Stylish coats for the winter 2012 - 2013. Choose the right!

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04 May 2016

In winter sheepskin coat - an indispensable article of clothing.It is not only warm, but also creates a unique fashionable image.The fur coat is not afraid of no rain, nor snow, nor frost.In addition, the article of clothing is given more and more space on the fashion catwalks.However, the sheepskin coat (quality) is not small money, so to such purchase should be prepared in advance.

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  • quality coats: how to define?
  • the top 10 models of winter sheepskin on any purse

quality criteria winter coats

majority of Russian consumers prefer sheepskin coats of sheep skin, but there are also coats of astrakhan, goat, and even kangaroo skins.But the latest version 3 - a rather exotic than a necessity.Sheepskin sheep skins - is not only a warm but also a beautiful piece of clothing.However, depending on the quality of sheepskin and her warmth, and her appearance.In order to determine a quality product from a fake, you should "test" him on 5 criteria:

  1. Looks. So, you came for the sheepskin coat, first inspect it properly.Spread the product on the shelves, and thoroughly examine each joint individually and as a whole.Start with a pile: Swipe your finger, as if drawing the strip if it is clear and obvious, the quality sheepskin in front of you, if not, then later in the pile will divorce.Then pay attention to the seams: they must be double, overlap.The pockets should be sewn (not glued).At the very sheepskin coat should not be scratches, bald spots and roughness.And do not forget to sniff the product, as a sharp chemical smell indicates that the product has been processed, which is not only bad for you, but for others.
  2. important that sheepskin sitting! Once you have successfully done the first point, move on to fitting.This is always the case!For fitting You will need at least 5-10 minutes.Wearing sheepskin vote as she looks at you sitting, but do not rush to take it off!Walk, poprisedayte, raise your hands.During this "gymnastics" must not slide into a tube skirt, sleeves and pockets should not warp, raising one shoulder, the other at the same time must not wake up house.And, ideally, a fitting to take a skirt and during this time you will learn how comfortable you will be in the sheepskin coat.
  3. And you sheepskin flowed! classic color choice in the production of sheepskin straddles three major: brown, black and olive.These colors last long, virtually no fade, are ideally combined with other colors, respectively, last longer.However, fashion trends dictate the variety of colors in the production of sheepskin.Therefore, if you decide to choose a colored sheepskin, remember: the brighter the color, the more likely it is leaching and burning, ieshortens the life of sheepskin.
  4. label - only sewn! Remember once and for all: if you want to buy high-quality sheepskin, which will serve you for many years (this rule applies to clothes and other items), pay attention to the labels!There is clear and understandable must be specified: manufacturer, barcode, composition, international characters care product.And most importantly, this label must be sewn, just like that!Never cut the label carefully sew it better, but so that if necessary, it can be "otshit" and read the information.
  5. adequately price! cost of coats depends on several factors: the manufacturer, as well as finishing.So, once the reservation that buy cheaper sheepskin 10 - 15 thousand. Rubles, you can, but to talk about it just as useless.Up to 15 thousand. Rubles, you can buy sheepskin Russian, Chinese and Turkish production, but its bolshinmstve they are heavy and awkward design.Spanish sheepskin made in France, Spain and Turkey will cost you from 20 to 40 thousand. Rubles.Well, the most sophisticated and high-quality coats are produced in Italy, and it is a pleasure will cost you a round sum - 40 - 60 thousand. Rubles and more.Do not forget about the decoration: fur hood and sleeves add to the total amount of at least 5 - 15 thousand rubles., Depending on the fur.

Well, and, of course, should not go on about the marketing strategies .On quality sheepskin discounts can not be more than 20-25%, asno one is working at a loss!It is cheaper to buy a sheepskin coat the online store (in fact there is no fee for the lease of premises), but buy only proven shops!

Top 10 winter sheepskin

1. Sheepskin J.-230 from the "Golden Fleece" (color: dark chocolate)

Description : Women's sheepskin coat in the best traditions of European fashion.Convenient hood with raccoon fur hairy.Nothing extra - quality and flawless fit.The protective coating of the latest generation extremely stable and reliable.The sides and leaves pockets reinforced elegant leather details.

Cost: about 47,000 rubles.

2. Sheepskin by Giorgio Rotti

Description : Tuscan lambskin with a premium finish.Excellent model for romantic women, which is perfect, as every day, and for a special occasion.

Cost: about 70,000 rubles.

3. Sheepskin from KUZU

Description : Stylish model coats for active and romantic people.Ideal combined as with trousers and a skirt.And with this sheepskin coat will look great boots and high boots.

Cost: 45,000 rubles.

4. Sheepskin J.-125 from the "Golden Fleece" (color: mocha)

Description : Gorgeous Tuscan lambskin sheepskin coat from the belt.European design and quality materials.The protective coating of last generation.Flawless tailors and perfect fit.

Cost: about 47,000 rubles.

5. Sheepskin by Giorgio Rotti

Description : This model is made in sheepskin military style.Simply decorated and maximum protection from cold and wind.Perfect for strong frosts.

Cost: about 65,500 rubles.

6. Sheepskin Rassado ivory TM BARASHEK

Description : Elegant sheepskin pelts of Spanish lamb with a short nap.This sheepskin is very easy!The perfect choice for weekend trips around the city, as well as for going to an exhibition in the theater.Elegant sheepskin that can give the charm to any image.Its pleasant, noble ivory immediately create a delightful mood, provide you from the crowd and inevitably draw the attention of passers-by on you!

Cost: about 63,000 rubles.

7. Sheepskin J.-216 from the "Golden Fleece" (black ice)

Description : Stylish double-breasted sheepskin coat with a collar - Front.Mink fur trim.Warm and easy thing.The latest super- stable protective coating protects against scratching and getting wet.Excellent freedom of movement.Model perfectly underlines the figure.

Cost: about 36,000 rubles.

8. Sheepskin from VERSACE COLLECTION

Description : short model is perfect for active girls, but this model is better to buy for the southern region.Trendy sheepskin made in the style biker leather jackets.Ideal for a rebel!

Cost: 60,000 rubles.

9. Sheepskin from MABRUN

Description : Luxury model is made of Tuscan lambskin.Refined silhouette and fashionable color models will not leave indifferent any fashionista!And the fur collar of fox betray you elegance and exclusivity!

Cost: 105,000 rubles.

10. Sheepskin DD-119 from Grafinia

Description : Sheepskin coat made of skins of lamb merino, curly fur, leather trim, hood removable in this model is the ability to choose from: anthracite with white fur, blackbrown.

Cost: 42 500 rubles.

If you have the experience of buying winter coats, share it with us!It is very important to know your opinion!