How to prepare an apartment, and what to buy for the birth of a child?

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15 April 2016

Instinct "nest" is inherent in every woman.And as soon as she understands that front - the first nine months of waiting and a happy addition to the family, she begins to assault children, furniture and construction stores.Under the watchful supervision and no less picky future pope, she chooses the headset in the nursery, the new wallpaper with little animals and cartoon bottle with sliders.

Of course, there are exceptions, but most of the women unfolds violent activities on arrangement of the slot.

content of the article:

  • What motivates future mother?
  • Should I make repairs?
  • Nursery
  • General cleaning
  • Important buying
  • Needful Things kid

nesting instinct

What drives the future mom, covering the entire family of his inexhaustible energy wave?

  • need to create comfortable conditions for the unborn child.
  • Concerns about the safety of the home, free space and clean.
  • The need to stock up on necessary items
  • need to free the house of unnecessary items and to protect the unborn
    child against all possible risks in the apartment.

Renovated apartment before childbirth

course, overhaul a couple of weeks before giving birth - is superfluous.But in some corners of the apartment to pay attention still stands.

  • Pipes .If the pipes in the house there is a problem, then it is better to make a substitution before birth, so you do not frighten the child noise grinders, punch and slang plumbers.
  • ventilation.Ventilation should be intact, especially if the neighbors - the amateurs to smoke a cigar or fry onion onion and bacon.
  • Windows .Drafts in the apartment should not be.Noise - is also an important moment for the restful sleep of the child.We should not forget about the safety of your baby in the already more advanced age when he starts to try the strength of all the items in the house.Based on all this, the best option windows - double-glazed windows (with a complex profile of opening).
  • Wallpapers .Does it make sense to glue them all?Given that very soon they will all be embellished and torn?If, however, update apartment to the birth of the baby wants, it makes sense to think about washing the wallpaper or paint the walls with special eco-friendly paints.Also a good option could be tiles, decorative stone or decorative plaster.
  • bathrooms, taps. Nothing must annoy the future mother.After the birth of time to repair the cranes and other force majeure will not be the parents, and in financial terms, to replace the plumbing is problematic.Therefore, the convenience, comfort and normal functioning plumbing parts worth thinking in advance.
  • sharp corners. Corners for tables can now be purchased at any hardware store.New furniture is better to buy with rounded edges.
  • doors. doors with inserted windows, doors and cupboards and cabinets, is immediately to secure a special film that prevents glass from scattering when accidentally broken.
  • boxes and chests. To avoid pinching your fingers baby, is to attend special holders that do not allow you to open (close) the boxes completely.Or buy special locks that child could not open the closet door.

How to better prepare children for the birth of a child?

Personal space baby, of course, necessary.Firstly, it needs to be somewhere to crawl and play, secondly, somewhere will need to put the mountain of toys, clothes and other baby items.If a separate room, where after some year or two will fade and my mother's father's screwdriver cosmetics available, go to its arrangement should be taken seriously.

In the absence of such a room - it becomes a dedicated area common room.

What you need to take into account the child's room?

  • Sockets .All of them should be placed as high as possible, and each outlet should be closed with special caps.Wires should be hidden in the cable channels.
  • angles .Sharp corners on children's furniture should not be.
  • Wallpapers .The main requirement for the wallpaper in the nursery - sustainability and the ability to wash off regular "masterpieces" of the child.
  • Bed .For breast-fit cradle baby with high sides, which will be convenient for his mom to swing, and the kid will feel in the soothing "fetal distress".For older kids should choose the bed has a more spacious.You might want to just buy a convertible crib for infants with a reserve for the future.
  • Plants .Many of the home colors have to distribute to friends and neighbors - not all of them will be useful for the health of the child.For example, from azaleas, figs, roses, hydrangeas and other flowers have to give.
  • Built .Furniture in the nursery should be free from things - it will take place in the children's clothes (from clothes to bags, carrying and so on.).
  • Plenty .From extra table, floor lamp and ottoman in the nursery should be to get rid of, by sending them to another room or on a summer residence.The child should be spacious.

All the small things that can be inhaled (stationery, jewelry, items for sewing and so on.) As well as important documents should be removed above.

cleaning and disinfection of apartments

clean the apartment, to make the necessary disinfected before the birth of the baby - the process of binding and responsible.But it is better to entrust the future of his father and family, because the expectant mother to deal with these matters will not have time - it will be in the hospital.

Things to take care of the pope to the apartment for the arrival of my mother and the baby was clean?

  • Cleansing ceilings, walls and fixtures from dirt and dust.
  • Cleansing battery (radiators), furniture and carpets.
  • Washing windows with sills and frames
  • scrubbing toilets, baths and toilets.

important to remember that all disinfectants must be hypoallergenic and gentle as possible, and floors must not be slippery (you can apply special decorative and protective coatings - they will protect the floor from future child Arts and prevent accidental fall).

What do I need to buy before discharge from the hospital?

Despite all the prejudices and superstitions expectant mothers, most of them, still trying to buy the necessary things in advance.After giving birth to do it will be difficult.Not to mention the fact that clothing, cribs and various small things your child needs from the first days.What you need to buy in the first place?

Select stroller:

Choice wheelchairs now very extensive: color, additional features, size and so on. But in addition to an attractive external appearance, stroller should be different maximum comfort for the child.What to look for when buying a stroller:

  • protection from rain, snow, sun, mosquitoes (the presence of canopy, awning, envelope for the legs, raincoat, mosquito nets);
  • Availability steps for the child's legs;
  • possibility of throwing the handle in the right direction;
  • possibility of transforming carriages ("sitting-lying, half-sitting");
  • carriage width corresponds to the width of passage of the elevator in the house;
  • Easy stroller (the possibility of its launching and recovery without the help of the Pope);
  • Accessories (bag-carrying, shopping for clothes, table mat, bag for moms on the handle, pockets and so on.).

Wheelchair-cot for the baby, whose birth is expected in the winter, is preferable.From wind and frost, it is best to save.The drawback - the complexity of the movement of a wheelchair.Given these nuances will be more convenient stroller-transformer, which is easy to fold and disassembled, and also has a complete cradle, protect the baby from the wind on all sides.

Choosing a crib:

That immediately creates a bed in the children's room atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and fairy tales.Especially emphasized unobtrusive light canopy, musical carousel and gentle shades covered.Of course, bed linen for the child shall always be new and produced only from natural fabrics.What to look for when buying a crib?

  • Cot 3-5 years - the ideal solution.Cradle - fun for half a year, and your child will need a large bed soon.The bed should be removable bumpers and the possibility of assembly and disassembly.Well, if the wheels can be replaced by the crib "pendulum" - a lot of these models today.This will shake the baby in the crib right.
  • crib bumpers should adjusted in height .While the baby is small, it is more convenient to move in a crib with a low lowered overboard.When growing up, it is better to raise the board above, the child is not dropped.
  • ideal multifunction option - cot with changing table and drawers for baby clothes.
  • mattress in the crib child needs to buy with environmentally friendly natural filler .It is desirable, orthopedic, and the ability to change (and laundry) cover.
  • soft side now sold in every children's store.To avoid lumps kid who will inevitably fall into the bed in an attempt to learn how to walk.
  • Canopy - most attractive thing for Mom.The child she was, by and large, unnecessarily.If without it you can not manage, you will need to wash them constantly, so the dust does not accumulate on the child's head.Again, you should carefully check the strength of the fixed bracket.A child learns to stand up, it can pull off on pulling the canopy.

Linens in the crib:

This list depends on the capabilities of the parents, but the essentials of the baby, of course, should be.Namely:

  • warm winter blanket;
  • Baykova light blanket;
  • Sheets, at least 3-4 pieces;
  • Duvet cover, at least 2 pieces;
  • orthopedic pillow for newborn (or folded in several layers of diaper - large pillow newborn baby can not);
  • diapers thin, at least 8-10 pieces;
  • Diaper Warmer (flannel), 6-7 pieces.

Furniture for baby:

  • Chest (cabinet) for storing clothes and baby items;
  • changing table;
  • high chair;
  • basket of toys.

clothes and things for the baby

  • thin undershirts (no internal seams) (3-4);
  • undershirts with sleeves sewn (the baby accidentally scratched himself) (2-3);
  • thin overalls (3-4);
  • Overalls for walking, in winter and spring (2-3);
  • Body (3-4);
  • Sliders (preferably with straps to back baby was protected from the cold) (4-5);
  • warm blouse (2-3);
  • Warm pants (2-3);
  • Warm and thin socks (4-5);
  • Thin caps (2-3);
  • Warm caps (2-3);
  • Caps for walking, warm and thin;
  • Kit for hospital (available in all children's stores).

rest individually.Depending on the capabilities and desires of the parents.

Necessary stuff:

  • Baby shampoo and bath foam.Of course, hypoallergenic and safe;
  • Baby soap;
  • Children cream and powder (talc);
  • Wipes (hypoallergenic);
  • Bottles with dummy (2-3), the nipple is better to take with a stock - when the baby starts teething, nipples "flying" one after the other;
  • Rattles (from safe, easily washable materials);
  • spoon, bottle brush;
  • Children washing powder;
  • nappies (diapers) with a stock;
  • Bibs (3-4);
  • Heater baby food;
  • formula.Even if the baby is fed breast milk, there are cases where the mixture is needed.For example, a mother must go for, or simply a child eats;
  • Tray.The tub is better to choose "anatomical" Mom was able to bathe the child alone when dad busy.Again, it makes sense to take a bath with a special drain hole that my mother did not have to suffer by pouring water from it every night;
  • oilcloth, two pieces;
  • Terry large towel (2-3);
  • baby carrier for carrying the baby (to six months, not before);
  • car seat (to six months);
  • Scissors with rounded edges;
  • Soft hairbrush for babies;
  • thermometer for baby, plus a thermometer for water;
  • Pacifiers.Not all children like pacifiers, and doctors are advised not to teach children to the nipples, not to spoil the bite, and so on. Not to mention that then wean the baby from the pacifier is very difficult.But if the need is still there, the pacifier is better to take the anatomical shape.Well clothespin with a chain it does not hurt to regularly spits the nipple does not fall to the floor.


newborn babies do not need a lot of toys.Musical Carousel and a few bright rattles.But the older child of four or five months, it is already possible to buy different toys.Plush stuffed toys small children to buy is not necessary - they act as dust collectors.

main requirements for toys:

  • safe materials;
  • washable surface;
  • sizes, do not allow your child to swallow the toy;
  • lack of fine detail;
  • Educational function (fine motor skills and so forth.).

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