value for money.Frank wealth luxury with immodest chic, sophisticated style - this is what distinguishes the products Bvlgari, among other brands.

Jewelry Tiffany - bracelets, earrings, rings - reviews

brand Tiffany (Tiffany) is well seen in all - in subtle lines in the original engraving, in the original clasp.The design, which all differ bracelets and jewelry - a basic design jewelry shops.Not surprisingly, Tiffany jewelry, every detail thought out, right down to the fine lines of a tiny heart or inscriptions.Because brand Tiffany- this quality and this you will notice, buying any piece of jewelry: chains, bracelets, pendants, rings.



Jewellery Tiffany - a dream of every girl.For the first time began to acquire such jewelry in 2010.And were satisfied with the quality and price.Jewelry Tiffany - the best option for those who want to go with the fashion in the leg and at the same time save money.This is an excellent option for young girls adorn themselves.


Brand «Tiffany» has always been associated with wealth and luxury.Choosing a gift to his beloved, he chose the company «Tiffany», but rather on a small spring Tiffany.My favorite was very pleased with such a gift.Now, the key is constantly with and night.

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