Best winter wheelchairs for children

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16 April 2016

Though strollers are the children's transport, choose them adults is meticulously discussing the model, maneuverability and functionality.Especially difficult to choose a stroller for pogodok.With a choice of carriages winter things are much harder: it should be as comfortable and meet all the requirements of children's transport to travel on snow-covered expanses.

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What to look for when choosing?

to buy exactly the carriage, which will be indispensable and magic wand on the street, you can take a notebook and make a list of parameters that need to be taken into consideration in the winter for a baby carriage.These parameters are each their own, but still remain the basic weight, appearance, throughput, cost and comfort.So, what to look for when choosing a winter children's transport?

  1. Cradle .Warm cradle - one of the main features of the winter stroller.Select cradle should be given the fact that the baby w
    ill be further wrapped in a warm blanket and overalls (envelope).
  2. Wheels .Wheels at the winter stroller should be strong and big to roll it was possible, and on the asphalt, and snow.Small wheels, because of their proximity to the earth axis, will stick in the snow.It is better if the material of the wheels or tires is polyurethane.The latter option has the advantage - such wheels can not puncture.
  3. Availability warm cover leg complete with a baby stroller (warm envelope for the kids).
  4. Brakes .Brakes winter kids' transport essential.What For?When you place your wheelchair with a sloping hill, the steps or ramp when leaving the store or at home, in the pedestrian subway and so on. In case of danger, especially when your hands are busy mom shopping, it could save the handbrake kid from danger (foot - useless insuch cases, although it may contribute to fixing the carriage on the spot).
  5. protected from weather. One of the main advantages of winter stroller should be water resistant and protection from rain, wind and other weather phenomena.Wheelchair should be warm and have special tents.
  6. Design .It all depends on the willingness of parents.The choice of models today is not just a wide and extensive.And find among them their own, the most beautiful, were not working.The main thing is to design a consistent set of requirements for carriage.
  7. Carriage weight .Weight is important even if the presence of the passenger (cargo) elevator in the building.Pulls the wheelchair up the steps, in any case will have on their own.
  8. -road wheelchair. Big wheels will not let a wheelchair get stuck in snowdrifts or roots of trees.
  9. comfort and convenience. Winter transport the child to be so spacious that the baby was placed in it, wrapped in overalls and a blanket.But the width of the wheelchair must conform Lifting opening.
  10. handle ."Rudder" strollers should be comfortable, with the possibility of regulating the growth of a mother and with the possibility to throw a pen in the other direction.
  11. basket under the stroller. Availability basket - a must.Drag myself bags from the store while pushing a stroller through the snow - uncomfortable.Another detail: basket should contain a bag even when lying position stroller.
  12. cost .Cost of winter stroller today - from five to fifty thousand.And not the fact that the "coach" for twenty thousand is better than ten.It is necessary to determine the amount that may be spent on a carriage, and only then choose the model up to that amount.

Children's winter stroller is not a luxury, it is - the need and choice of stroller should take into account all the subtleties and nuances to the baby and mother were the most convenient for a walk.

Types s imnih Chair

Nobody, of course, would argue with the fact that for the development and health of the child are important walk in the fresh air.And the winter should not be a hindrance to the full walk.We just need to make it safe and comfortable for the child.What are the different kinds of winter wheelchairs?

  1. Wheelchair-cradle. most suitable for walking with a newborn in the winter.This stroller is light moving through the snow and resistance.Closed basket on a high base allows you to fully protect your child from the cold, snow and wind.In the Russian context is especially popular with strollers warmed cradles.
  2. Universal stroller. for these models will be installed at as a seat for the stroller and closed cradle or car seat.The carriage has a long service life and provides an easy and smooth movement.
  3. Wheelchair transformer .Advantages: rapid transformation stroller in the stroller, bassinet, lightness of weight, saving space in the apartment, easy storage and transportation.

What should be s imnyaya stroller for a newborn ?

If a baby is born in the cold season, then to the choice of transportation for trips should be approached seriously and carefully.In fact, after my mother's warm belly in the frosty air the baby, at least, uncomfortable.A daily walk - a must in the day program.What parameters should have a winter carriage for a newborn baby?

  • Warm and cozy cradle;
  • bottom located as high as possible off the ground;
  • space in the wheelchair (wide berth) to the baby, wrapped in a warm fur envelope and overalls can easily fit in the cradle.Do not forget to tailor the width of the doors of the elevator and carriage;
  • Closeness cradle (no leaks, ie closed) and the absence of cracks in the ground anchorages;
  • high side of the cradle and deep tight hood;
  • Availability raincoat and umbrella for Mom fixed to the handle of the carriage;
  • large rubber wheels;
  • Good depreciation (the best - in a wheelchair with a chassis similar to the letter X).

5 best winter models

1. Wheelchair transformer Inglesina

Benefits :

  • regulation back in three positions;
  • system Easy Clip, which is equipped with a shopping cart (for installation of the cradle or the stroller seat forward facing or facing the parents);
  • Natural materials interior trim;
  • Removable cover recreational unit;
  • five-point harness on the stroller seat;
  • mesh inserts for a summer stroll on the hood;
  • Warm cover for the feet complete;
  • height adjustable handle;
  • Powerful inflatable removable wheels;
  • system addition - "book";
  • rear brakes.

cost : 20,000 - 30,000 rubles.

Manufacturer : Italy

Reviews parents:


Inglesina currently looked after even when pregnant went.At first, sonny ever slept in it, well, very comfortable stroller.With just one finger you can download.By :) steps dragged without problems, on the road - excellent behaved, no squeaks, no brakes.The child does not freeze it.It is possible to change the situation.There is no shortage!I Recommend!


Do not hesitate to take Inglesina.Cradle design is excellent, the price ... a tall, of course.But among the Chair of the European level - quite reasonable.Traction in snow excellent, suspension for five-plus, beautiful - eyes do not take.:) never for a moment regretted.Dimensions cradle optimal, easily fits in a warm winter clothes.I advise everyone.Excellent stroller.

2. The carriage-transformer Emmaljunga


  • Wheelchair world-class;
  • Automatic mount EASY FIX (safety and ease of mounting cradle or the stroller seat to the chassis in two positions - back or face-to-movement);
  • footrest is regulated;
  • handle is regulated by growth mum in several positions;
  • rocking function (the ability to rock the baby in the cradle, located on the floor);
  • protection for the baby's head: Safe Frame, HI PRO (shock-damping mechanism is triggered by the fall of the back);
  • breathability and thermal insulation properties for the child's comfort in any weather (ThermoBase);
  • Damping Control System;
  • brake pedal and the brake soft lock;
  • Five-point seat belt;
  • Stability wheel puncture;
  • deep hood;
  • Spacious shopping basket;
  • grid from insects and the sun, built-in hood;
  • lightweight chassis of steel;
  • Antifreeze, water- and stain-resistant fabric;
  • Reversible cover for the feet.

cost : 16,000 - 45,000 rubles.

Manufacturer : Sweden

Reviews parents:


long read reviews, looked narrowly and stopped the choice on Emmaljunga.Winter snow, and the son of the winter - in full in the cold walk up)).The wheels are elegant, wheelchair fails, control - shine.Depreciation is also on the level.Wide enough child it does not skukozhivaetsya - spacious.All the covers are removed, erased.Disadvantage - too heavy, and does not fit into the elevator.To drag the stroller on the fourth floor.Still super coach.)


Class stroller!Sweden - it is Sweden.And the winter and summer - in one package.Armchair rearranged face - where necessary, the wheel - super, no wheelchair - a real tank.)) Through any snow goes without brakes.All clean, all unfastened, the mass of different cool gadgets.Heavy that's just me her husband raises home.Well, the place takes a lot of home.But this is all nonsense in comparison with the pleasure that you experience when you carry the baby in it.I advise.

3. City Lanser


  • Powerful inflatable wheels with air spring amortization;
  • reversing handle, the ability to adjust for growth;
  • functional carry-cot;
  • viewing window and a pocket on the hood;
  • Convenient large basket, bag for mom;
  • reliable braking system;
  • Availability raincoat, a cover for the legs, mosquito nets;
  • A wide range of colors.

cost : 8000 - 10,000 rubles.

Manufacturer : Poland.

Reviews parents :


amazing stroller.Depreciation is cool, is not blown, very warm.Baby ride, were delighted.Minus - hard, hard in the entrance to her.One gets the book, inflatable wheels, the handle is wide, spreads very convenient.As the snow is great, all the snow - not a hindrance.Excellent stroller.If so, who dragged her into the apartment - super option.:)

4. Wheelchair Bumbleride

Benefits :

  • lightweight aluminum frame;
  • Pumped powerful wheel-driven front wheels;
  • Ability to turn the seat in the desired direction;
  • Five-point safety belts and their quick removal;
  • backrest and footrest are regulated;
  • adjustable handle;
  • Easy addition and folding;
  • Large tray for shopping;
  • Cradle + seat unit;
  • cover for the legs, raincoat;
  • pump, cup holder;
  • Headrests, hangers for children.

cost : 10,000 - 30,000 rubles.

Manufacturer : Poland.

Reviews parents :


Braley Bumbleride b / y (new was a little expensive).Excellent stroller.The child may sleep for a long time, the legs do not dangle - horizontal position.Easy, cross-country, develops quickly, large hood and detachable.It was an alternative to other brands, but the carriage went by weight - it is not too heavy.Raincoat - what we need, closes the entire carriage.Not close, my daughter is completely housed in a fur envelope, no problem at all.


Decent coach.Managed :) to cheer.Sonny even my eldest daughter (eight years) to ride on the snow without effort.Maneuverable, comfortable, complete - all that can be useful (and a raincoat, and a carrying case, and a pump, etc.. :) Less: complicated system of lifting and lowering the back. Overall, pleased. I recommend.

5. Peg Perego

Benefits :

  • Three position backrest;
  • Raincoat for stroller and crib (zip);
  • maximum horizontal position for the baby;
  • five-point harness;
  • handle;
  • Removable front handle;
  • wheels with bearings and springs, front - rotating, rear - with an inner chamber (pump included);
  • bottle holder;
  • Brakes;
  • telescopic handle;
  • elastic straps on the cart;
  • Adapters for car seats;
  • functional bag;
  • added together with a cradle chassis.

cost : 7000 - 20,000 rubles.

Manufacturer : Italy.

Reviews parents :


after the first birth regretted money.After the second broke down and bought the Peg Perego.Miracle, not a wheelchair.Minus one: cart is rubbed a little lower.However, I was loading bags to many, which is not surprising.:) Maneuverability is excellent, soft shock absorbers, belts - super dityu not interfere, and at the same time very strong.The front wheels are fixed in the winter, and then drove through the snow with a bang.:) In general, a good stroller.I do not regret.


exploiting the third year, with the second child.In the city, in the country, in the woods, in winter and summer.All tests stood to cheer.In any part of the lift in any machine breaks, handle height adjustable, maneuverable, depreciation excellent.Super!Disadvantage: difficult to roll with one hand.We left for the third kid (in the future).:) recommend unequivocally.

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