Departmental kindergarten and private - to compare and choose!

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15 April 2016

Definitely can not say it is a good form of kindergarten or not.The fact that in our time is becoming less of kindergartens, which are subject to a specific organization.This practice has long been used as the United States, especially in hospitals, where a parent has irregular working hours and can be immediately called to the hospital.At any point in the middle of the day mom or dad are free to visit the children.Garden and see their child.In our state is a little different institution, it all depends on the organization and the goals it pursues.

Also nowadays there are more and more private childcare.Again, one can not say it is bad or good.After each "private trader" their range of services and, consequently, price list for these services.Let's sort out these forms kindergartens.

content of the article:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of departmental
  • Advantages Disadvantages Private
  • "privateersĀ»

Advantages and disadvantages of departmental gardens

Departmental gardens in the Sovie

t past was an alternative government.All parents believed to attach to the happiness of their child.Today, these gardens became much smaller, but nevertheless still present.

Their advantages:

  • training program is coordinated with the enterprises (organizations), which employs the parents of the children garden;
  • Smaller groups compared with public gardens;
  • variety of programs;
  • more rich environment;
  • more interesting menu (again, compared to the state gardens).

Disadvantages :

  • Ā«From the street" in a garden, it is impossible to get there.Is that for a higher fee.

Benefits privateers

Private kindergartens, the number of which, by the way, always growing, always competing with government.


  • qualified teaching staff;
  • Better conditions for recreation and education of children;
  • Small groups (five to ten persons);
  • individual approach to the child;
  • possibility of a menu based on the preferences of the child;
  • Permanent work with children pediatrician and psychologist;
  • Additional services that are not possible in the public gardens;
  • Modern games and toys;
  • Availability manned rooms (sports and music);
  • possibility of learning a foreign language through its direct support;
  • opportunity for parents to influence the educational and training process, attend classes, inspect the kitchen and so on.


  • High cost (from five hundred to a thousand dollars per month and above);
  • When a child's illness fee for missed days, as a rule, does not come back;
  • beyond the control of government agencies ("ask" with private garden for non-sanitary standards is not possible);Location
  • garden is rarely close to home.

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