Clothing from Versace: The prestige and quality

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05 May 2016

Clothing by Versace - is prestige, good taste and high social status.The symbol of the brand Versace - the head of the mythical Medusa.It seemed to mean that at the mere sight at this brilliant designer clothes paralyzes all of its beauty and glamor.Clothing by Versace has always stood more vivid and bold style, as well as fresh ideas compared to other contemporaries.

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  • brand Versace: What is?
  • History and development of the brand Versace
  • How to care for clothes from Versace?
  • Reviews forums from people who have in the wardrobe of clothes from Versace

What is the brand Versace?

fashion collections of the brand has always been imbued with sensuality and candor .Gianni Versace in his time, back into the global fashion-fitting cut, open to all the beauty of the deep neckline .Maximum demonstration beauty of the body is a chip of clothes from Versace.Experimenting with different materials, the designers managed to combine such seemingly, incompatibilities , silk and metal, rough skin and faux fur.

creation and production of clothes from Versace aimed how on the wealthy and famous society representatives (stars, bankers, members of royal families) and people with average incomes .

Under the brand Versace following main lines:

Gianni Versace Couture - This is the main direction of the company.There are not only clothes, but also jewelry, watches, fragrances, cosmetics and home furnishings.The class "high-Ange" or manual production.Traditionally, this line is being prepared for the annual Fashion Week in Milan.Dresses and suits of this line can cost a fortune, for example, from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Versus, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Collection - These three lines are the characteristic features of the first and main line, but it prevails over the nature of youth and comparative accessibilitydiverse population.Gianni Versace - is the man who transformed the jeans gray everyday garment, a bright, sexy and shiny object of admiration , without which it is itself hardly a modern consumer.

Versace Sport - line of clothes and accessories for people with active lifestyles.The name of the line speaks for itself.

Versace Young - This line produces clothes for little fashionistas of all ages, from birth to adulthood.

Brand Story Versace

Gianni Versace was born in a small Italian town on 2 December 1946.From a young age he was attached to the fashion and tailoring, helping his mother in her studio.Joining went so well that, after moving to Milan in 1973, the young Versace quickly managed to acquire a reputation as an excellent designer and fashion in the city.Within 5 years, in 1978, recognized as a designer was founded the family business with his brother Santo branded Gianni Versace SpA .By creating the first collection and opened a boutique, fashion designer made a fortune in no time.Only during the first year of 11 million has been earned. dollars and universal recognition and admiration .Soon Gianni Versace and got to the international level.After his assassination in 1997, the brand was in the wake of the world of fashion, thanks to the sister of Gianni - Donatella, who runs the company to this day.

According to many critics and experts, Donatella Versace has added an aggressive sexy clothes to take their share of grace and gratsii.Na today fashion house Versace has 81 boutiques around the world and 132 in the multi-brand department stores.

what to produce for men?

The new collections for men allocated notable details: large golden buttons, bags, strapped to the body of the type of holster.The entire collection is rich in metallic luster.A lot of options for business and evening suits, shirts free cut and bright colors, tight jeans and trousers in unusual colors.Solid glitz and glamor, but at the same time, the prestige and representativeness - it's all about Versace.

what to produce for women?

If you - a lover of bright dresses and fabrics, silk dresses and skirts cut thin, the clothes by Versace for you.This fashion house creates such elegant things , which can easily hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.Any pants or jeans leave a striking impression.Fashion house Versace, usually offered pants and shorts unusual styles, with beautiful rich colors.

  • Coats and jackets from the collections always have something in common.Different from other brands natural fabrics, unusual shapes, solid gold accessories .If you want to choose a jacket or a sheepskin coat, here you are waiting for neon colors and unexpected solutions in terms of tailoring.
  • Light unusual T-shirts and tunics are made with beautiful intricate patterns, embroidered with gold thread.Such clothing will serve as the perfect complement to jeans or a miniskirt.
  • for a beach holiday have a huge selection of colorful and stylish swimsuits.
  • New Collection 2012-2013 differs from previous white leather dress with a high waist, gleaming rivets and bold zippers on the back.
  • Shoes by Versace - is also something unearthly .There are many models for both women and men.A similar shoe you will not find in any fashion house.There are very original model, but, in spite of the unusual appearance and design of these shoes even very practical in use.For the official reception can easily select and traditional classic shoes, but still Neskuchniy or gray, and performed in an unusual style of the brand Versace.

Care of clothes from Versace

There are no special rules of care.But if you're especially careful, the clothes by Versace will serve you forever.

  • standard labels on each garment label will tell you if there are any special rules care and use .
  • After buying , read the label on bought clothes during the wash every thing to observe all the necessary requirements and conditions.
  • especially expensive items, please take them to the dry cleaners .
  • If you will wash the thing yourself, you must first examine Fabric , for all the different tissues should be done differently, and washing and drying, and storage.

Judging by responses of men and women using clothing and footwear by Versace, with proper and careful operation thing did not lose the form .If you bought the thing was defective and quickly got out of shape, it is most likely, you're out of luck and your fake thing.Be careful when buying the next time, learn a thing thoroughly, because the money you give is for a big name and excellent quality.And that does not last for one season, it is much cheaper famed brand.

Reviews of people with clothing brand Versace in her wardrobe


I am a big fan of jeans different, so a good product from a poor distinguish without any problems.Versace Jeans look great and sitting on a perfect figure, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding.I am particularly pleased that after multiple washings do not fall off, the fabric after extended wear does not lose color and shape, no extended knees, joints just perfect, no strings or coarse seam.Manufacturer my great gratitude!


Versace dress I ordered from the online store.I approached it perfectly, as if by my figure shot measurements and sewed.The seams are so high quality that they can not even see at all.They hid in the soft lining of some natural material that the body is not felt, the skin breathe.The board has a rear zip, so I never jammed cloth buttoning her as sometimes happens at some clothes.When you walk in that dress, it is as if flowing.Beauty ....In general, I am very happy.


I bought a dress by Versace.The dress size 38 on me came just super.Very pleasant to the body tissue.As part of the written 98% cotton, 2% spandex.Previously I did not think that it is possible to focus attention on this.All neatly stitched, all the lines are smooth, beautiful.I was afraid that it would be much wrinkle.But wrong.After a day look neat, crumpled in a measure, even imperceptibly.Impressions from buying very good.Of the minuses price alone.A little expensive for ordinary citizens.


I always save my dress.Little black dress by Versace.I wanted to buy for a long time and is pleased that it has chosen this brand.It is always like new - there are no pellets in it, does not shrink in the wash, to touch dense, but soft, not afraid that someday tear.It happens that suddenly calling someone to visit or to a club here that helps me and my favorite dress in very different situations, it can be put.


bought a swimsuit this summer and fell in love with him!Previously always been a problem to choose something suitable.That did not like the bottom, then the top.And Versace - it's just what I was always looking for.Immediately evident what the quality Italian swimsuit, it consists of a dense lycra and thus does not expand after the water and sit in the same manner as in the dry state.Made on conscience in my opinion.If necessary, the cup can be easily pulled out.The back of the pants sewn from two parts, ie the seam passes in the middle of the priests, and it makes it appear more visually appealing, it seems to me.The only upset price, but worth it for such a splurge.


I just adore the clothes of this brand.Shopping - is my favorite hobby, so I can compare and seen enough.Almost all models of Versace is something unique, with specific details and nuances unique to this brand.Croy each dress is gorgeous, everything sits perfectly on a figure.When you see the new models, there is an irresistible urge to buy everything, but we have to choose one thing, painfully biting rates.


do not know what is it about Versace, to give that kind of money?I'm for the same amount of five things I buy another brand, though not with such a great name.From Versace shirt I have.His wife gave birthday.Sitting well of course, it is convenient, rich look, do not wash over the year wear, but still I am not an adherent of such spending.

buying clothes, shoes and accessories by Versace, you choose not only a well-known brand name, but also know the high quality of .Such a thing you will add prestige and increase in the public eye.If you want exclusivity, the Versace will assist you in the fulfillment of this desire.You can, of course, buy a quality thing, and for the price several times lower, but such a thing would not be chic and shine.Wear Versace and you will never merge with the crowd.

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