Clothing from Coccapani.

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05 May 2016

Italian fashion had created many masterpieces.Brand Coccapani is a prime example.Designers working on the creation of clothing the company, adhere to the permanent goals and ideals.The clothing company produces in Italy.If you buy something from the brand Coccapani, the can be assured of excellent quality tailoring and fabrics.You do not have to worry that things will be enough for one or two seasons. Because such companies as brand Coccapani simply will not allow themselves to release something untested strength, comfort and style, in other words, producers value their honor and dignity and care for women.Consequently, tissue used in the creation of each model tested on the composition and density to meet quality specifications.

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  • who created clothes for the brand Coccapani?
  • History brand Coccapani
  • clothing line from Coccapani
  • How to care for clothing Coccapani?
  • recommendations and testimonials from women who wear clothing brand Coccapani

For some suitable clothes from Coccapani ?

If you - a woman who loves himself and his inner world, if you like the style full of grace, elegance and grace , then you should definitely get acquainted with branded clothing Coccapani closer.Many women who know and appreciate their ideals and achieve their objectives, in general, represent the modern self-confident woman, but at the same time adhere to the canons of femininity and beauty, choose to brand Coccapani many others.

History brand Coccapani

The magic of Italy is born a lot of well-known clothing brands.Among them is the place of honor relatively young but well-known brand Coccapani.Although the name he is only ten years old, and until 2002 year all knew this brand under the name The Marchese Coccapani . creator of the brand, Giorgio Ferrari, so inspired the restoration of an ancient masterpiece of Italian architecture that had a strong desire to express in their own way all the beauty of design, elegance of lines and frames of the building, built in the 18th century.This villa, once belonged to a noble family Coccapani, which gave the name brand clothing, releases a collection of class "luxury".

In 1993 year main face of the company asked to become an incomparable Claudia Schiffer .She accepted the offer, and the cooperation with well-known model is still a little-known brand lasted about 7 years.Due to the popularity of the brand has reached the borders of Italy and gradually moved to other countries.In 1997 the brand Coccapani committed debut on the catwalk in Milan .Fashionable audience was delighted.

Later face of the brand became other famous top models such as, Eva Herzigova, Megan Gale, Valeria Marin.

After the change of name in 2002 The Marchese Coccapani more sonorous Coccapani, case companies sharply went uphill , and began to grow in popularity.It may, of course, it's a coincidence, but at the same time the creator of the brand a little bit modernized collection, adding they style and modernity, all this, in general, gave a new impetus to the development and promotion of the brand Coccapani.

In year 2005 was presented to the world a new collection Coccapani Trend.

What makes a brand Coccapani for women?

The range of brand name clothes today so wide that having the necessary capabilities, can be fully assembled themselves wardrobe staple .The creators of clothing under the brand name Coccapani soul and spend every model in the spirit of the Italian past and future.

offered different models , ranging from luxury evening and casual dresses and ending comfortable T-shirts and clothes for the house.No woman will remain without new clothes.In every collection there is something suitable for any demanding fashionista.Clothing of this brand is considered to be elite .Wearing any item on Coccapani, you add your image luxurious Italian furnishings.

Care of clothes from the brand Coccapani

to care for clothing from Coccapani need come with great responsibility , if you want things pleasing to you for a long time.It is impossible not to hope that the high-quality fabric itself will serve you for many years.She needed the help.Follow all instructions on the label of each item.Keep in the right position and proper form.Do not leave things in the unwashed form for a long time.Invisible dust clogs the tissue and they wear faster.

Reviews real women about clothing brand Coccapani


Pants from the brand I chose a long time.Size is not suitable.As a result, in my 48 came from 44 pants size.The quality is excellent at them.They sit very well.I did not take in covering and smoothed the folds, and immediately seemed to me a kind of cheap.Of the minuses: first, pants a little pricked the skin, but after to steam them, everything was fine.The day may wrinkle slightly, but after a night on the rack bounce back.The thing is designed for autumn-winter season.


As a measure of the trousers in the boutique.It turned firm Coccapani.That's the quality is good, but it seemed too expensive for such a simple little pattern and style, even without padding.In general, the enthusiasm did not cause.I did not take.


My dress from the brand Coccapani sewn from thick high-quality knitwear.Very simpatichnenkoe.Everyone who sees me in it, ask where purchased.He is such a versatile design that can be put in the office and a restaurant.For me sitting very well.But my girlfriend measure it, so she sleeves so protrude strange that look like wings.Perhaps the reason is the different sizes of shoulders, they have fewer friends than me.So not everyone is suitable dress.


Seeing his cardigan at the store, I immediately decided - will be mine!He's so bright and attractive, adds effektnosti my way.That I'm happy to purchase one hundred percent!Thank you for such a unique brand models.


I love this company.I have a lot of things from Coccapani.They are versatile and very comfortable.The quality of the fabric and sew on top.I especially like the dress.The fabric of the type that can make and below the knee and above, and in either case sits well.It is more everyday than a celebratory way.So I wear it very often, and it turns out nice and comfortable.The washing is absolutely unpretentious, slightly rumpled.I advise all my friends to choose this company.Besides, the price is available.


How is my friend ordered a dress online store, not cheap - over nine thousand almost.We decided so, who will suit, and she buys.Because the picture liked both, but we have different figures.Our impressions were: nice material for the body, it seems, the only plus.Everything else: the bottom of some rough, thought may well conceived, but still looks ugly, drawing tying a strange, Xhosa connected differently, such as sags unclear.Instead of white dresses, the color turned some milk.Agree, it's not the same thing.In general, the dress looks so-so at both of us.What a disappointment because we were sure that one of us will be a new thing.We realized that for such a thing too high price and refused.


I have a very good tunic from Coccapani with drapes just in the abdomen.And I have there problem area.After birth, the skin on her stomach sagged, and no fitness is not helping.We have to adjust with the help of clothes.And this tunic my salvation.It is through this drapirovochki good hiding my tummy.It also emphasizes the great chest.It puts the focus, so to speak.And yet there are some things cut free from this company.All good quality, nice material, nothing fades and is not washed off color.Excellent clothing brand for women.


Once a measure is very unfortunate, in my view, a coat of the brand Coccapani.So something like the looks from the outside nice and qualitatively, on the mannequin when.But it was enough to put it, I felt jacket potatoes.Color of the coat was just such, and I, this white little peek of it.Then he thought that scarecrow dressed something like this.In general, the impressions were not the best.Since then, the brand side of the bypass, so as not to upset once again.

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