Clothing Peter Hahn: the pros and cons of this brand.

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04 May 2016

Peter Hahn - is well-known German brand that is known and loved around the world.In the fashion industry, this brand has been known for more than 50 years.He has an excellent reputation among consumers, thanks to the excellent combination of original design, good quality and reasonable price.In this directory you will find an exclusive brand clothes, shoes, fashion handbags and other accessories.

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For a woman fit the image of Peter Hahn?

Peter Hahn - is clothing for people, who around appreciates beauty, exclusivity and quality .These people know what they want from life and purposefully go to the goal.The manufacturer known for its knitted clothes and natural materials Tasmanian wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. to the materials and their processing P

eter Hahn puts very high demands, that much in all its collections.

Among the collections of the fashion house, every woman will find a perfect outfit.After Peter Hahn has a large variety of styles fashionable casual wear, strict office stuff, evening dresses, extravagant models for lovers of experiments.With things from this brand, you will forget the dilemma of "nothing to wear."

history of the brand Peter Hahn

company Peter Hahn GmbH was founded in 1964 in the city of Winterbach.Initially, the firm engaged in production of jackets, coats and capes of wool Lama.By the end of the 80s, the company was engaged in issuance exclusively women's clothing from natural materials.A number of fashion houses in Germany has increased to 27.

In subsequent years, the company continued to develop, and gradually reaches the international level.Peter Hahn opens its offices in 10 European countries .Fans of the brand from Germany and Switzerland may receive individual consultation in numerous fashion houses of the brand, which opened in those countries.

In 1999, Atelier Goldner Schnitt, Peter Hahn and Madeleine are combined into one enterprise - TriStyle-Holding .At the beginning of the XXI century, the holding company opens its subsidiaries in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.During this period, opened the first online shopping Peter Hahn Online-Shop .

In 2009 the company was awarded the Peter Hahn award "The sender of the Year 2009" at the 13th Congress of the mail-order trade in Germany.The Russian manufacturer of clothes can be ordered from catalogs through many intermediaries who carry out delivery across the country.

Women's clothing line Peter Hahn.Trendy collection Peter Hahn.

Apparel Peter Hahn - this is the dream of every woman: elegance, elegance and originality.The central image of the brand is fashionable, confident woman , who appreciates refinement and good quality.The catalogs Peter Hahn You can find elegant evening wear, casual wear comfortable, strict office stuff.With a wardrobe of things of this brand, you can easily gather for any event.

collections of women's clothing Peter Hahn have several advantages:

  • The catalogs of the manufacturer will be able to find his way as girl model looks , so and owner of magnificent forms .All things are very easy to combine with each other;
  • All products Peter Hahn, whether it be clothes, shoes or accessories made from the highest quality materials .Fine knitwear, cashmere and silk, with high water absorption, very thin cotton.A wide variety of colors ranging from classic restrained tones to bright rampant;
  • large variety of styles .Among the products of this brand suitable things and fans of the classic image, and inveterate party girl, and extravagant nature who love to experiment;
  • In addition to clothing, under this brand are manufactured footwear and accessories , so look through the catalog, you can not just pick up the image, and add to it a scarf or hat, bag, earrings and bracelets.

features Garment care Peter Hahn.Quality clothes Peter Hahn.

Peter Hahn won its popularity among consumers thanks large range, high quality, interesting design and affordable price .All dresses are designed for people who appreciate things in elegance, quality and beauty.Clothing of this brand is made from natural fabrics: cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, which require special care.Also, many shoppers worried about whether or not the things of the brand as good as described in catalogs.

We will try to answer these questions:

  • Since all sewed only collection of natural fabrics, things of this brand creates a sense of comfort when worn, they retain heat well and breathable. They will serve you for many years, at the same time without losing its original appearance ;
  • Peter Hahn is known for its jerseys.In order for such things well preserved its appearance, followed need special care .The basic rule: the longer loop, the neater such things to be enjoyed. Wash jerseys best in warm water by hand , their can not rub or twist .Also, such product is better not to soak.Dry these things should be carefully spread out on a towel.

feedback forums on women who have purchased clothing company Peter Hahn

the Women's Forum is quite often seen reviews groupies brand Peter Hahn.Here are some of them:


catalog By Peter Hahn ordered a dress.Wait, of course, had more than two weeks, but it was worth it.Dress it one to one in the photo, beautiful color.I wear with pleasure!:)


flipping latest catalog: things interesting, but too casual.I would like to see something a bit more unusual.


recently bought a knit sweater this brand.Impressions of the sea: a beautiful design, the fabric soft to the touch.Dressing him feel very comfortable.All the things I recommend this brand.


I blouse in the locker room of the company, as always, good quality, heavy, not rumpled.It looks like a model.Ordered 48 Russian size 40 and 42 German.In the end, I bought - 40. Pleased that a good length for my height 160 cm. And the cuffs can bend.The price is too high, but the left.


fact, size does not fit our size: 40 took the Russian 46 (with a tendency to 48 hips) and even the "drowned" in a sweater.But the quality of the fabric on the picture is not so represented: the fabric is quite thin, and very noticeable scar.But still, very happy shopping!


bought last year a great vest!The quality of the mark.On the size 50-52 approached Russian German 44. From that moment began to order clothes through the internet.In my wardrobe I have 6 pieces of clothing from Peter Hahn.And that's not going to stop me!


ordered two coats of this brand, size 40 and 42.My Russia - 48 (breast volume - 90 Hips - 96).In the end, I came up jacket size 42.The company felt immediately.The color in the real world turned out to be brighter than I expected.I left (qualitatively sewn), light.Expensive so I put 4+.But all I recommend, it's worth it!

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